Make Sure Your Baby’s Nursery is Ready For Their Arrival: All The Extras You Will Need

Before you have your first baby, it can be fairly straightforward knowing what big things to get. You know that you need a large crib, stroller, and car seat, right? But what about some of the smaller things? You don’t want to have to head out to the shops often when you’ve got a newborn. So you want the nursery to be stocked up with everything; the large and the small. Here are some of the smaller things that you don’t want to forget in your baby’s nursery.

Changing Mat and Essentials

You might have chosen to have a changing station in the nursery. It makes it really handy for night changes. You aren’t always going to be in the nursery when your baby needs to have a change. So having a portable changing mat is essential. Then baby can be changed in comfort anywhere. A diaper caddy is also a good idea to have. Then the diapers are all on display. If you can see how many you have, you know you won’t ever run out. As you can buy more when it is getting low. It makes them easy to grab when you are in a rush too.

Diaper Pail

Along the same lines, it might be a good idea to get a diaper pail. It will depend on your home situation and how easy it is to get to the outside trash cans. If you live in an apartment, a diaper pail is a fantastic idea. As you can’t just head down flights of stairs a few times a day when you have a newborn. If you have multiples, then it would be essential too. Think of how many diapers you will be changing with one baby, never mind two. They are pretty inexpensive so are pretty worth it.

Moses Basket

To start with, it is really important to have the baby in your room to start with. You might not have thought of that and just got a crib. But getting a Moses basket or bassinet is pretty essential. You can rock your baby to sleep in it and have them close by to you. They are quite small in size so it won’t take up too much space. You could go for a wicker Moses basket as they are the most long lasting. They are also made from palm or maize too.

Night Light

When you haven’t got your baby in your arms, it is easy to forget about things that will happen when they’re with you. But you will have plenty of night feeds coming up. You might have got a rocking chair to have in their room, which is a great idea. But you want to keep the light as dim as possible. If you put the full lights on, it can wake the baby right up. So one way to overcome that is to get a nightlight in the room. It just gives off enough light for you to see, but without waking the baby. You could also change the main light switch for a dimmer switch. Then you can set the lighting as you’d like it.

Think Your Nursery Is Ready? Read This First.

If you have a baby on the way, you will no doubt be busy getting ready for their arrival. And one of the biggest tasks all prospective parents have to undertake is creating a nursery for your baby. You’ll have probably spent a lot of time on your new nursery already. Think you’ve done everything you can? Read on to find out why there could be more you can do.

Personalize Your Nursery

Add some cute finishing touches to the nursery by personalizing it. You could get some letter stencils to print your child’s name onto the nursery walls. Another great idea is to buy a pretty sign for the bedroom door with their name on it. It is understandable if you are too busy to go shopping for personalized decorations and ornaments in the run-up to the birth. You might get a lot of gorgeous things to add to the nursery at your baby shower or even your baby’s christening.

Soft Flooring

It will definitely pay off if you think about the flooring in the nursery. The best option is to carpet it fully. If your room has hard floors, you should think about adding a large rug. This will give your baby a soft place on which he or she can play. It will also help to minimize any tears if they ever fall over when they start to walk!

Soft Lighting

And it isn’t just the floor of your nursery that should be soft. It can be beneficial to have soft lighting. This is great when you are trying to get your baby to sleep at night. The lighting won’t be too bright that it prevents them from settling. Consider getting recessed lighting as the large bulbs can help the light to fill the whole room. They are also exceptionally safe as they have undergone extensive safety tests.

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Remember Plenty Of Storage

Think you have enough closet space in your nursery? Think again! You may be surprised by just how much you will need! It’s not just for their current toys. You need to consider all the space you will need to store clothes that your baby has yet to grow into. And all the clothes they have grown out of. And don’t forget all their toys! When it comes to creating your nursery, you can never have too much storage space.

Don’t Forget About You

You should also add some touches that are just for you and your partner. A seating area will be beneficial, especially when you are doing your midnight feeds. Many parents also find it is useful having some books in the seating area, so they don’t get too bored during the feeds. Think about adding a diary or notebook to your pile of books, or even your little one’s baby book. Then you can jot down anything that you think of doing while you are feeding. This will prevent your baby brain from forgetting it!

What Type of Mom Are You?

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.  I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

There are many types of moms these days, and by types, I mean names for the type of mom you are (helicopter mom, free-range mom, tiger mom, etc).  First of all, I think it’s silly to put a label on what type of mom we are, but society does it.  So let’s play along.
I recently found an article over on Simply Most that talked about the 8 Types of Moms You’ll Meet at Target.  It’s a great read and you should definitely check it out.

Here’s the 8 types of mom’s you will meet at Target:

1.  The “I just need out of the house” mom
2.  The coupon clipper mom
3.  The “I’m late for a birthday party mom
4.  The “I’d like to buy these empty wrappers” mom
5.  The “I’m just here for the coffee” mom
6.  The dollar bin diva mom
7.  The bus driver mom
8.  The “I escaped” mom

The author absolutely nailed it.  At different times, I’m every single one of these!  There have been countless trips where my kids needed snacks, so we ripped open those dollar cups of Teddy Grahams or Oreos.  There have been many evenings when I just needed to escape from the family, to grab a decaf coffee at Starbucks and to browse the dollar bin by myself.

What Type of Mom Are You?

Expanding on the topic of “mom types,” I’d like to talk about the “mommy labels.”
Looking at the broad range of “mommy labels” that I’ve seen lately, I would call myself a “semi-ingredient-couscous mom” with a dash of “convenience mom.”  I’m not 100% organic, GMO-free, free-range, free of everything… But, when I can (when it’s affordable and practical), I do seek out the better-for-you-brands, as long as they are already at the stores I shop at.

I Admit It.  I’m a Convenience Mom!

I’m not into driving to five different stores with two kids in tow just to buy the best of the best products.  That being said, if it’s not at Target or my favorite grocery store, forget about it!  It’s exhausting and it just doesn’t make sense to waste an entire day driving around.
In previous articles, I’ve written about the different uses for baby wipes, while featuring WaterWipes and my love for them.   They are chemical-free baby wipes soaked with only two ingredients: 99.9% pure Irish water and .01% grapefruit seed extract.  What’s equally great is that they are available at Target and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. 
We all want the best for our kids, but sometimes it’s just more convenient to go with the next best when it comes to products because of price and convenience..  I’m so happy that Target is fully stocking WaterWipes both online and in-store right now.  In the past, I could only find them online, so this is huge!


In honor of my favorite baby wipes brands becoming available in-store at Target, I’ve teamed up with Influence Central to offer a giveaway of five (5) $100 Target gift cards!  I-C will randomly select winners from all program entries and will facilitate fulfillment of the winning prizes (5 winners).  Contest ends August 18th.  Use the entry form below to enter.

WaterWipes Target Giveaway

How To Design The Ideal Nursery For Your Home

Designing the perfect nursery for your home and little one will serve you for years to come. Having the perfect nursery will ensure your child has a great place to sleep, play, learn, and grow for the foreseeable future. The following tips will help you to get it right with minimal hassle:

Include Lots Of Fun Things

A nursery should always include lots of fun things, whether it’s for a baby or a toddler. You can include fun pieces of artwork, cuddly toys, and stuff that adds lots of character to the room. Just bear in mind what you want the room to be used for specifically. If they are to be sleeping in it, then you probably don’t want to fill the room with things that will keep them awake at night. If it’s purely a play area, you can afford to go all out and use your imagination! Things like letter blocks look great and are suitable for kids of all ages.
Eclectic Boho Nursery Decor Sources

1.  Giraffe Cutout:  Hobby Lobby
2.  Gold Basket: TJ Maxx
3.  Dream Canvas:  Marshall’s
4.  Gold Feather Wall Decals:  Target
5.  Create in Me a Pure Heart Print:  Hobby Lobby
6.  Blanket:  Merdy
7.  Glider:  Delta Children (Target)
8.  Gold Side Table:  Target; Burlap Elephant: Marshall’s; Moccs: Freshly Picked; Vase: Marshall’s; Feathers: DIY
9.  Dresser:  Craigslist

Choose The Color Scheme Carefully

The color scheme can make your child feel playful, relaxed, hyperactive – an abundance of different emotions. If they are going to sleep in the room, then choosing a fairly neutral scheme that won’t keep them awake at night is a good idea. You definitely won’t want to use colors like red, as this could make them feel more energized! If it’s a playroom, using bright colors is an option. However, you’ll want to consider the colors of toys and things kept in the room. If they are also multicolored, making the walls these colors could be an overload for their senses. Be smart!

Take Your Child’s Tastes Into Account

If your child is old enough to express an interest in certain things, you might want to take their tastes into account. For example, if they love a particular TV show, you could bear that in mind when decorating. Just be aware that kid’s tastes can change like the wind, so you don’t want to include something they might change their minds about after a few weeks.

Make Sure There’s Plenty Of Storage

Kids tend to have a lot of toys and things that get left lying around. Include plenty of storage, and make sure it’s accessible for them so that they can keep the space clean and tidy.

Include Cozy Seating

Having cosy seating gives them a place to relax, draw, read, do homework – whatever it is they want to do. You can find lots of cute seating options for kids, including beanbags, hammocks, and other fun stuff.

Make Sure It’s Child Proof

This room should be safe, above all else. Don’t crowd your child’s crib with toys if they are very young and there’s a possibility of suffocation. Don’t leave windows open or unlocked. Make sure the temperature is right for them, and sharp corners are covered. There are lots of other things you can do to keep it safe for them too. This should be your main concern!

3 Reasons WiFi Baby Monitors are Trending

Why some parents prefer WiFi Baby Monitors
I have a love/hate relationship with WiFi baby monitors.  I love the convenience of them and how I can use them when visiting relatives or staying at a hotel with WiFi, but I struggle with the whole “streaming to my iPhone” thing.  Sometimes it’s just easier to have a separate parent unit connected to the monitor when I’m at home but for parents who work away from the home, WiFi monitors are the bees-knees.
I’ve done my fair share of baby monitor reviews and they have all have differences that make them unique and better than the last, depending on your needs as a parent.  If you caught my Gynoii baby monitor review and video, you might already be familiar with the brand I’m going to talk about today.  I’ll keep the brand description brief and you can reference my last post for more information.

About Gynoii

Gynoii is an innovative baby monitor company that that aims at helping children grow in a safer, healthier environment and helps to make parents’ lives easier.  They are constantly looking for ways to improve their products for their costumers’ needs.  Learn more at
Why some parents prefer WiFi Baby Monitors

Gynoii Pan-Tilt Baby Monitor Key Features

One of Gynoii’s newest products to hit the Amazon Marketplace is their Pan-Tilt baby monitor which offers wider coverage than their previous model.
  • – Wider coverage
  • – Time-lapse video
  • – 355 degree pan and 100 degree tilt
  • – Audio-only mode
  • – Custom lullaby and white noise
  • – Day/night vision
  • – Two-way talk
  • – Snapshot and video recording
  • – Sound and motion alert
  • – Remote view / multiple users
  • – easy setup

3 Reasons Why WiFi Baby Monitors are Trending

  1. Working parents can monitor their child from work.
  2. Parents can record milestone moments from afar and share them on social media.
  3. Grandparents, friends and other relatives can join in for tummy time, feeding sessions or naptime.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a WiFI Baby Monitor

  1. Adjustments:  Are you able to move the child’s unit from your phone to get that perfect shot?
  2. Audio-only mode:  As your child gets older, you may not need to see a video steam of their every move.  By enabling audio-only mode, you can help save your phone’s battery a little bit and not be woken up by every flash of light from movement.
  3. Tech support:  Consider the reputation of the company you decide to go with.  Are they quick to help their customers resolve any issues that come up?
  4. Investment:  Baby monitors can be costly.  Is this a product you are going to use for years to come?  Are there multiple ways you can use it?
  5. Safety:  Research the safety of the WiFi baby monitor you’re interested in and whether or not they can be hacked.

Buy the Gynoii Pan-Tilt Baby Monitor – GPW-1025 

Modern Nursery Designs – Micuna Baby Products

Micuna Crib - Nursery Inspiration - Modern Nursery

I’m so excited to share that Micuna, the leading company producing and commercializing furniture and accessories for babies and children in Spain, with more than 40 years of experience and ranking among the top three manufacturers in the industry in Europe, is now arriving to the US.
Micuna’s products are handcrafted from their 116,000 square foot factory located in Valencia, in close proximity to the National Natural Park of LA ALBUFERA. Committed to the ecologic way of production, Micuna is proud to craft their products in Spain with the strictest quality control and under the safety standards of the countries where they are introduced.
Micuna is present in more than 35 different countries all over the world. The finest European design and the most quality finishing of its products is highly recognized in five continents. Check it out:

Welcome to MICUNA’s World


Micuna Highchair - Nursery Inspiration - Modern Nursery
A minimalist chair with a designer edge, OVO (which means egg in Portugese) is the height of sophisticated dining for tots.  This aesthetically beautiful chair combines comfort and safety with elegant design and blends perfectly into any interior.  Strong and stable, it is ideal for use from 6 months (when a child is seated unaided) to 3 years.  The OVO features a removable and washable round tray with raised sides to prevent spills in addition to a footrest and leatherette straps for the safety of a child.  The legs and frame are made from solid beechwood adjustable for two heights and the seat shell is sculptured from molded polyethylene, enveloping the child for optimum comfort.  As the child grows, this chair evolves and remains useful; the bottom part of the legs are removable to make a comfortable chair perfect for the dining table or a small desk.
Optional fabric seats for added comfort can be purchased separately.
This outstanding designer high chair is packaged in a clever protective drum that can even be re-used for toy storage.
Recommended retail: $429.99 (fabric belts), $459.99 (leather belts)
Available in (colors): White/Natural
Optional fabric seat cushions recommended retail: $69.99
Available in (colors): White, Beige, Red, Pink or Blue
Age range: 6 months up to 3 years
Dimensions: W500,3mm x D411mm x H848,5mm
Weight: 6,60Kgs


Baby Bassinet - Modern Nursery
A striking addition to any modern nursery, the Micuna Smart Bassinet is perfect for baby’s early development – a mobile bassinet that can be near a parent for peace of mind.  This sleek bassinet with its stylish oval shape is comfortably padded to envelop baby and make them feel safe and secure.  The bassinet’s main characteristic is its completely transparent and breathable fabric, allowing parents to see their baby all of the time without having to get out of bed.  Crafted from beechwood and MDF, the bassinet features 6 wheels with brake so it can easily be moved from one room to another.  The bassinet is offered with a choice of three frames, metallic grey, white beech wood or natural.  Includes a suffocation proof mattress designed specifically to fit the oval shaped bassinet.  
Recommended retail: $449.99
Available in (colors): Structure in Metallic Grey, White and Natural beechwood.
Fabric bassinet in White, Grey and Beige.
Age range: 0-6 months
Weight: 11,17 Kg.                
Dimensions: 85 X 63,3 X 74,58 cm


Micuna Crib - Nursery Inspiration - Modern Nursery

LIFE CRIB COLLECTION (available exclusively at Giggle through March)

With its endless combinations and constructions, the Micuna LIFE Collection is designed for parents looking for something original and different, something that will make baby’s environment a unique and special place.  Micuna gives parents the tools to create their own original crib model with LIFE, designing combinations to suit their individual taste with a variety of options available. Parents will have fun designing their own customizable crib with a range of 15 spindle shades from which they can choose three and combine them with their crib base in natural wood or white.  Micuna has created four color combinations for the crib’s spindles that draw inspiration from magical places: Life Provence, Life Kenya, Life Tribeca, Life Brooklyn. Also available are other standard colors as (White, Natural or Grey poles).  The crib is simple to assemble, the spindles feature innovative spring technology allowing for them to snap in easily.  
The life of the crib can be extended as baby grows older by allowing for multiple mattress heights, easily removing spindles for easy access for toddlers or even converting the crib to a toddler bed with an existing crib mattress up to age seven (additional parts needed).  Handcrafted from solid beechwood.
Recommended retail: $999.99 (crib and 3 boxes of spindles)
Available in:
Base: Natural Wood or White
Spindles: Life Provenza, Life Kenya, Life Tabarca, Life Brooklyn (White, Natural or Grey) or choose among 15 colors.
Dimensions: 139×85,4×77 cms
Weight: 23,98Kgs
Bed conversion kit: Recommended retail: $79.99
Pack of 16 Spindles for bed: Recommended retail: $99.99 each
Micuna Crib - Nursery Inspiration - Modern Nursery


Micuna has created an evolutionary crib, HARMONY, to accompany children from birth to several years providing a familiar environment for baby that makes them feel good and grow safe.
This innovative modern crib offers the perfect solution that links practicality and space saving.  Designed especially for those seeking baby products with exceptional features, quality and most importantly, safety, HARMONY can easily evolve from crib-to-twin size bed as a child grows. It is crafted from eco-MDF.
Optional Kit for conversion to twin bed available.
Recommended retail: $849.99.
Available in Solid White and White/Grey Stripes
Recommended retail for conversion Kit: $279.99
Dimensions: 139×85,4x77cms
Weight: 46,70Kgs.
*Please note: dimensions are in mm or cms and weights in Kgs. for all models

Follow Micuna:

Facebook address:
Youtube address:
Twitter: @micuna_USA

Your First Baby Registry – 5 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong

Registering for baby products is one of the most exciting steps in the whole process of having a baby.  If this is your first baby, you’re likely to go hog-wild with your registry because you don’t have actually to pay for the products.  This is a time to let your loved ones spoil you, but be sure you don’t make these common mistakes:

Don’t Overdo It

You can ask any first-time parent.  Everyone over-registers their first time around.  There are really only a certain number of products you’ll actually need, though.  Everything else is just extra and tends to create clutter in the nursery.

Know Before You Go

What I mean by “know before you go” is do your research.  Ask your friends who have recently had babies what their favorite products are.  Search around on the internet for minimalist baby registry tips.  Chances are the baby registry websites will mislead you and trick you into registering for things you don’t actually need.

Blankets, Burp Cloths and Bibs.  Oh my!

This sort of contradicts my first statement of avoiding overdoing it, but from my experience, you can never have too many blankets, burp cloths, bibs, changing pad covers, bedsheets, etc.  
In the first six months of having a baby, you’ll notice yourself reaching for a burp rag every 15-20 minutes or more.  And once you use one, it’s pretty much soiled.  Needless to say, stocking-up is a good idea.
As far as bedding goes, you’ll want to stock-up on both the waterproof mattress covers and regular bed sheets.  I personally love to layer the sheets to make life a little easier in the middle of the night.  I created a video called “Parenting Hacks” in 2015 which goes into more detail about what I mean by layering.
Changing pad covers are also a good idea to get more than one of.  You’ll notice that accidents, many many accidents happen during diaper changes.  Extra changing pad covers are a must and Miracleware has so many cute ones to choose from; and since their products are available at Buy Buy Baby and Babies ‘R Us, they’re easy to access.
Parenting Tip:  If you are going to push for your little one to use a blankie, I recommend starting with a small, lightweight security blanket.  This way your baby isn’t dragging around a giant blanket everywhere you go.  Be sure to get many of the same kind, too.  (My little one’s favorite)

Forego Individual Store Registries

Instead of registering at multiple baby-supply stores like Target, Babies ‘R Us and Restoration Hardware, go for an all-in-one baby registry site like  I actually go into more detail about why I love this method of registering in my article from 2014.

The Gift of Sleep

No.  I’m now talking about a registering for a free weekend of baby sitting, although that does sound amazing!  I’m talking about registering for products that will: A) help your baby sleep more comfortably/safely; and B) help you have peace of mind while your little one is sleeping.
I’m a huge advocate of sleepsacks for babies and toddlers.  Miracleware‘s pediatrician recommended Miracle Sleepers®TM come in multiple sizes to accommodate your little one at various ages.  It’s essentially a wearable blanket that allows for easy access during midnight diaper changes.  Once your baby is out of the swaddling stage, a Miracle Sleeper®TM is the way to go.

Tips for Using a Humidifier and Keeping it Clean | PureGuardian 14-Hour Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review + Giveaway

A humidifier is an absolute must-have product for any household.  They can help combat the spread of viruses by keeping nasal passages moist, thus trapping pathogens, bacteria and dangerous particles before they enter the airway and lungs. A humid room also helps to reduce chapped lips and dry skin during the winter months.  But what happens when your humidifier becomes dirty and requires cleaning?

How to Keep a Humidifier Clean

  • Use distilled or demineralized water- this water has a much lower mineral content compared to tap water.
  • Change humidifier water often and clean every 3 days- unplug and remove any mineral deposits or film. Clean before and after storage.
  • Keep the area around humidifiers dry- turn humidifier down or reduce frequency if areas around it become damp or wet. 
  • Consider replacing old humidifiers- over time humidifiers build up deposits that are difficult to remove and can grow bacteria.

Humidifiers and Allergies

Did you know that humidifiers are not necessarily good for allergies?  They can provide too much moisture in the air which helps to nourish molds and dust mites – two things that a lot of people are allergic to.
I always notice a build-up of black mold in our window sills when using our humidifier too much.  I keep a spray bottle of a bleach and water solution to tackle the mold growth and clean the window sills.

PureGuardian 14-Hour Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Designed to be used in nurseries, the PureGuardian 14-Hour Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier was made with safety in mind.  As the title states, this humidifier uses cool mist instead of warm mist which eliminates the fear of burns.  The compact size of this unit makes it a perfect fit for dressers, nightstands or side tables and the fact that it’s super quiet makes it ideal for tiny sleepers.
The PureGuardian humidifier is quick and easy to use.  It features one single on/off button that allows you to control the amount of moisture that goes into the air, along with the nightlight.  We love how quiet it is and the blue nightlight is perfect for my baby’s nursery.  It provides enough light for midnight feedings and diaper changes, but isn’t so bright that it overstimulates us.
The PureGuardian® H910BL 14- Hour Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier has a suggested retail price of $29.99 and can be found online at


We’ve teamed up with Guardian Technologies to offer our readers a giveaway of one PureGuardian 14-Hour Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.  To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below.  We will choose one winner after 2/22/16.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Samsung Smartcam HD Plus (SNH-V6414BN) Home Security Cam and Baby Monitor Review

I was given a Samsung Smartcam to facilitate my review.  My opinion is not influenced by compensation and is honest and my own.  Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our sponsors.
Baby monitor technology has evolved over the years thanks to brands like Samsung.  Consumers like you and I have found a need for multi-purpose monitoring systems that are budget-friendly, easy to set-up and that can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere through our smart phones.

I recently got the chance to test out the new Samsung Smartcam HD Plus (SNH-V6414BN) which offers live streaming 1080p full HD video day or night.  It can be used to monitor your baby, monitor your home while you’re away on vacation, as a nanny cam and so much more.  You can easily sync the Smartcam to your iOS or Android device and set-up alerts and notifications which offers huge peace of mind while I’m traveling.  You can even record moments onto your phone or an SD card which can come in handy for numerous reasons (ie. baby’s milestones, burglars, solicitors, etc.)

This Smartcam can be mounted on a wall for easy, out-of-the-way monitoring or placed on a desk or dresser.  It has night vision up to 32 feet, two-way talk and a 130 degrees wide angle view.  The picture is very true to vision like the description states and the size of the monitor is very small.
See below for the full list of features and specs.
  • Quick Setup and Intuitive Operation
  • 1080p Full HD Video Quality
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Advanced Motion & Audio Detection
  • Motion Zone Select
  • Push Notification of Event Detection
  • Night Vision Up to 32 ft.
  • Ultra-Wide 130° Angle Lens
  • microSD card slot for local video storage up to 128GB
  • Free monitoring and alert app for iOS and Android
  • 1/3.0” CMOS Sensor for Enhanced Video 

My Experience

I absolutely love the wide angle view on this camera.  Since the Smartcam’s view can’t be rotated or adjusted from my phone it’s important to have the wide angle shot.  There is a tiny delay in movement and sound transmission, less than one second maybe, but that’s to be expected and is just like any other WiFi baby monitor that I’ve used.  The set-up process for this camera was so easy and took about five minutes.  I did turn off my sound notifications, though.  The camera picks up too much sound while the baby is awake and playing around the house and I was getting an alert every two seconds.  This setting can easily be turned on or off in your phone’s setting>notifications section.
You can find the Samsung Smartcam HD Plus at your local Costco or along with the Samsung website.

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WiFi Baby Monitor Review

I recently had the opportunity to connect with the WiFi Baby Monitor company to learn more about how their baby monitor is different than the others on the market. They even sent me their WiFi Baby 4 model to use with the girls. I created a four minute video to briefly share the baby monitor with you. You can check it out below:

I really like the sleek look of this baby monitor. It comes with all of the parts you need to get it running and even comes with the mounting hardware. The picture is very clear, even in the dark.

The directions to set-up the app are a bit lengthy and I had to fully read through the instructions before I got started. I attempted to do a “quick start” and failed miserably, don’t take my advice and don’t do that. My only negative comment about this baby monitor would be how detailed the initial set-up process is. You have to hardwire your baby monitor to your WiFi router to set-up the monitor. Once you’re up and running, you can unplug the ethernet connection and move your monitor anywhere in the home.

Since I typically use the baby monitor at night to monitor my youngest daughter, I keep my phone plugged in next to my bed which helps keep the battery from running low while using the monitor. Much to my surprise, the baby monitor still runs while you lock your home screen, and just allows the sound to come through. I really like this feature. I have noticed a slight delay in the sound at times, which I’ve experience with other monitors in the past.

Overall, my experience with WiFi Baby has been pleasant, even though it was frustrating during the set-up process. I was really impressed with how quickly the folks at Wifi Baby jumped to my aid, especially when using the “chat” feature on their website. The price of the unit is $249.99, which is way out of my price range if I were to consider purchasing a baby monitor for my family, but if you have a nanny or babysitter in your home frequently, I feel like Wifi Baby would be a really good investment for you because of the recording feature.

If you’re looking for a wifi baby monitor that offers more flexibility and options, this is the monitor for you. Not only can you monitor your child, you can also record your child, pets or nanny if you’d like.

Visit to learn more!

Thank you to Wifi Baby for providing me with a review sample to test out.