Famous Explorers Who Loved Pocket Watches (and Did until the Day they Died)

Mechanical watches down the ages have been used as a status symbol. In the 1750s, pocket watches were something only royalty could afford. Men would purchase a watch to mark an achievement in their careers. A watch would be gifted to the groom to mark his change in marital status.

Times have changed though. Items such as smart watches and iPhones are now considered the height of luxury and are now considered status symbols. Despite this, many people still place a great deal of value on the mechanical watch.

Pocket watches were for a long time considered a status watch. The chain hanging from the pocket of the bearer of the watch was a symbol of their high status in society. Although naval captains and many famous explorers wore watches as a symbol of status too, they often relied on their watches for navigation.

Before the introduction of GPS, explorers depended on various instruments for navigation. The watch was one such item. Many explorers relied on dead reckoning for navigation. This method of positioning oneself relied on the use of direction, speed and time.

Many explorers relied on a pocket watch, just like those you can find on sites like DailySale, to find their way. Some even loved their time pieces to the grave.

Roald Amundsen

In 1911, Roald Amundsen became the first man to set foot on the South Pole. He managed to get there using only three tools for navigation: his two pocket watches and a sextant. His watches had been made by the German watch company, J. Assmann. They were certified for accuracy by the German Naval Institute. Amundsen had one watch set at home time and the other set to read local time.

Amundsen later became the first man to sail the Northwest Passage. In 1927, he was the first man to set foot on the North Pole and therefore became the first man to reach both the North and South Pole. Both of his pocket watches are now in the Fram Museum in Norway.

Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark

These US Army volunteers are famous for exploring the western part of the US. In 1804, they led the Corps of Discovery Expedition through the western part of the US that took them from Missouri to the Pacific Coast passing through Mississippi.

These explorers had to traverse uncharted territory. They carried with them various tools for navigation including a scientific pocket watch. This was known as a Gold Chronometer. It cost $250, which was a very large sum of money at the time. Their watch and the other tools they carried allowed them to chart the course of the Missouri River.

David Livingstone

David Livingstone is famous for traversing the uncharted territory of South and Central Africa. He is famed for his detailed maps and in-depth knowledge of the indigenous people. He heavily relied on two tools for navigation; his watch and his sextant.

Clearly, pocket watches were much more than status symbols. Wear your pocket watch with pride, gentlemen.

Mens Vacation Style: Jamaica ‘Mon!

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I feel like guys are so much more easy-going when it comes to packing for vacation.  My husband can pack for an entire weeklong vacation in a tiny carry-on and that’s with extra clothes and shoes.  Meanwhile, I’m still struggling to limit my shoe choices down to just two or three pairs to make room for the five extra dresses I have to pack and probably won’t wear.

If you’re traveling to a humid location like Jamaica, I recommend packing lightweight clothing that doesn’t trap in moisture.  I also recommend leaving your fashion watch at home and going with something more water resistant like the Casio G-Shock, shown in the collage above.

A backpack that can carry everything from your tech equipment to extra clothes is also a good idea.  I swear by OGIO products for both men and women.  My husband and I both have OGIO backpacks and use them on every trip.

Board shorts are also a must-have if you plan on doing any swimming on vacaiton.  Guys, have you ever noticed how a perfectly-fitting pair of board shorts can suddenly stretch out and sag once you hit the water?  How annoying is that?  A company called Just Bones Boardwear has come up with a simple solution for this and they call it their 4-way Stretch board shorts.

 Just Bones Boardwear - Adjustable Board Shorts for Men
My husband has the blue triangle pair of Just Bones board shorts and finds that the adjustable waist feature is feature that he didn’t realize he needed.  On our most recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, we were playing in the pool with kids, sliding down waterslides and swimming in the ocean.  The adjustable waist was a huge help in preventing the swim shorts from sagging when wet.

2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide

In collaboration with Fuego Box, Pipcorn, Anthony Brands, Kenneth Cole, Luckies of London and Our Name Is Mud.

I love shopping for Father’s Day gifts for my husband, but he is not the type of guy that likes cheesy, impractical gifts.  After lots of research and testing, I’ve put together a very practical Father’s Day gift guide for 2016 based on products my husband would like.

The Naptime Reviewer and The Bucket List Mom’s 2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide:

1.  Fuego Box “Spicy Box of Awesomeness” – For Father’s Day, Fuego Box is offering a “limited edition” wooden crate (not shown) filled with small-batch hot products that Dad will love.  This kit includes a fabulous spicy honey, the world’s first dry hot sauce, chili oil, smoked ghost pepper salt and one of the world’s tastiest small-batch hot sauces.  If the “Spicy Box of Awesomeness” doesn’t do it for you, try their subscription box service where you can test up to three hot sauces per month for under $30.

2.  Pipcorn Mini Popcorn – This mini popcorn is certified vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.  When their mini popcorn kernels pop, it breaks up into tiny pieces leaving fewer kernels stuck in your teeth.  Pipcorn is popped in 100% olive oil and are produced in small batches which are seasoned by hand.  (As seen on Shark Tank)

3.  Anthony Fresh 5 Skincare Minis – Gift Dad the gift of great skin and spruce up his daily routine with Anthony’s Fresh Five Kit.  Including All Purpose Facial Moisturizer (1 oz), Glycolic Facial Cleanser (1 oz), Shave Cream (1 oz), Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash (3.4 oz) and Facial Scrub (2 oz), this kit boasts every grooming product that could possibly be on dad’s wish list – all in handy travel sizes.

4.  Nike Zoom Speed TR3 – The Nike Zoom Speed Trainer 3 Men’s Training Shoe is made with low-profile cushioning and durable mesh for impact protection and breathability while you work out. Synthetic bands integrate with the laces, keeping your foot stable and locked in place.

5.  Kenneth Cole Mankind Hero Cologne – Give the special man in your life Kenneth Cole’s latest fragrance kit – MANKIND Hero.  Encompassing the power of fresh mountain air accord and rich woods, this luxe kit is the perfect gift for your father figure or hero. The kit includes the fragrance, after shave balm and hand and body wash (not shown).

6.  Oakley Marshal 53 Eyeglasses – Marshal mixes robust aluminum temples with a lightweight O Matter front for a true hybrid of comfort and style.  This lifestyle design proves everyday eyewear doesn’t have to have an everyday look.

7.  Luckies of London Scratch Globe – Does Dad love to travel?  A 3D Scratch Globe is the perfect, practical gift to help him log his travels.  This gold foil-coated globe is made of cardboard, so it’s lightweight and easy to hold and store.

8.  Our Name Is Mud Coffee Mug – Pants?  Dignity?  Don’t forget to make today great!  Give Dad a little morning pep-talk as he drinks his morning coffee.

9.  Giant Jawbreaker on a Stick – Bring Dad back to his childhood with a giant Jawbreaker on a stick.  He might have trouble keeping it from the kids, though, so you better order extras.

How to Help Your Man Become More Stylish!

As women, we all have things we wish our men would do differently. And one of them might be wishing that he looked a bit more stylish! This is not a bad thing, and is nothing against our men, but we girls know fashion. And sometimes guys don’t look particularly stylish. Well, the good thing is that you are in a position to help your man become more stylish.

330px-David_Gandy_by_Conor_Clinch_(2013)_-_cropped.jpgPhoto The even better news is that you can do this subtly, and, even, make him think it’s his idea. You need to consider what helps to make a person stylish, and what can be done to improve that. If you need a guide, then you can use this one to help you get started. These are all tried and tested methods you can employ to get your man to be more stylish.

Grooming is Key

Repeat after me ‘grooming is key’! It really is, and this is what you need to start indicating to your hubby or boyfriend. See, the more well-groomed a man is, the better he tends to look these days. We are in the era of metrosexuals, so there is plenty of access to grooming products for guys. There also isn’t that stigma attached that there perhaps used to be ten years ago to men looking after themselves. You need to make sure your man has electric shavers, moisturiser, facial scrub, and hair product. These are all things that will help your guy to keep himself groomed and looking great all the time

Give His Wardrobe a Clear Out

Then you need to look at the way he dresses and see if improvements can be made there. You might need to give the wardrobe a clear out and get rid of some of those awful clothes he’s been keeping! You might be met with some resistance when you’re doing this, so be prepared to negotiate. Once you’ve done this, a shopping trip will be in order to replace the clothes you got rid of with trendier outfits. The way a person dresses is an important part of their style, and this is something you need to make sure you work on. The clothes, as they say, make the man so make sure the clothes are stylish!

Help Him Be More Confident

Style is a lot about the way a person looks and dresses, but it’s also about confidence. If your guy is confident, he will seem much more stylish and trendy. So that’s why it’s important to work on ways to make him more confident. By trying to make your man more stylish, he might be feeling a little self-conscious. So you need to reassure him how great he is and give him the self-confidence to carry himself. A lot of women like to work on how their men look. We all like a project, as long as it isn’t too strenuous. So, you need to make sure you do what you can to help make your man look more stylish. This is definitely doable, and there are plenty of gifts you can get for your man to help facilitate this too as it’s often just a case of getting him to be agreeable to the idea! Use these techniques to help improve his style and appearance.