Stress and Marriage, Planning for the Rough Waters

There are some people that approach marriage as if it were a science in terms of trying to understand the overall relationship picture. Some of those people held an impromptu seminar several years ago at a California university campus and they put forth a theory that marriages are most likely to encounter difficulty during the first year, the fifth year, and the tenth year- as well as right after the first child is born. 

For people that understand that, it can help you to plan your relationship better because you will compensate for perceived rough areas by planning for more communication and better understanding between partners.

Here are some popular ways to work through rough areas in your marriage:

Set more time aside for each other: As the popular saying goes, marriage is like a garden and when you do not tend to it, problems can arise. By adding a date night and making time in each of your schedules for each other, it should help you to keep your relationship on a stronger footing than if you do not.

Open communication means open communication: You can’t possibly have a strong relationship if your communication isn’t as open as it needs to be about your thoughts, feelings, and fidelity. Continuing to understand each other by talking about things as you grow is one of the best policies for married couples that want to stay together. If you feel comfortable communicating with each other on a very significant level, you will also avoid rough patches that tend to crop up when communication is either poor or sparse.

Use experts to help: It is a good idea to work with relationship experts throughout your marriage. Whether that means going to seminars by people that excel in providing relationship advice, or whether it means working with those who excel in family law for a separation or divorce, like Cordell & Cordell, using experts to help you define, build, and if necessary end the relationship is one of the surest ways of ensuring that both of are committed to a happy future.

Marriage is one of the greatest institutions available to people. Once married, however, most couples do tend to go through periods of time where there can be rough spots. Working with each other and experts can help both parties realize their potential and their future.