Natural Skincare Products for Babies and Kids

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Baby Mantra.  As always, all opinions are my own and I only share products I actually like.

You’ve probably heard before that your skin is your largest organ.  It’s true!  Your skin absorbs the topical products you slather on it which then go straight into your body.  When I was growing up, natural products weren’t really a thing.  Back then it was all about how cheaply they could make a product, how quickly they could get it out to consumers and how great it smelled (after adding artificial fragrances).

Fast forward to the present and we are all about “free this, non that, organic this, natural that.”  This is a good thing, though.  It seems like it would be so much easier and cheaper to just make things with natural ingredients the first time.

There are still quite a few children’s skincare products on the market today that do contain added artificial ingredients to increase their shelf life and/or to enhance their smell or color, though.  My girls and I have very sensitive skin, so I’m very mindful of the products we use.  While I pride myself in being a practical convenience-shopper, I’m all about better-for-you products from stores I’m already shopping at.

Baby Mantra

Baby Mantra has been a brand that we’ve loved since 2014, and I just wanted to take some time today to share a little more information about their products with you.  Aside from being available online at, you can find their products at stores like Walgreens and Babies ‘R Us.  These are stores you’re probably already shopping at, so there’s that convenience-factor I was talking about.

Created by two sisters on a mission to provide safe and ecologically sound skincare, Baby Mantra is a certified natural, cruelty-free and gluten-free baby skincare line that offers environmentally conscious products from the ingredients to the packaging. All of Baby Mantra’s products are made in the U.S. and are inspired by all-natural home-based remedies.  Good skincare starts in the kitchen – or the garden, rather.

Natural Ingredients + New Certifications

The Baby Mantra website lists out their products’ ingredients and their benefits, making it easier for us consumers.  I hate having to bounce around research ingredients.  Their products include ingredients like calming lavender, soothing coconut and avocado oils, apricot and moisturizing shea butter, so if you have any allergies, please read the ingredients lists thoroughly.  There are no added fragrances in these products, but they all smell so good, naturally!

Baby Mantra is now PETA and NPA certified, as well as EWG verified.  What on earth does that mean?

PETA Certified = cruelty free
NPA Certified = natural, safe, responsible and sustainable
EWG Verified = means that the product goes above and beyond its green rating in EWG’s Skin Deep® because the company has disclosed more about its formulations and manufacturing processes.

My Favorite Baby Mantra Products

For my five-year-old, I’m loving the 3-in-1 Bubble Bath, Shampoo and Wash, followed by the Detangling Conditioner to tame her crazy-long hair.  I use the same 3-in-1 on my 21-month old, but to soothe her dry skin, we follow bath time with the Calming Massage Oil and the Calming Lotion.  My little one starts to get eczema right around the Fall season, and while we aren’t able to get rid of it until the Spring/Summertime, we are able to maintain the dryness and itch by using Baby Mantra’s calming products.

Try Baby Mantra

The next time you are at one of the Baby Mantra retailers, I recommend that you grab a bottle of their lotion or 3-in-1 Bubble Bath/Shampoo/Wash to give it a try.  They are constantly on a mission to deliver the highest quality products to improve the well-being of children, using the finest earth friendly and natural ingredients.  This is a brand that cares as much about your kids as you do and it truly shows through their social media pages, website and products.

Get 30% off your online order with promo code NTR30.

Keeping Kids Clean – Products That Make It Easier

This post is sponsored by the following brands.  All opinions are my own.
Have you ever noticed how hard it is to keep little kids clean;  and for some reason, they hate to have their hands and faces wiped by mom or dad?  I wanted to quickly share some cute sanitary products that were designed to be more appealing to kids both with their looks and ease of use, which makes our job as a parent a little easier.

Whaleywasher Faucet Extender

The Whaleywasher faucet extender is an absolutely brilliant invention.  Created by a mom who was fed up with hoisting her kids up to the faucet multiple times per day just to get their hands clean, the Whaleywasher is every parents’ dream product.  Not only does it extend the faucet, but it also holds the soap which means no more messy, soapy countertops!
To turn the Whalewasher on, you simply hit the metal piece that hangs down from the unit, and you do the same to turn the water off.  This is great for reducing water waste!
Visit to shop!

Dubble Trubble Travel Products

My oldest loves the smells of the Dubble Trubble bath and body products so we were thrilled to see that they now come in travel sizes.  Now we can take the deliciousness with us on trips!  Shown above is some of the full sized products, but you can buy the Watermelon Two-in-One Shampoo and Body Wash, the Cool Cucumber Detangling Spray, and the Watermelon Detangling Spray and Wet Detangling Hairbrush in travel sizes.

Learn more about the Dubble Trubble travel products at

Squix Qbox – A Germ-Fighting Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are alway so exciting to receive in the mail, right?  The Squix Qbox is a new take on the subscription box trend and allows you to receive a monthly subscription of full sized products and free gifts.  This subscription box is fully customizable and allow you to choose from more than 125 germ-fighting products for the whole family.  An example of some of the kid-friendly sanitary products are the Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pod and the Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Soap.
Get your first Squix Qbox for just $9.99 here.

Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Baby Nasal Products

There’s nothing worse than snotty kids; and I mean that in the literal sense.  My favorite new boogie getters are the Simply Saline Nasal Swabs.  These Qtip-looking swabs contain saline in the tubes.  Once the cotton tip is broken, the saline soaks the cotton swab on the opposite end and it makes the perfect tool to scoop out those gooey boogies from kids’ noses.
Another great product to moisten little ones’ noses is the Simply Saline Nasal Mist.
Visit to learn more about their Simply Saline products.

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Sebamed Baby Skincare Products

Sebamed’s line of gentle baby skincare products are ph balanced for a softer, gentler clean.  The soap-free Sebamed Baby Wash, Baby Sebamed Shampoo and the Baby Cream are the perfect combination for a tear-free, soothing bath experience.
It’s important to establish a positive bathtime routine with your new little one, so using the right products from the beginning is key.  
Learn more about these products and see if Sebamed products are right for your family at
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SoCozy Boing Kids Collection for Curly Hair

This is a sponsored post on behalf of SoCozy.  
This post also contains Target affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase through my links.  As always, all opinions are my own.
SoCozy Kids Hair Products - for curly hair

Maintaining curly hair can be tricky, especially if it’s kid’s hair.  SoCozy, one of the best kid’s hair brands that we’ve tried, has come out with a new line of curly hair products called Boing.  Boing was created to help kids style and maintain their curls, frizz free and fuss free.  In fact, all of the SoCozy products are all about fuss free haircare for kids.

SoCozy currently has four collections of hair products: Cinch, Behave, Boing and Boo.  Each collection tackles a different obstacle with children’s haircare.  You may remember our previous coverage on some of their haircare products:

Styling Tips for Kids Hair
SoCozy Hair Products at Target
How to Prevent Lice Naturally

What we love about the SoCozy products are the smells and the ease of use.  We also love that they don’t contain any toxic ingredients and are completely safe for kids.

The Boing shampoo, conditioner and gel-cream smell so great.  They have a sweet-creme smell that lasts for hours after use.  The Shampoo was formulated to clean the hair without stripping it of its natural moisture, something that is essential for maintaining curly hair.  The conditioner is ultra-hydrating but doesn’t weigh down natural curls.  It’s helps restore the natural shine and luster of hair.  The gel-cream is a great product that helps kids style their hair without crunch or grease and is a product that I’ve been using for beachy waves.

My four-year old is currently battling ringworm on her scalp (from the cat) so we are using the Boo shampoo and spray to try to dry it up naturally.  The Boo collection is technically for lice prevention, but since it contains tea tree oil, it’s great for helping to kill ringworm.  Once we are done with this ringworm, we will be switching over the Boing collection.


The SoCozy products are available at Target stores or on


Enter to win one of two sets of SoCozy Boing products including a Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Gel.  Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  We will choose two winners after 4/20/16.  Good luck.  (US only please)

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Natural Baby Skincare Products from Arbonne

I received free products from Arbonne to facilitate my review.  Any opinion expressed in this article is based on my experience with the products and is never influenced by compensation.
Baby skincare products should be gentle and soothing and shouldn’t strip the body of its natural oils.  The new ABC skincare products from Arbonne are made from the most mild, soothing ingredients from nature.  Parents can trust that they’re truly wholesome and safe for babies’ soft, delicate skin.  Pediatrician, dermatologist and allergy-tested, the new ABC by Arbonne baby skincare products are a must-have for parents of little ones.
Arbonne ABC Baby Care Sunscreen ($32; When adventures with baby take you outdoors, bring along this gentle lotion with a mineral sunscreen ingredient for broad spectrum sun protection. The unscented formula absorbs quickly and softens and soothes skin too. Ophthalmologist-tested.
Arbonne ABC Baby Care Hair & Body Wash ($20; Get out the rubber duckies. Baby will have a ball with this 2-in-1 tear-free wash that also makes a great bubble bath. The lightweight formula includes gentle cleansers and skin softeners, and is mildly scented with a natural essential oil blend of cottonseed, hibiscus and sandalwood. Ophthalmologist- and pediatrician-tested.
Arbonne ABC Baby Care Body Lotion ($20; Massage in a bottle: Keep skin baby soft with this ultra-mild,ultra-soothing lotion that provides 24-hour moisture. The pediatrician-tested formula is scented with a calming natural essential oil blend of cottonseed, hibiscus and sandalwood. Ophthalmologist-tested.
Arbonne ABC Baby Care Diaper Rash Cream ($20; Think of it as baby booty love. Help treat and prevent diaper rash with this soothing, protective cream. The deeply hydrating rich formula glides on easily, creating a water-repelling moisture barrier to help reduce skin surface irritation.

Key Ingredients and Benefits
– Non-nano zinc oxide:  Mineral creates a physical barrier to prevent chafing
– Aloe barbadensis leaf juice:  Natural moisturizer
– Calendula and chamomile extracts:  Natural moisturizers that soothe and calm
– Sunflower oil:  Softens skin and helps it retain moisture
My Thoughts – I first tested the products on my three-year old daughter before using them on my newborn.  I was surprised by how well the hair and body wash, body lotion and sunscreen worked for her.  We often battle with the “it burns my eyes” problem and we were pleased to find that the hair and body wash was burn-free.  The hair and body wash has a light floral scent and the body lotion, sunscreen and diaper rash cream have pretty much no scent at all.  I wish the body lotion had more of scent to it like the hair and body wash but I’m still happy with the product.
I’ve been using the diaper rash cream on my newborn for about a week now to soothe her little bum and she experiences almost instant relief when the product is applied.  She will literally go from bawling to happy as soon as I apply the product.
The only downside to this set of four products is the price.  You can get all four for $84 which is more than I would pay.  I’m a major bargain shopper and prefer to spend the least amount as possible for baby products.  I feel that $84 for four products just isn’t very practical in today’s economy, unless your child is extremely sensitive to other products.

Where to Buy

You can visit to shop the adult Arbonne products and the new ABC baby products.

Live Clean Baby Products Review

The award-winning Canadian brand, Live Clean (baby), has made it’s way to the US!
The collection includes moisturizing baby bath, tearless shampoo & wash, moisturizing baby lotion, diaper ointment, non-petroleum jelly, bar soap, as well as multiple soothing relief products.
Live Clean (baby) uses only natural, non-irritating, gentle plant based ingredients to keep your baby fresh and clean.  The collection is designed with the environment and, or course, babies in mind.  All products are completely vegan (contain no animal products) and have little to no scent.  The packaging has even been made as earth-friendly as possible.  Containers are made with virgin materials and are completely recyclable.
I love that the Live Clean (baby) products don’t contain SLS and DEA, which are common irritants in many of our products that we use, daily.  The collection is also free of Parabens, Phthalates (chemicals commonly used to make fragrances last longer) and other harsh preservatives.
My family was sent an assortment of Live Clean (baby) products to try out.  We couldn’t be happier with the results of every product.
I’m really impressed with the Bar Soap and the fact that it isn’t drying to my daughter’s skin.  It contains Shea butter to help keep baby’s skin moisturized.  My daughter loves to grab my bar soaps and pretend she’s washing herself.  Now, with the Live Clean bar soap, she can safely clean her skin without the drying effects that my soap has on her skin.  I love that it has little to no scent, too.
The Tearless Shampoo & Wash also cleanses nicely without drying my daughter’s hair and scalp.  And because it’s tearless, I don’t have to worry.  I love that it has a very mild scent and is made with organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender and Aloe.
The Baby Lotion has a mild baby powder-like scent and is anything but greasy.  I can’t stand greasy lotions on myself or my daughter and this is perfect.  It moisturizes my daughter’s skin without the harsh chemicals.  Love it!
The Diaper Ointment is perfect for soothing chafed skin.  It’s non-irritating and provides a protective moisture barrier which is great for my daughter’s skin.  Especially when she sleeps through the night and wakes up with a soaking wet diaper.
The Baby Bath has such a faint baby powder-like smell and is great for bubble baths.  This formula is also tear-free so I don’t have to worry when she gets it in her eyes. 
Another product that is pretty impressive is the Non-Petroleum Jelly.  It’s made from plant based ingredients and provides a great moisture barrier to protect baby’s skin.  This is great to use in place of the Diaper Ointment when your baby doesn’t necessarily have chafed skin, but when you still need that protective barrier.  Great for overnight use!
All of the Live Clean (baby) products are very reasonably priced, around $7 each.  You can’t go wrong with these products and I highly recommend you give them a try.
Head over to your local Walgreens to pick some up today or visit
If you are wondering why I keep adding “(baby)” after the word Live Clean, it’s because they also offer tons of adult products.  You can check them all out at
Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products to facilitate my review.  My opinion and experience are completely honest and may differ from yours.

Aden+Anais Laundry Care Review

If you read my post about the Mum+Bub skincare line from Aden+Anais, then you know how much my family loves these products.  The scents are absolutely amazing and unlike any other baby products I’ve used.  I was ecstatic when I learned I would be able to try out the new laundry care products from Aden+Anais.

Knowing that my husband loves the smell of these products, I immediately hid them in the laundry room.  So selfish, I know.  But hey…if you could smell these products then you would want to hog them, too.  They are lightly scented with an Australian Sandalwood scent that I just can’t describe with any other word but “uh-mazing!”
These products not only smell wonderful, but they work like a charm.  I simply pump a rough estimate of what I think is two capfuls worth of the detergent into a full load of laundry.  I also squeeze about 4 capfuls of the fabric softener into a full load.  Our laundry comes out clean and smelling like a dream. 

How many of you use a special brand of laundry products for your little one’s clothes?

The Aden+Anais laundry detergent ($22.95) and fabric softener ($19.95) are free of petroleum, dyes, SLS, harsh chemicals, phthalates and tallow which make them perfectly safe for those little bodies.  They were formulated with the help of The Laundress New York, who is known for their eco-friendly laundry care and cleaning products.


Seriously, you’ve got to try these products.  I’ve heard nothing but great things from others that have tried their products and I’m sure you won’t have a bad thing to say, either.
To purchase your own bottles of these fabulous laundry products, head over to the Aden+Anais website and add them to your cart today.
Or check out their Store Locator to find a retailer near you.
Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products to facilitate my review.  My opinion and experience is completely my own and may differ from yours.

Earth Friendly Baby Products Review

Most of you know how much I love all of the products Lansinoh has to offer.  I’ve been using their Lanolin, breast milk storage bags, Thera-Pearl and even their straw cup from their mOmma line.  Little did I know, they have a line called Earth Friendly Baby.
I was fortunate enough to be sent a variety of the Earth Friendly Baby/Kids products.  My family loves the relaxing organic lavender shampoo & body wash the most.
This shampoo & body wash smells uh-mazing!  Yes, I just said that.  The organic lavender smell is so calming and relaxing.  I even use it in my bubble baths.  It is hypoallergenic and developed to be extremely gentle for baby.  You can visit the Earth Friendly Baby website for the ingredients list.  But I will just tell you, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or detergents.  You can find their shampoo & body wash in three different scents:  organic lavender, organic chamomile and organic mandarin.
Another product that we have grown to love is the Earth Friendly Baby organic red clover diaper care cream.  This cream works like a charm on my daughter’s rashy bottom.  It is made from 100% naturally-derived ingredients.  Red clover is used as an anti-inflammatory, while the beeswax, zinc and vegetable oils sooth your babies uncomfortable skin.  It is unscented to minimize the risk of skin irritation.  This product sounds like it would go on red because of it’s name, but it actually goes on white, like most diaper rash ointments.
Just in time for potty training, we were sent the Earth Friendly Kids gentle, flushable wipes.  These things are awesome.  They are great for sticky hands on-the-go.  We have a pack in each bathroom, car and diaper bag.  The soothing organic Aloe Vera is great for my daughter’s little bottom.  It makes it so much easier for me to help her clean her little bottom after using the potty.  These, too, are hypoallergenic.  They are alcohol free and contain no added fragrance.  
Other Products:
Besides the great products listed above, Earth Friendly Baby also offers bubble baths, body lotions, daily care cream, cleansing bars, biodegradable nappie sacks and massage oil.

Exederm Baby Skin Care Review

Eczema or dermatitis is a common condition that causes dry, irritated skin.  It often appears as a red patch-like rash that can be extremely itchy.  The condition tends to flare-up when a person is exposed to certain trigger factors, such as dry skin, irritants, allergens, stress, heat or sweating.
Some helpful tips to help minimize eczema are:
  • Moisturize frequently
  • Wear soft cotton fabrics, avoid wool
  • Stay cool in summer, humidify in winter
  • Bathe with warm rather than hot water
  • Avoid chemical irritants or triggers
  • Rinse off shampoo & conditioners
  • Minimize stress
I am personally very sensitive to certain chemicals that come in contact with my skin.  These days, many well known skin care products contain ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin, especially for those with eczema or dermatitis.  I seem to have reactions to certain beauty products, hair products and laundry care products.  I love all of those amazing scents, but unfortunately can’t always use them.
I typically have to stay away from products that contain strong fragrances, artificial colors and harsh chemicals.  I also have to watch out for sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) which is in so many of my everyday products.  I find it in shampoos, body washes and foaming hand soaps.  SLS is the product that makes your products lather up.  I found that using a shampoo that is low in sulfates helps keep my itchy, rashy skin a little calmer.  Also, I have to use conditioner that is low in silicone.
Childhood Eczema
As many as 10% to 20% of children in the USA suffer from eczema.  The exact cause of eczema is not known.  However if there is a history of eczema, asthma or hay fever in the family, your child is more likely to develop one of these conditions.  You can read more about Eczema on at
My Solution
When I had my daughter, I was really praying she wouldn’t get my bumpy, sensitive skin.  But, sure enough, she did.  Her arms are bumpy just like mine.  The trick to keeping both my daughter’s and my own bumps under control is by using gentle cleansing products and lots of moisture.
We recently tried a couple of products from the Exederm Ultra Sensitive Skincare line.  We tried Exederm’s intensive baby moisturizer and cleansing baby bath..  This stuff is awesome.  These products are made with the mildest ingredients and don’t contain fragrance, color or dyes, parabens, lanolin, SLS, propylene glycol, formaldehyde or phthalates!  It’s a little strange to use a product without any scent at all, but I know it’s for the best.
The Exederm cleansing baby bath is color free, paraben free, fragrance free and SLS free.  It doesn’t foam up like some of my daughter’s other bath products do because it doesn’t contain SLS.  Like I stated before, SLS is what makes our products foam up and is also a big-time irritant to sensitive skin.  Cost is $12.99 for an 8 oz pump bottle.
The Exederm intensive baby moisturizer is so light but ultra moisturizing.  It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on your skin.  It feels very soothing to dry, itchy skin.  Cost is $14.99 for a 4 oz. container.
I highly recommend anyone with eczema or sensitive skin try the Exederm products.  *They aren’t just for babies.*  
Exederm has a whole line of adult skincare products, too.  
You can check them out at

Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products to facilitate my review.  My opinion is honest and my own.

TruKid Bubbly Body Wash Review

My little girl is starting to love bubbles in her baths.  While her bath water is running, we pump a few squirts of the TruKid all natural Bubbly Body Wash in the water and watch the bubbles build.  The TruKid Bubbly body wash is made with a coconut derived cleanser that removes the day’s dirt and oil without stripping the good oils from your sensitive skin.  
The TruKid body wash comes out clear and has a light citrus scent.  I like that the scent doesn’t clash with her shampoo.  I really love how well this body wash lathers up.  A little goes a long way which is fantastic for saving money!  
My daughter has never had a reaction to this body wash.  She has pretty sensitive skin and has some pretty bad breakouts from other skincare products.  If you’re child has a sensitivity to scents or dyes then the TruKid body might be a great choice.  Here is the list of ingredients used in this bubble-fun bath product:
Purified water, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, sodium laurylglucosides hydroxypropyl sulfonate (sugar), sodium cocoyl methyl taurate (coconut), oleyl betaine (palm), decyl glucoside (plant), glycerin (vegetable), glycine soja (soy) protein, citric acid (citrus), soyamidopropalkonium chloride (soy), guar hydroxypropyl trimonium chloride (guar bean), pathenol (pro-vitamin B5), sodium benzoate (salt of benzoic acid), ethylhexylglycerin (vegetable), citrus grandis (grapefruit) peel oil, citrus junos (yuzu), citrus aurantifolia dulcis (sweet orange) oil
All Organic Ingredients in this product are listed in BOLD
All of the TruKid products have this bright, fun packaging which ads to the fun in the tub!  Kid’s love “fun” looking products.  They have even created this adorable symbol system and labeled their products appropriately so kids can quickly see which product is for their hair, hands, body, face, lips or if it needs to be applied by a parent.

A Little About TruKid:  “When founder and mother of six, Jennifer Adams Bunkers, created TruKid, there weren’t a whole lot of children’s products on the market for her to choose from, and a lot of the stuff out there was chemical-filled and unhealthy, or smelled “yucky”, according to her kids. Jennifer always felt hesitant to use those products on her children. One day, she found two of her kids playfully applying her wrinkle cream. She realized that a concoction used to zap crows’ feet probably wasn’t suitable for their youthful skin, so she set out to create products for her kids. Using only natural ingredients, and essential oils to make scents that children love, she created an easy system, made up of products accompanied with fun educational activities, so kids could learn how to take care of themselves. The rest as they say, was [TruKid™] history.”  Read more HERE.

TruKid offers so many different products from kids bath and body products to sunscreen and adult skincare products.  For a full list of products offered by TruKid visit
To stay up to date on the latest news and information from TruKid, Follow the TruKid Blog HERE;
The TruKid Bubbly Body Wash will cost you about $8.99.  This is incredibly cheap compared to some of the other all natural bath products I’ve seen and tried.  I applaud TruKid for their fabulous prices.  You can purchase the body wash in a three pack right now for $24.00 in the TruKid Shop HERE.  Perfect for all of the kids in your family for the Holidays!

Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product to facilitate my review.  My opinion is honest and my own.

Baby Magic Review

Recently, I got word that Baby Magic was having a 4th of July baby photo contest.  I had never entered any of my pictures into a contest before and I just happened to have taken a bunch of 4th of July pictures of my baby, Charlotte.  I decided to enter the contest and Charlotte ended up winning the grand prize which was a large gift basket full of Baby Magic products.  Here is her winning photograph:

To be completely honest, I had heard about baby magic products but had never thought to try them.  I am so glad we were sent this huge gift basket full of products because we are absolutely in LOVE with them!
Our gift basket is the one in the back of the picture below.  The 4 runners up received the smaller baskets:

My new favorite product is the Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash.  There are many times when we skip bath time because my daughter is too tired or times when she is a little dirty but doesn’t need a full wipe down.  This no-rinse wash is amazing.  It comes out as a foam and you can just rub a little onto your child’s hair or skin.  I have to admit I have used it on my own hands.  It’s great to keep in the car!
We were sent the Baby Magic Calming Baby Lotion which smells so good!  The Lavender and Chamomile fragrance is so calming.  We have incorporated this product into our daughter’s night time routine.  
Our daughter recently started mimicking me while I was putting lotion on my arms so I started giving her her own little dab of lotion at night to rub on herself.  After a few “not so yummy” taste tests she finally figured out it goes on her skin.  It’s adorable!
 Our daughter happened to have diaper rash at the very time that our gift package arrive so we used the Diaper Rx on her.  I am usually an a&d Ointment user but I love the Baby Magic Diaper Rx so much more.  It protects her skin, seals out wetness and has 28% zinc oxide to heal her.  This instantly soothed her diaper rash and kept it from coming back.
 The Original Scent Gentle Baby Lotion leaves our baby smelling fresh & clean for hours and hours.  Mommy even uses it, too! 🙂   It’s enriched with vitamins and aloe so we feel good about putting it on her skin.  The lotion is also gluten free, in case you have a gluten allergy.
We are in love with the Dustless Baby Powder.  What a great idea!  A baby powder that doesn’t make a mess.  It comes in this cute little compact with some cotton pads for application.  Baby Powder lovers have got to get their hands on this!

The Baby Magic Fresh Baby Scent Soothing Jelly is great for preventing diaper rash and irritation.  It soothes chaffed skin, is Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested.  It can even replace your normal lip balm.  It’s super easy to apply and even has a nice smell.

Here are some important facts about Baby Magic Products:
  • Baby Magic has been around since the 1950’s
  • They don’t use quaternium-15 as an ingredient in any of their products. (Quaternium-15: A preservative that may release formaldehyde into a product, which is a known carcinogen)
  • They don’t use 1,4-dioxane in their manufacturing process. (1,4-dioxane is considered a chemical “known to the State of California to cause cancer.”)
  • Their products are Paraben Free 
  • Their products are DMDM Free (an antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser preservative)
  • They are cruelty free
  • Their products are hypoallergenic
  • Their products are MADE IN THE USA!  
I would like to send a big Thank You to Baby Magic for sending us this great prize pack!

Baby Magic is sponsoring a giveaway with 2 prizes: 1 Lucky reader will win their own No-Rinse Baby Wash; And another lucky reader will win 1 bottle of Lavender & Chamomile Calming Baby Lotion.  Thanks Baby Magic for this generous giveaway!  Contest is open to US only.  Enter using Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

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