Fun with AT&T Go Phone

This article is sponsored by AT&T, but all opinions are my own and are based on my personal experiences.

Everyone loves a good festival or fair; but oftentimes if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all.  Having never been to the California State Fair, I really had no idea what to expect, what the must-do’s were, or even where to start.
I began with the California State Fair app, which was an amazing guide through Cal Expo.  The app allows you to browse the entire calendar of events, create your own schedule for your fair visit, view more details about each activity going on, etc.
Typically when I enter something like a grocery store or a building, I immediate go to the left, so naturally that’s exactly what I did at the fair.  Heading to the left led me to some amazing booths, the food area and the kiddie zone, which took us about half of a day to get through.

AT&T GoPhone

I was very impressed with the AT&T GoPhone booth this year.  Not knowing much about the GoPhone service, but being an AT&T customer, I just had to check out their booth.  The staff was super cool and inviting, and the booth had so much to offer.

Aside from learning about the GoPhone program, there was also a fun hands-on activity to try.  Virtual reality (VR) is all the rage right now and the AT&T GoPhone booth allows you to try out this amazing experience for free.  Put on a VR headset and explore a new land, all while standing at the fair!  This was such a fun thing to try since I had never done it before.  The staff was super helpful and I felt very comfortable.

Also, just for snapping a picture of our experience in the AT&T GoPhone booth and sharing it on Instagram with the #ATTGoPhone hashtag, they made me my very own customized screen print t-shirt.  Like the GoPhone program, these shirts were completely customizable to fit your needs.

The whole idea behind the customizable freebies at the GoPhone booth is to help you understand that with AT&T GoPhone you have more freedom to do what you love, instead of focusing so much on your phone bill.
I’m quite impressed with how much money the GoPhone program can save versus a traditional phone plan.  I’ve been an AT&T customer for over 10 years and have consistently paid over $175 each month for two phones.  With their highest priced tier of $60/month you get unlimited talk, text and data usage in US, Canada and Mexico – so it’s great for people like me who travel to Mexico on vacation quite often.

I was also lucky enough to get to try out an AT&T GoPhone during my visit to the State Fair.  I tried out the Samsung Galaxy Express Prime, which has a great camera and all of the features you could ever want in a smart phone.

If the GoPhone service sounds like it might be a good fit for you, but a Samsung Galaxy Express Prime may not be your preferred device,  AT&T will let you use a variety of other phones with their GoPhone plans.  Check out all the details at


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The Naptime Reviewer’s ATTGoPhone / California State Fair Tickets Giveaway

State Fair Swings
These days, we rely more on our phones for capturing special family memories than our cameras.  With a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Express 3 or the iPhone 5s, you’re sure to get high quality images that you can share on social media, or print out for friends and family.
For the first time EVER, I will be visiting the California State Fair in Sacramento and will be capturing every moment – from the fresh kettle corn and funnel cakes, to the ferris wheel, carnival games and petting zoo – on my new Samsung Galaxy Express 3.  I have a slight obsession with carnival games and funnel cakes, so be prepared for lots of photos of those!
I can’t wait to experience the fair with my family this year and I’d love for you to join us!

GoPhone Galaxy Express Prime


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California’s Great America Theme Park

We were hosted by Great America.

This weekend I attended a press event at one of my favorite Northern California theme parks – California’s Great America.  This was a fun barbecue-style event complete with hot dogs, barbecued chicken, some amazing mac ‘n cheese and ice creams galore!  During our lunch, we were briefed on the new and exciting updates happening at the park this year including the extravagant Winterfest, which I am super excited for.

I’ve been going to Great America since I was a kid.  I remember going at least once every summer, sometimes more.  What I have always loved about Great America is the family-friendly atmosphere that they work so hard to uphold.  Quite a few park updates have been made since I was a kid, though.

One of my favorite updates to the park (since I was a kid) is the addition of Planet Snoopy.  This is an entire area dedicated to kids and it is so much fun!  Another one is the Gold Striker wooden coaster.

Mass Effect New Earth

Another fun addition to the park this year is the Mass Effect experience.  This is in place of what used to Days of Thunder and then (I think) a Spongebob experience.  This is a 4D holographic journey to Terra Nova – a beautiful destination in space.

This was such a fun experience for all of our senses.  It’s definitely must-do at the park.

Winterfest Sneak Peek

During our Great America press conference, they announced that they would be opening up the park during the holiday season for Winterfest.  Winterfest is going to have one of Northern California’s largest Christmas trees in front of the carousel that will be completely decked out with festive decor.

The entire park will also be decked out with all of your favorite winter characters like Jack Frost, Frosty the Snowman, Santa and Mrs. Clause, and more!

One of my favorite features of Winterfest is the giant ice skating rink that will be in front of the carousel.  This is going to be so much fun!

Learn More

You can get ticketing information, season pass information and updates at

California Adventure Rides and FASTPASS Guide

I visited the park as a guest of Disney and received complimentary tickets.
After having a hectic and stressful day at Disneyland, we vowed to have a game plan in place before we set foot in California Adventure.  My family and I scoured the internet for a California Adventure FASTPASS guide and received contradicting advice from various blogs.  What we ended up doing was we followed advice from my sister-in-law who lives in southern California, and combined it with tips from other disney bloggers and the plan worked beautifully with very little hiccups.
Utilizing the FASTPASS system at Disneyland and California Adventure can help ensure that you get a chance to ride the bigger rides without wasting time in line.  You get to ride some of the smaller rides with less of a wait time in between the bigger rides.  It’s brilliant and a must-do if you’re visiting the parks.
In a hurry?  Scroll down to the category you are searching for.

What is a FASTPASS?  

Well, it’s a little paper ticket that you retrieve at the distribution points near some of the bigger rides at Disneyland and California Adventure.  You simply stick your paper ticket into the FASTPASS machine and out pops a paper FASTPASS ticket with the time that you can return to that ride.  The FASTPASS will give you a one-hour window to ride that ride.  Once you return to the ride, you hop into the FASTPASS RETURN line which has a shorter wait time and allows you to basically jump right on the ride.
Everyone in your group must have a FASTPASS to ride.  Designate one family member to retrieve FASTPASSES.
Can you get multiple FASTPASSES at once?

Technically, no.  But there are some exceptions.  The character meet-and-greets and shows allow you to hold more than one FASTPASS at the same time.  Depending on your ride preference, I suggest grabbing World of Color, Radiator Springs and Anna and Elsa Meet-and-Greet first.  If you’re not into Radiator Springs Racers, substitute for a ride like Tower of Terror or California Screamin’.
Things to Remember

#1 – Get to California Adventure early!  If the park opens at 10am, plan to get there early (around 9:15am) because parking and waiting in line can take awhile.
               – Lines You Will Wait In Before You Step Into the Park:  Parking, Bag Check, Ticket Purchasing and Park Entrance.  
If you purchase your tickets online, you can skip the ticket counter and head straight to the park entrance gates.  Once you show the park employee your online ticket (whether a printed version or e-version), he/she will give you a ticket that looks something like this (below):
disneyland ticket
#2 –  Make a list of your must-ride rides before you enter the park!  Determine which rides you absolutely want to ride and which attractions are most important to you.  If your family wants to ride Radiator Springs Racers but doesn’t really care about Tower of Terror, make sure you snag a Radiator Springs Racers FASTPASS first.  Be sure to make note of where you need to grab a FASTPASS for each attraction, as some aren’t located at the attractions’ entrance.
#3 – Designate a FASTPASS collector!  If you have little kids, send one adult with the kids to ride the little rides in A Bug’s Land while the other adult takes all of the tickets to get the FASTPASSES.  Since A Bug’s Land isn’t popular amongst adults, this is a great opportunity to knock out a bunch of the rides early on.  My husband and mom took our girls to ride the kids rides while my dad and I collected FASTPASSES in the morning.
#4 – Ditch the paper map and download the APP!  The Disneyland app gives you the current wait times for each ride, shows you where you are in the park at any time, filters the attractions to how you specify and more.  It also helps you locate eateries, shows, etc.  The app helps so much in both parks.  Some of the rides may offer FASTPASSES but the wait lines might not be long so you might want to forego the FASTPASS feature.

California Adventure FASTPASS Guide

List of FASTPASSES at California Adventure
– World of Color (you are permitted to hold another FASTPASS with this pass)
– Radiator Springs Racers – (Claim near It’s Tough to Be a Bug)
– Anna and Else Meet-and-Greet (you are permitted to hold another FASTPASS with this pass)
– California Screamin’
– Goofy’s Sky School
– Soarin’ Over California
– Grizzly River Run
– The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
You can hold FASTPASSES for World of Color, Anna and Elsa Meet-and-Greet and 1 more ride at the same time.  I suggest you grab the following 3 FASTPASSES immediately upon entering the park.


My 3 Must-Have FASTPASSES (that you can hold at the same time)
Some of the rides offer FASTPASSES but you won’t necessarily need them depending on the time you choose to ride the ride.  If you keep an eye on the wait times on the Disneyland app, you might be able to hop in line and have a shorter wait time.  Here are my must-have FASTPASSES and directions on where to get them.

Must-Have FASTPASS #1 – World of Color should be the first FASTPASS you wait in line for in the morning.  Getting a FASTPASS for this evening show will ensure that you have a great view.  Plus, this FASTPASS is disconnected from other FASTPASSES which means that you can hold another FASTPASS at the same time.


Must-Have FASTPASS #2 – Radiator Springs Racers – This FASTPASS is not distributed in Cars Land.  Instead, you can get your FASTPASS in front of the It’s Tough to be a Bug section of the park.  While waiting for the park to officially open, you will notice a line starting to form for these FASTPASSES.  Don’t let this line trick you.  Be sure to get your World of Color FASTPASS first.  A good idea is to have a family member waiting towards the back of this line while you take all of the park tickets over to get World of Color FASTPASSES.  Walk briskly (since you can’t run) back to the Radiator Springs Racers FASTPASS line once you get your World of Color FASTPASSES.


Must-Have FASTPASS #3Character Close-Up at Disney Animation (Anna and Elsa) at Stage 17 – While you’re over here, you can meet Olaf next door.


California Adventure Map.  You can view this map on the Disneyland website here.

California's Great America | Northern California Day-cation

I received complimentary passes to facilitate my review of California’s Great America.  Any information shared is based on my own personal experience.

California’s Great America, in Santa Clara, is the perfect Northern California “day-cation” destination for the whole family, no matter your age!

My family was lucky enough to visit Great America on a weekday, a few days after most of the school aged kids had returned to classes.  It was so nice to have a short drive (about 90 minutes from home), no wait for rides, no crowds, and beautiful weather!

We were anxious to check out the 3 new rides in Planet Snoopy – Joe Cool’s Gr8Sk8, Peanuts 500, and Snoopy’s Space Buggies.  These are all perfect for our preschooler!


Planet Snoopy has lots to offer small children as far as rides and a play area, as well as an indoor area for moms and babies (perfect for nursing mothers!)  In this area parents are able to experience the fun along with their children as many of the rides are appropriate for all ages.

As for the adult and teen thrill rides, Flight Deck was definitely the favorite, with the Demon, Drop Tower and Vortex following close behind.  These are definitely action filled rides for older and taller teens and adults.  Having no lines to wait in was definitely a plus, and we rode each one several times.
All employees at California’s Great America are courteous and friendly, and the park grounds were very neat and clean.  One employee even gave our 9 month old a stuffed animal to keep her happy while her sister rode on a ride!  
The county fair type games, like ring toss and the water squirter race, are always super fun and great for all ages.  We won a cute stuffed “My Little Pony” animal!  I love that there are no “barkers” to hound you to come play games…
Of course, you can’t visit a theme park without having some of the yummy snacks like churros, cotton candy, ice cream and Icee’s!  Our favorite was the funnel cakes at Sally’s Sweet Treats, served with strawberries and vanilla ice cream!  For main meals you can pick from a variety of foods, like Subway, Pizza Orleans, Panda Express, Snoopy’s Snack Shack with their great Philly Cheesesteaks, and must-have fried chicken at Maggie Brown’s!
Although we didn’t have time to try it out this visit, the Boomerang Bay Water Park looks awesome and would be so refreshing on a hot day.  Kookaburra Cay is a cool giant splash pad type water adventure, and all the water slides look amazing!  In Boomerang Bay parents can rent cabanas to get some escape from the sun, as well as lockers to keep belongings safe.  For season ticket holders, swim lessons are offered at Boomerang Bay, as well as Junior Lifeguard lessons.
After lots of walking towards the end of our day, we sat and enjoyed some of the live entertainment offered at California’s Great America.  The singers and dancers are top quality, and well choreographed!  This gave us the opportunity for a little rest time before enjoying a few more rides and heading home.
Right now California’s Great America is offering some awesomely scary Halloween events, including Halloween Haunt, and some pretty cool mazes and shows.  Younger children will enjoy Pumpkin Fest, which runs from October 3rd through November 1st.  We visited the park during last years’ Halloween season and the kids loved trick or treating with their favorite Peanuts characters!
If you are thinking of visiting California’s Great America this fall, check out their online ticket ordering and save up to $20 per ticket!
Note:  We were able to bring bottled water into the park, but if you drink soda you might want to buy the refillable bottles at the snack bars; they come with unlimited refills all day.  We did see a few families with small ice chests also, so not sure if they are allowed (check with guest services first), and lots of people tailgating in the parking lot for lunch.

Tsunami Soaker Water Ride at Six Flags Discover Kingdom

On Wednesday (May 28th) we had the pleasure of trying out the brand new Tsunami Soaker water ride at Six Flag Discover Kindom in Vallejo, CA and let’s just say… we were #soaked. If you follow our social media sites you may have seen our many photos where we used the hashtag #soaked or #tsunamisoaker during this media/VIP only event. We just had to share the fun with you all.

About the ride…

The all-new Tsunami Soaker is the newest addition to the lineup of family thrills, and this wet and wild attraction provides an energetic and engaging experience like no other, drenching riders of all ages.

Tsunami Soaker is like the classic teacup ride but with an exciting twist. You and up to five other passengers will hop into one of the nine round boats sitting on a circular floor atop a pool of water. As the ride begins, the floor will lower into the water until it disappears below, allowing your boat to float and splash around. Your raft will spin in circles while the other boats twist around you, creating a disorienting but fun experience.

Each seat on the boat is armed with a giant water gun so every rider can participate in the action. While your boat rotates around the wet course, you can engage in an adrenaline-pumping water battle, shooting your pistol at other riders as well as innocent bystanders, soaking them with bursts of water. This drenching water attraction will be a great way to cool off on a hot day and enjoy a fun family adventure.

What makes Tsunami Soaker fun and unique?

The fact that you are getting sprayed from all angles and get to spray your fellow riders makes this ride super unique. Picture sitting in a teacup ride filled with water…armed with a water gun – that is the Tsunami Soaker!

How do the water guns work?

The water guns require a little muscle and with a little bit of spinning motion, you are able to drench fellow riders and bystanders. But be careful, some of those bystanders have their own water guns and they will get you. I (Cristen) was a little ambitious at the beginning of the ride and went all out with my drenching technique. I ended up losing my arm strength towards the end of the ride and just sat there getting soaked – which felt great on a hot day!

How do you dry off afterwards?

I was very pleased to see that Six Flags had a giant dryer outside of their water rides like this one. In the picture above is my daughter with my dad who avoided the water but tested out the heater for us. If you are not someone who likes to get soaked on water rides, this ride is definitely not for you.

Doesn’t the Tsunami Soaker waste water during this California drought?

I learned that this nearly 100,000 gallon pool of water is actually recirculated and filtered underneath the ride. Of course, some water will be wasted as it ends up on the riders, ground and bystanders from the water guns. To reduce evaporation, the water is stored underneath the floor of the ride which then fills up the pool once the ride begins. You can see in the photo above that there is no water on the ground before the ride begins and also when the ride ends.

What else does Six Flags Discover Kingdom have to offer?

Six Flags Discover Kingdom has so much to offer kids and adults of all ages. From their fun filled toddler rides and attractions to their thrilling roller coasters, there’s really something for everyone. Being pregnant I couldn’t really go on much as the park suggests against riding the rides. My daughter had a blast on the toddler rides with her grandparents, who also had fun on the roller coasters. I was also pleased to find a huge playground and a few splash pads for kids throughout the park.

We can’t forget the animals…

Discover Kingdom is like a theme park and a zoo all-in-one. Pet the elephants, feed a giraffe, be one with the butterflies and enjoy the adorable marine life. My daughter and I loved the dolphins near the Tsunami Soaker ride.

… and games!

What’s a theme park without games? We found this water race game where everyone is a winner for $5 per person. We went home with a bright pink Superman cape!

Visit for ticketing and park information.

Where to Stay at Disneyland with Kids | Anaheim Castle House Vacation Rentals Castle #6

Disclosure:  I received a free stay at an Ahaheim Castle House to facilitate my review.  My opinion is honest and based on actual experience.  Reviewed by Brittani.

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When planning a trip to Disneyland you first need to figure out where you are going to stay.  There are so many hotels and motels near the resort with competitive pricing to suit just about everyone’s needs.  What these hotels and motels are lacking are the comfort of your own home.  Before you consider staying at an overpriced hotel during your next trip to Disneyland, consider checking out an Anaheim Castle House vacation rental.
Our family was beyond thrilled when we were invited to stay at one of the 9 Anaheim Castle Houses during our trip to Disneyland. When we first started to plan our trip with our family (plus the grandparents) we were looking into hotels, naturally.  I hated the fact that they could not guarantee that my parents’ room would be near ours, and the thought of a dirty hotel room and, God forbid, bed bugs, was totally unappealing!  So we were ecstatic to stay in a home.  

Our expectations were high as we read all the wonderful reviews of all of the Anaheim Castle House properties, and we were not disappointed.  The look on my 4 year old daughter’s face when she saw the princess room that she was going to sleep in was priceless.  Being able to stay in a cozy, exceptionally clean and child-friendly house instead of a hotel room was nothing short of amazing.

Scroll down for more…

stayed in Andy’s house (Castle # 6) and when we arrived, the kids as well as us adults, were
completely blown away by the amount of time and thought that went into
decorating this home.  Every room has a fun Disney theme and beautifully painted
mural.  The home was located within a 20 minute walking distance from the gates to Disneyland.  This made it super easy to go back and forth for naptimes and the neighborhood felt very safe. We just loaded up the stroller and headed out each day!

If you are headed to Disneyland for a fun family experience, you have to stay in one of these amazing homes, especially if you are planning on vacationing with a group.
Here’s some of our favorite things about the house that you would
never get while staying in a hotel…
• A full kitchen with everything you need to
prepare healthy home cooked meals.
•  Upgraded appliances, granite countertops and
beautiful cabinets.
Pots, pans, dishware, knives, and even a crock pot!

•  Cabinets full of Sippy cups, kids silverware,
placemats, plates and even a high chair.

•  Private back yard with pool and hot tub and even
a little castle play structure and BBQ!

•  A large TV with cable and a  Wii (one of my family’s favorite things to do
while we were taking a break from Disneyland) and free Wi-Fi

•  A full size washer and dryer (so you don’t need
to pack nearly as much stuff)

•  The ability to have your entire extended family
all together in one place! 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with plenty of room to
sleep up to 20 people!

•  The cleanliness was outstanding. Not a thing was
out of place or remotely dirty.

•  They had everything you need, basic toiletries,
shampoo and conditioner, blowdryers.

•  Beach and bath towels, extra blankets and
sleeping bags.

•  Toys, books and plenty of room for the kids to
run and play! Even a kids table.

•  Parking for up to 4 cars and even an RV!

 •  A house binder full of fun Disney tips,
directions and places to eat! Also a desk and a wireless printer.
Our Experience with the Booking Process:  
The booking process was simple, straightforward and easy.
Their website is amazing (great photos and descriptions of everything) Check it
out at or on
Our Thoughts on the Rates:  
I would say that although the price to rent the home may be
slightly above some of the hotels located in the same vicinity, the ability to
have your entire family in one home will bring the cost way down and you will
be saving money in the long run. Not to mention all the money you will save by cooking meals
and not having to pay for parking. This is a no brainer! I will never stay in another Disneyland
hotel again!!!
Traveling with small children is difficult enough. The
ease and comforts of staying in a home away from home were amazing. I felt 100
percent comfortable letting my children have a bubble bath without the worry
that I would have in a dirty hotel room.  My kids always end up laying on the
floor and playing and these floors were super clean and cozy.  With the comforts of staying in a perfectly clean home
I didn’t need to worry!
If you are planning a Disneyland trip in the future look no
further than Anaheim Castle House!!!  We guarantee you will be blown away and
totally impressed. Thank you Anaheim Castle House, we will never vacation the
same again!
Full Description of Castle House #6 
(courtesy of Anaheim Castle House website)

Our new Disney-themed Andy’s House is a little over half a mile from Disneyland, only a 20-minute walk! With space for the whole family our house is the perfect place to enjoy your Disney family vacation. Enjoy your own private gated pool and hot tub and watch the fireworks from the front yard – your time at Andy’s House is sure to create magical memories! 
This 6 bedroom 3 bath home has just been completely remodeled with beautiful cabinets, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, fun paint colors, etc.  This house was designed with families in mind. The first room has an Up! theme with a comfortable queen bed and a gorgeous hand painted mural with all the colorful balloons that we know and love from the movie. Next door is the Mickey’s Clubhouse room with a fun kids twin over twin clubhouse bunk bed and twin trundle. The custom made “kid” door to the room, the fun toys and the mural depicting Mickey and his gang make this room the perfect place for imaginative play.  The Cars bathroom with custom tiled shower to look like a highway is a great place to rinse off after a dip in the pool. The Princess room has a beautiful twin over queen dollhouse bunk bed. The custom window shade with Belle, Cinderella and Rapunzel and the many other princess details create a magical experience for your little princess.  Next-door is the amazing Monster’s University room with a giant mural of our favorite monsters. The comfortable king bed is big enough for Sully! Attached to this room is the Brave bathroom, which also connects to the hallway. The Planes room across the hall has a queen bed and incredible Planes mural that will make you feel like you’re in the movie! It attaches to the Jack-and-Jill Nemo bathroom, complete with a tub/shower combo. On the other side of the Jack-and-Jill bath is the Toy Story room with a full over queen loft bed. You’ll think you’re really in Andy’s room surrounded by the infamous blue walls and white clouds. 
Our brand new open kitchen and living area has a huge 51 inch TV, blu-ray player, free WiFi and a Wii with several games. Cable TV with ESPN and the Disney channel is also available so you won’t miss your favorite shows and games while you’re on vacation.  You can also connect to Netflix through our blu-ray player or watch one of our favorite Disney DVD movies! A desk with a wireless printer is provided for your convenience. The printer has mobile print ability so feel free to print directly from your phone or laptop! The brand new kitchen with classic white cabinets, wood grain tile flooring, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops is the perfect place to whip up a family meal. You will LOVE cooking up Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes with our Mickey pancake shaper or waffles on the Mickey waffle iron! The kitchen has everything you need to cook a family meal. Plates, utensils, cookware, children’s plates and utensils, a crock-pot, coffee pot and more are all there for your use. There is too much to list here! A high chair and booster seat are also provided. There will be plenty of room for everyone with an 8 seater square dining table and a bar that seats 5. 
Outside you will find a sparkling gated pool and spa. The BBQ and patio set are great for grilling up some burgers while watching the kids swim. We also have pool toys, 2 life vests (one for a 2 – 4 y.o. and one 4 – 6 y.o.) and a single and a double Graco stroller. In the garage you will find a washer and dryer so you don’t have to pack as much. We also have 2 baby cribs or “pack n plays,” kids cups, plates and utensils and plenty of toys and games for everyone!
For your convenience we have also included a helpful welcome packet in the home, which is also emailed to our guests two weeks before their stay. This packet includes information on the home and the local area, tips and tricks for Disneyland, where to buy discounted tickets, lists and maps of local restaurants and grocery stores, maps to Disneyland from the house and more. We truly have tried to do everything we can to ensure our guests to have a magical vacation – there is so much to enjoy at Andy’s House!
Waterproof and bed bug mattress protectors are on every bed and everything is thoroughly cleaned between each stay. A keypad entry makes it easy for guests to get in and out of the house. There is no need to pick up a key so you are flexible to arrive when it is convenient for you. Plus you can make your own personal code so there won’t be any worry of getting locked out or wondering where you placed the key. 
We have several other homes in the area depending on your needs and party size, please email us for more details. Thanks for looking; we hope to help you make this the best vacation yet! 
Please call or see our other Disney themed homes for availability.
House Layout:

Walking in the front door you will find the open living room, dining room and kitchen straight ahead. Off the kitchen is the Cars bathroom with walk in shower. There are 6 rooms in the house. The first room to the left of the front door is an Up! themed roomed with a queen bed. The second room off the dining/living are is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed room/play room with a twin over twin bunk bed. The other 4 bedrooms are located to the right of the front door down a hall. Off that hall on the right you will find a Princess themed room with a twin over queen doll house loft bed. Further down on the right is a Monster’s University master bedroom with a king sized bed. This bedroom is attached to the Brave bathroom with a shower. You can also access the Brave bathroom from the hall. The first bedroom on the left going down the hall is a Toy Story themed room with a twin over queen loft bed. The second bedroom on the left is a Planes themed room with a queen bed. Between the Toy Story and Planes room is the third bathroom, the Nemo bathroom with a tub/shower combo.

Bedrooms: 6 Bedrooms, Sleeps 20, Beds for 17-20

  • * Bedroom 1 (1 king, 1 baby crib) – Portable crib in closet, space in this room, Monsters
  • * Bedroom 2 (1 queen) – Planes themed
  • * Bedroom 3 (1 queen, 1 twin/single) – twin loft bed over a queen bed, Princess themed
  • * Bedroom 4 (1queen, 1 twin/ single) – twin loft bed over a queen bed, Toy Story themed
  • * Bedroom 5 (1 queen) – UP themed
  • * Bedroom 6 (1 bunk bed) – twin over twin bunk bed with a trundle – MM Clubhouse

Bathrooms: 3 Bathrooms

  • * Bathroom 1 (toilet, combination tub/shower) – Finding Nemo
  • * Bathroom 2 (toilet, shower) – Cars – handicapped accessible
  • * Bathroom 3 (toilet, shower) – Castle/Princess

Kitchen & Dining: 

  • * Pantry Items: Basic condiments: sugar, salt, pepper, ketchup, coffee
  • * Dining: Dining table seats 8, bar seats 6, outdoor table seats 4.
  • * Dishes & Utensils
  • * Microwave
  • * Coffee Maker
  • * Dishwasher
  • * Toaster
  • * Oven
  • * Child’s Highchair
  • * Refrigerator
  • * Stove


  • * Towels Provided: We have bath towels and beach towels
  • * Parking: 4 cars in driveway, RV ok
  • * Garage: Laundry in garage
  • * Clothes Dryer
  • * Towels Provided
  • * Linens Provided
  • * Iron & Board
  • * Washing Machine
  • * Babysitter
  • * Heating
  • * Hair Dryer
  • * Air Conditioning


  • * DVD Player
  • * Video Games
  • * Satellite / Cable
  • * Television
  • * Games
  • * Books
  • * Toys
  • * Video Library


  • *Internet

Pool & Spa:

  • * Private Pool
    * Heated Pool
  • * Hot Tub

Outdoor Features:

  • * Deck / Patio
  • * Outdoor Grill

Last Minute Bookings:

For last minute bookings that fill in our gaps ~ May be as low as $295 a night! Must be within 6 weeks of stay to qualify and may be required to fill the entire gap. Please submit an inquiry via VRBO to get a quote!


Bookings during the off-season ~ $450 per night

Seasonal Rate:

Bookings during Summer (Possibly Spring Break, UEA, etc.) ~ $525 per night

Holiday Rate:

Bookings during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. ~ $550 per night

*On all bookings, we require a $300 refundable deposit. $500 for bookings with over 15 persons.

Pool/Spa Heating Fee (Optional):

If you plan to use the pool or spa, you will be charged a heating fee of $25 per day to keep heated to 83° Fahrenheit.

Additional Fees:

The cleaning fee is $200. Fees apply to bookings with over 15 people. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.