Character Reference – Taking Tips from the Stars

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There are some television shows that just get to us. The protagonists or supporting characters may inspire us to do something different in our lives, to see the world through another perspective, to help us make decisions through watching the outcomes of their own. But let’s put all that to one side and get on to the most important part – some of them are just amazing fashion icons.

Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

Ah, Khaleesi, Queen of the Dothraki, how we salute your style. As we know, Game of Thrones is entirely fictional, but this is inclusive of the time period that it is set in. The author of the series of books, George R.R. Martin, has stated that his writings were inspired by the War of the Roses which was fought at the end of the 15th century, so we can safely assume that this is the time period that the show is trying to emulate. As such, Khaleesi’s style is quite medieval and basic, but this isn’t doesn’t mean that this is something that can’t be recreated for yourself easily enough. 

Keep your colors as neutral as possible and avoid layers unless they’re incorporated into the garment that you’re wearing – a good example would actually be the Grecian style dresses that are available on ASOS currently. Accessorize with medieval-inspired jewelry; a gothic ring really would not look out of place on this look and is perfect for the time frame that is suggested, and if you can get one incorporating a dragon then you’re really aiming for peak Game of Thrones inspiration! Keep your hair flowing with simple plaits and you’re good to go. It’s such a simple yet effect style to reproduce and make your own, and with the summer months upon us before you know it, it’s the perfect cool-down look.

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Lorelai Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

The revival of the Gilmore Girls at the end of 2016 sent us a jolly reminder of all of the different fashion looks Lorelai adopted – and effortlessly pulled off every time. From grungy Metallica shirts and gorgeous wrap dresses to tie-dye shirts and shorts with long black coats (who can forget the infamous outfit she wore for Rory’s first day at Chilton?), this woman was able to pull off everything and anything and make it her own. So, for this reason alone, it’s safe to say that this is a style where you can try whatever you have been dying to give a go but too afraid to do so. 

Just adopt the Lorelai way of thinking and go on your merry way – and if in doubt, do a quick search to see if she’s worn anything similar in any of the 153 episodes that are available … chances are you’ll find at least one outfit that matches the hoards that she has worn. It’s not all bizarre, though – towards the later seasons of the show and during the revival, the DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) dresses were appearing in almost every show as the go-to look for Lorelai in her new occupation, and these are so classy and versatile that you can never go wrong with them.

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Amy Farrah Fowler – The Big Bang Theory

Not many people look towards the outcast geek of a series for fashion inspiration, but there are so many great looks that are being missed out on this way. Whereas Amy’s style relies heavily on what is more practical rather than stylish, it’s this lack of concentration on the aesthetics of the finished outfit which provides a unique look; without drawing attention to the clothes that you are wearing, you can focus more on the stylings of your hair, makeup and jewelry. The mixing and matching of plaid, patterns and stripes coupled with jeans, long skirts and thick tights (not all at the same time, of course) gives the impression that you’ve got more important things to think about than the latest trends … yet simultaneously giving off the vibes of effortless style. 

It’s a hard one to get to click but when you think about it, when has she ever looked completely awful in the show? There is someone being paid a lot of money to dress up this character exactly as she is, and the least we can do is take some tips from those who are infinitely more in the know than us; the fact that her style isn’t meant to work and be drawn upon as inspiration is the inspiration in itself to start plagiarizing and taking note!

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Beautifully Understated Jewelry Essentials That Every Girl Should Own

Creating your own sense of style is as much about accessorizing as it is about how you choose to dress, style your hair, or what makeup you enjoy wearing. Keeping some jewelry essentials on hand at all times means you can accessorize any outfit at the drop of a hat, and always look fab. A balance of beautifully elegant and understated pieces, with bold statement pieces, allows you to hit the top of your fashionista game. Here are five pieces of jewelry which on their own look beautifully classy, but when you start to team them with other items you’ve got yourself a whole new look.

A gold chain

A single, fine gold chain can look stunningly elegant, add color to a dark outfit, and brings a pretty touch of class. When you start to layer it with other jewelry, including extra gold chains, it can bring a really beautiful bohemian edge to your outfit, without looking over the top. However you choose to wear it, a fine gold chain is an absolute jewelry box essential.

Diamond studs

There may not be a more elegant way to accessorize, and take any outfit to the next level. A pair of diamond studs make eyes shine bright, and help to bring any outfit together. And they’re great for fitting any price range as so many types of diamonds are available, so make sure you research diamond prices before you make your choice. If your jewelry collection is currently diamond earring-less, it’s time to take the plunge and see how much elegance they can bring to any outfit.

Stacking rings

The beauty of stacking rings is that as individuals they bring elegance and class to any outfit, but when worn together, they can act as a real statement piece. Choose from cute little gemstones, bold metallic colors, and different shapes and styles, and then enjoy the flexibility. The brilliance is that you can allow your little collection to grow, picking up new rings each time you shop.


Whether it’s a subtle string of pearls or a pair of pearl drop earrings, their timelessness will always bring a touch of beauty to your outfit, whatever the occasion. Their simplicity allows them to pair beautifully with other types of jewelry for a more bohemian chic style, but on their own, they shout about their wearer’s good fashion sense, without being OTT.

Charm bracelet

The cute nostalgia of a charm bracelet makes them a beautifully individualized addition to any jewelry box. They compliment almost any outfit, and often act as a great conversational starting point. Buy the chain and a couple of adorable charms to get you started – places like Pandora are particularly popular and have a great range to get your started – and then buy charms to commemorate milestone achievements and great memories. It’s the sort of jewelry that looks amazing but also has a whole lot of sentimental value, but it also doesn’t need to break the bank.

Owning beautiful but understated jewelry that can add elegance and a point of interest to an outfit is really important for accessorizing. Learning to create layered styles with different jewelry can really take an outfit to the next level.

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Spring Box of Style Preview by The Zoe Report

Spring into Style

One of our affiliates, Box of Style by The Zoe Report just gave us a sneak peek at what you can expect in your Spring Box of Style!  We are OBSESSED with this Tribe Alive Carryall bag

About The Zoe Report Box of Style

Box of Style is a seasonal subscription curated by The Zoe Report Editor-in-Chief Rachel Zoe and her team. Each season, stylish fashion and beauty finds valued at over $400 from established designers, niche brands, and exclusively-designed collaborations arrive at our members’ doors for only $99.99 per season. Each season sells out and the spring edition will start to ship on March 1st. Seasonal subscriptions are $99.99 per quarter and an annual subscription is $349.99 ($50 savings!).

 Box of Style - Spring

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Looking Fab When You Have Kids

Being a parent is a difficult job. There’s no training, no sick days and you have to think on your feet. The hours are long, the expectations change every minute, and alongside that you’re trying to run a home, work and maintain some kind of a social life. So it’s fair to say that looking fabulous isn’t always high on the list of priorities as a busy parent. However, it’s definitely important to try and take time for yourself sometimes. Looking good isn’t just about being shallow, but when you’re comfortable in your appearance, you tend to feel good on the inside too. You don’t dash out to the shops or go on the school run and pray you don’t see anyone you know. Instead, you can look in the mirror and get a boost of confidence, and maintain some of your own identity separate from being a mother too.

Here are some of the ways you can stay looking fab as a busy parent.

Choose Comfy Yet Flattering Clothes – (I’m Loving The Athleisure Movement)

When you know you’re only going to be cleaning the house, taxiing your kids around and running errands, it’s tempting to grab a baggy old top and a pair of old joggers. But there are ways you can dress for comfort and still look stylish too. I’m absolutely loving this whole athleisure movement – with some of my favorite brands being Lululemon and Victoria’s Secret.  They make outfits to suit any body shape and will flatter your figure while still being easy to move around with.

I also love to wear a pair of skinny jeans, a cute top and a boyfriend style cardigan to keep it casual while still looking on trend. When you’re busy during the day, you probably won’t want to mess around with a ton of jewelry or accessories, either. But a bright scarf and bag can add a nice pop of color and interest to an outfit, especially if you’ve kept it quite plain and simple.

Shop My Favorites:

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Look For Bargains

Kids are expensive. And as parents we always put their needs first, meaning you might not be left with a huge budget for buying clothes for yourself. But there are plenty of ways you can find nice pieces without breaking the bank. You could look for discounts and vouchers online, this promo code for Forever 21 for example gives you a range of different deals to choose from. Whenever you’re shopping online be sure to do a quick search for codes as it can reduce your spend. You could also try your luck in thrift stores too, you might uncover a hidden gem which costs a lot less than you’d pay in a shop.

Stick To a Good Skincare Routine

Early mornings, late nights and general chaos of daily life can wreak havoc on your skin. You might not have time to apply a full face of makeup each day, but one thing you should make time for is a skincare routine. A simple regime will only take you a few minutes each morning and evening, but you’ll thank yourself for it later down the line. A moisturizer and eye cream are your two most important products if you get a bit of extra time a facial oil and a mask will give your skin a real boost of hydration. You’ll stay looking fresh and youthful for as long as possible, and when you do get chance to glam up and apply makeup it will go on a lot better!

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Carry Bradshaw Eat Your Heart Out! How To Do New York Chic

New Yorkers are known for their no-nonsense sense of style, and that is definitely something that we moms are interested in right? But is it possible to attain their look as a busy mom? Well, keep reading to find out.

Midi Dress

So, one of the best items that you can invest in for your wardrobe if you want to be as stylish as them New York gals is a midi dress. A midi dress is a dress that is in between mini and maxi in length. So it will reach to the mid calf.

This is not only a super on-trend look, it is also wonderfully forgiving as well. It is not too short, so it is perfect for stylish moms picking up the kids from the ground that are concerned about revealing too much.

Midi dresses also channel that darling vintage vibe. Which looks good on women of most ages and shapes. So they really are something that a mom can look effortlessly chic in.

Midi Coat

A wonderful accompaniment to a midi dress is a midi coat. These can be main of wool or faux fur for the winter. Or lighter material such as linen or cotton in the summer months.

They work so well to create a chic silhouette, which makes your outfit look put together at all times.

Another great thing about this item is that you can wear it over trousers and a sweater to work. Over a dress in the evening, or even over jeans and a t-shirt to instantly smarten up your outfit.

A little tulle never hurt anyone

Something else you can invest in if you are looking for that New York vibe is a tulle skirt. I know a lot of moms recoil with horror when they hear the word tulle mentioned for adult clothing. Because, of course, they associate them with their daughter’s princess and fairy outfits.

But why shouldn’t us moms have a little magic and sparkle in our outfits too? Styled in a classic New York way, you can rock a tulle and make it look amazing. Just remember to pair it with a soft cashmere jumper, or a bagging knit for a more edgy look.

Product Suggestions:

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Accessorize it

Now no outfit, even a New York style one, is finished without the right accessories. So in honor of the queen of New York fashion herself, Carrie Bradshaw, why not treat yourself to something like this Gold Name Necklace? Delicate and pretty you can wear them with anything to add a feminine touch.

Of course, there are other must have accessories for this look as well. Stiletto heels are a must for all true fashionistas, but unless you want botox in your feet, moms may be better with a smaller heel or an elegant ballet flat.


Lastly, as a tribute to the fashion empresses of New York, Anna Wintour you should always make sure you have a pair of chic sunglass on hand m to complete the look. Whether you genuinely need them or not.

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Minimalistic Jewelry from Six Sisters Beadworks

This article is part of a sponsored collaboration with Six Sisters Beadworks.  As always, my opinions are honest and my own and are based on my experience with the brand/products.  I only feature brands that align with my lifestyle and that I feel are a good fit for my audience.
Minimalistic Jewelry
Over the years, my taste in jewelry has gotten much simpler and more minimalistic.  When you have young kids, they tend to tug on bulky jewelry, but I’ve found that by wearing more simplistic jewelry, my kids tend to overlook it.

My daily jewelry look typically consists of a simple necklace or a few necklaces layered, and a pair of post earrings.  I also wear my wedding ring and an occasional right hand ring.  My go-to necklace has been this hand-stamped Wanderlust necklace from Six Sisters Beadworks.  It works great for travel or at home and pairs nicely with anything from my wardrobe.

Minimalistic Jewelry

Earlier this month I talked about shopping purposefully this holiday season.  Rather than purchasing junk that is on sale that the recipient might not even necessarily like, make an effort to actually choose a gift with meaning.  Not only will the recipient appreciate the gift more, you will feel so much better choosing a gift that came from the heart.

A great gift idea is the Carly Personalized Bar Necklace ($38) from Six Sister’s Beadworks.  This is a hand-stamped necklace that you are able to personalize, making it a true “gift from the heart.”  You can choose everything from the metal color to the letter color, font style, chain length, and more.  For the text, you can choose up to 10 letters (spaces included).  You can also add an accent stamp like a like a sunrise, heart or flower.
Minimalistic Jewelry

The Carly necklace is great for adults, but I am also really loving this Anna Marguerite Cuff Bangle Bracelet  ($58) for babies and kids.  I had one customized for my daughter, Charlotte.  As you can see, I had a heart and her name put on the top of the bracelet, and if you scroll down just a bit you can see that I also added the Roman numerals of her birthday on the back.  She loves this bracelet and will treasure it for years to come.

Minimalistic Jewelry

Minimalistic Jewelry

Minimalistic Jewelry

If you are looking for heirloom-quality jewelry, Six Sisters Beadworks is your shop.  Their products come in all different designs and can, in most cases, be customized for each unique recipient.  Their products are not only great quality, but their very affordable, made in the USA and look great.

Learn more about Six Sisters Beadworks by visiting

You also might remember Six Sisters Beadworks from my recent Good Day Sacramento appearance:

My October Stitch Fix Goodies

My latest Stitch Fix stylist did not disappoint.  This time around I specifically asked for a maroon top, black destroyed skinny jeans, a specific pair of booties I saw on the Stitch Fix Twitter page, a crossbody bag and a flannel top.
What came in my fix:
Octavia | Brooks Crossbody Bag $58
Tahari | Josie Tassel Bootie $140
Laila Jayde | Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top $58
Olive & Oak | Phinney One Pocket Top $58
Cosmic Blue Love | Hallie Distressed Skinny Jean $68

Want to try Stitch Fix?  Visit

4 Ways to Embrace the Colors of Fall

By Terri Alpert, Founder and CEO, Uno Alla Volta

Color can have a huge impact on our feelings and behaviors. The fall, with its changing leaves and rich golden hues stir emotions and evoke thoughts of family and tradition. Whether you’re attending a fall festival, gathering around the table with family and friends, or just enjoying the outdoor scenery, the warm colors of fall often make us feel happy, optimistic and energized. Here are four ways to embrace the colors of fall even more:

Red, the warmest and most dynamic of the fall colors, is often associated with passion and love, as well as, anger and danger; it can increase a person’s heart rate and make them excited. Add a little pep in your step this fall with the showstopping, luxurious “Troika” Over the Knee Boot ($825) by Stuart Weitzman. Available at Nordstrom, this stylish pull-on boot has a three color-blocked suede panel that will make any fashionista rise to dizzying heights.

Yellow, perhaps the most energetic of the warm colors, is associated with laughter, hope and sunshine. Energize yourself this fall with this Uno Alla Volta Florentine Suede Bucket Bag ($248), masterfully handcrafted by Alessandra in her family-run workshop in Florence, Italy. These beautiful suede handbags add a pop of color to any fall outfit, plus they’re stylish and roomy. Each bag features a hand-cut suede tassel and braided leather handles. They come in many beautiful, vibrant colors and can only be found exclusively at Uno Alla Volta.

Orange enhances a feeling of vitality and happiness. Like red, it draws attention and shows movement but is not as overpowering. It is aggressive but balanced — it portrays energy yet can be inviting and friendly. Take in the fall scenery while logging serious miles with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 ($109) in citrus orange. This daily trainer is fully equipped with the reliable cushioning you need to put in that extra mile.

Brown is serious and down-to-earth, exuding physical comfort, simplicity and quality. The color brown finds quality in everything – a comfortable home, the best food and drink, as well as loyal friends or a partner. It is friendly and welcoming. Add a touch of warmth and sophistication to your look this fall with Bobbi Brown’s Rich Chocolate Eye Palette ($68). Better than a box of truffles, this palette for eyes features an array of chocolate-inspired shades for a seasonal take on Bobbi’s classic neutrals.

Turquoise and Gold Jewelry + Rocksbox Promo Code

I just received my first Rocksbox delivery today.  It came with a necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet from my online “wish list.”  Turquoise is my favorite color and I love accenting my outfits with it.  I’m normally a very minimalistic person when it comes to jewelry, but I’m trying to break out of my comfort zone.

What do you think?  Should I keep all three pieces?

If you would like to try a free month of Rocksbox, use promo code: cristenbff3.

Essential Items For Any Modern Wardrobe

It can sometimes be more than a little challenging figuring out what you should fill your wardrobe with. It doesn’t matter if you are on the prowl for new clothes or not. The fact is, for many of us it is a constant challenge trying to keep on top of what is in our wardrobes. Often, it can be hard knowing what is necessary and what is not. However, there are certain items which really do stand the test of time. If you are curious to know what kind of items you should be trying to hang on to, then this is bound to help.
In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the clearest essentials which any wardrobe should have. Some of these will be quite obvious, while others are definitely less so. Without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at what those essentials really are. Bear these in mind when it comes to taking a look at your own wardrobe.

Summer Dresses

Well, we are once again in the height of summer, and hat can only mean one thing. That’s right, it’s time for your finest summer dresses to come out once again. This is something which a lot of people struggle with year after year. It can be difficult, after all, knowing how long you can carry on with the same dress. If you are like most people, you probably find you have the same one or two dresses which see you through most summers. This is actually no problem at all; everyone has their favorites which they tend to cling to. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also try to stretch out your taste a little. This year, why not treat yourself to a new one, and maybe something which you have not gone for before? If you have a particular color theme, for example, then try breaking it this year. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make.

Something Warm For Winter

Of course, it always helps to plan ahead at least a little. We have all been in the situation where you suddenly find yourself in winter without any of the proper clothing. It is a good idea to start thinking about your winter’s warmest outerwear essential now. After all, chances are the colder months will be here before you know it. It is often a challenge trying to remain fashionable while also being able to wrap up warm. However, with a little forward-thinking and planning, it is easily achievable. If you are keen to better yourself this year, then consider shaking things up a bit, particularly if you didn’t in summer.


It goes without saying that it helps to have some items you can use for mixing and matching. After all, having the right kinds of accessories can effectively triple what you can achieve with your wardrobe. If you are only going to make one change today, then make it this one. Make sure you add more accessories to your wardrobe today. That way, you can effectively make a lot more outfits out of what you have.