Goodbye Stubborn Belly Fat

Bowl of Oats

I think we all have our concerns with our body. And for a lot of women, it can be that belly fat that just won’t go. Whether it’s occurred after having a baby or down to eating too many high-fat foods, it can make you feel less attractive when it’s sitting above your jeans. But there are some ways to rid it from your life. In fact, here is how to say goodbye to stubborn belly fat for good.


Eat small and often rather than large meals

A lot of people make the mistake of eating large meals in the evening. But when you do put a large amount of food in your body, it’s likely to end up sitting around your belly. After all, your stomach finds it hard to shift large amounts of weight. And then you will find you will soon become bloated and will have to deal with belly fat. Therefore, if you want to reduce that stubborn fat, it’s time to cut down on your meals. It would be a good idea to cut your portion size in half to ensure you don’t have belly fat. After all, a lot of us are eating way too much in one go. In fact, you should work out how many calories you are currently consuming! And to notice a significant difference, you should also stick to eating small and often, rather than large meals. After all, it will give your stomach time to digest the food properly. And you are less likely to snack between meals. After all, you will be full so are less likely to pick up those sugary snacks!

Start eating more protein in your diet

You might be surprised to know that a lack of protein could be the reason why you are facing belly fat. After all, research has proven that eating more of the food group can reduce belly fat! For one thing, protein is great as it can reduce cravings. Therefore, you won’t be grabbing chocolate bars. And it can also boost metabolism so your body can fight the fat quicker. There are many foods which contain protein. Seafood, white meat, and eggs will ensure you stay healthy. And if you want to follow some form of plan that will help you to tone up, you can find out about them online on sites like They can help you to lose belly fat and to tone up at the same time!

Work on tightening those abdomen muscles

Exercise is essential if you want to say goodbye to that stubborn belly fat. After all, as you exercise, you are toning up your body. Therefore, over time you will notice an improvement to your stomach. Of course, to ensure you have the biggest impact, you should work on exercises which specifically target those abdomen muscles. After all, you want to tighten these to ensure you say goodbye to belly fat for good. Look on to find some great exercises to work on those abdominal muscles!

And remember that you need to reduce stress in your life. After all, when you are stressed out, you release more of the hormone cortisol which can cause extra belly fat!

Spring To It! The Post-Winter Workout You Need To Know

Beach Yoga with a Sunset

Winter is finally over and Spring has sprung here in California! That means it’s going to be sunny days and warm temperatures from now on! What’s more, it means that we can now take our workouts out of the gym and we can finally enjoy the fresh air. Ready to make the most of this great season? Here is a fantastic spring workout that will get you ready for the summer!

Get Back Into Jogging

Many people take a break from jogging through the winter. Or, at the very least, they swap running on the open road for pounding their gym’s treadmills. Now that the weather has turned, you’ll find that conditions outside are perfect for jogging outside again. It’ll feel nice and fresh outdoors, and won’t yet be too hot to get you all sweaty! If you haven’t jogged properly for a few months, you should spend some time getting back into the swing of things. Take things too fast too quickly, and you could develop shin splints! Take it nice and easy and don’t push yourself too hard for the first couple of weeks. Once your legs strengthen, you can start to take things up a notch!

Add Some Cycling

If you have trouble with your knees and ankles, you might be a bit wary of all the resistance that comes with jogging. But that’s ok; you can start cycling instead! If you want to go mountain bike, it’s important you get a good quality model. Not sure which to buy? You can always ask in a bike shop or read online reviews of different brands, such as a this Roadmaster bike review. If you find that your cycling workouts get too easy for you, you can always start to go for longer. Once you get more confident on your bike, it’s a good idea to build up speed.

Don’t Forget Core Work

It can be easy to enjoy the good weather a little too much, and just stick to running and jogging. But it is important that you remember to keep up with your core work. You can still visit your gym to do this, but why not make the most of the fine weather, and head outside? You can always do Pilates or Yoga in your garden. Plus, your local park will have plenty of things that you can use in your workouts. For instance, use the monkey bars in the kid’s play area. These are great for pull ups, which work both arm and core muscles.

Don’t Ditch The Gym… Just Yet

Like I said, you might want to stick with the gym, so you have somewhere you can work on your core exercises. But there are some other reasons why you shouldn’t throw your gym membership card just yet! After all, the gym will provide you with a space to work out in when the weather turns bad, and it starts to rain. You certainly won’t want to be outside then!

Spring’s a great time to get fit, and this workout plan should help you on your fitness journey!

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Get Fit Faster With A Home Gym

home gym - weights

If you are someone who wants to retain a certain physical fitness level, then you are not alone. Fitness is itself a big industry, and it’s easy to see why: a lot of people are keen on keeping a certain shape, and for some it can even become slightly addictive. If you find that you are sick and tired of the same old gym, however, then you might want to start thinking about your alternatives.

One idea which is growing in popularity in recent years is that of building your own gym in the home. Home gyms have a few distinct advantages – no more waiting in traffic to get to your workout, no more being stared at by strangers. But there is a lot to think about if you want to build a home gym, especially one to be proud of. Let’s take a look at some of the things you might want to consider.


Finding Space

First things first, you are going to need a decently sized space in your home for your gym. This might not sound like too much of a hassle, but it depends. You need to get very clear on what it is that you actually want in your gym. Home gyms vary hugely, and you might have a different idea to your neighbor.

Figuring out exactly what you want is going to be vital if you want to find the perfect space for your gym. Once you are clear on that, you will need to try and clear some space in the home. Of course, this depends hugely on your home and what your layout is like, so nobody can really tell you what to do here. But you should make sure that you have enough space for all of your equipment to fit in comfortably, but without intruding on anyone else’s space. For most average sized homes, somewhere like a garage might well suffice for building a home gym.


Plotting It Out

As well as finding the perfect space, you also need to be able to plan it out as well as you can. This means that you need to know exactly where everything is going to go. This might not seem all that important, but believe me – it makes a huge difference. If you don’t properly plan out the space, then it will be all too easy to find yourself running out of space when the time comes to actually build the gym. So draw it up on paper if necessary, and figure out what the best layout of all the equipment is likely to be. You need plenty of space between each equipment so that you don’t feel too cramped, and you ideally want each one to be its own point of centre by itself. Spend as much time as you need to plotting it out; it really does make a huge difference to the finished product.

Which Equipment?

Everybody has their own favorites when it comes to choosing equipment, so you are probably well aware of what you would choose to include in your gym. Still, you might want to go back to the drawing board and see if you can decide finally what your ultimates would be. There is always a chance that you have forgotten one or two classic essentials which you definitely want, so it is worth looking into.


You might also want to think about shopping around for the best possible products of each example. It helps, a lot of the time, to read as many reviews as you can, ideally from highly reputable sources. For example, this full review of the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a good example of the kind you might want to take on board when you are making your decisions. Spend your time, choose wisely, and you should end up with exactly what you want for your own indoor gym.

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The Medicine We Don’t Know About

superfood abstract (wheatgrass, acai berry, goji berry, falx seed,chia seed,goldenberry,hemp seed, quinoa grain) - a set of measuring scoops with la letterpress text against rustic wood

There are so many products out on the market nowadays to do with our health that it can be hard to know where to begin. We rarely know exactly what we want to change when it comes to our lifestyle and bodies; usually it’s a general idea, but so many items are aimed at specifics nowadays that it can be a minefield. 

You can walk into a store with a general perception of what we want, and walk out arms laden having spent a couple of hundred of dollars, having all of these things which can increase our metabolism, strengthen our stamina and promise hangover-free days following a night out from drinking … when all you wanted was something to perk you up in the daytime. So what can we look out for to get us to where we really need to be?

Woman dancing happily in a field with rays of sunshine


The most obvious option out there. Water is a miracle in itself. It helps to give us life, it sustains us, helps us to concentrate, gets our organs working … whatever the problem is, water is often the solution when it comes to our health. We need to be drinking a lot more of it. Take the amount that you’re drinking now and double it, and you may just come close. There are some pretty nifty products out on the market such as the bottle and app found on which will help you to monitor your consumption. It doesn’t have to be hard, and water is one of the most accessible things that we are lucky enough to have in first-world countries – so why aren’t we making more use of it? Get a good few liters inside you every day and feel the benefits. You will start to feel more energized, more alert and your concentration levels should be back somewhere around the point that they should be operating at.



Everyone has surely heard about the benefits of adding superfoods to your diet, but few know exactly what they are. These foods are packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to help you boost your immune system and fend off any untoward illnesses that may occur. Chances are that you are already including some into your diet without realizing; kale, salmon and blueberries are all terrific examples of superfoods, amongst many others. It’s not hard to get them into your diet once you know what they are, and the benefits of eating them are tremendous.



The old adage is that laughter is the best form of medicine, but it could be doing more for your health than you think. Not only does it burn around 40 calories if you’re laughing for 10 – 15 minutes a day (and who wouldn’t want to aim for that amount?!) but it is great for relaxing the body and naturally releasing endorphins and antibodies into the immune system that will help to lower the risk of heart disease. So get your happy head on and start doing something funny – it’s your health that’s demanding it!

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Picking Yourself Up When You’re Feeling Down

sunset yoga woman on sea coast

It’s perfectly normal to have days that don’t go as planned or mornings when you wake up lacking energy, motivation, and enthusiasm. Nobody can be blissfully happy and full of beans every single day. The worry is that sometimes, bad days become more commonplace than good days, and often, we don’t realize or want to realize, that this is a problem. It can be easier to try and bury our heads and hope that things will get better. If you are feeling down, there are self-help therapies and treatments you can try.

Learning how to detect mental health conditions

It’s common to have days when you feel low. What’s not so normal is to have to endure weeks or even months of feeling down or experiencing prolonged periods of despair or sadness. It’s not normal to be anxious when faced with scenarios that would usually be completely harmless or to find it virtually impossible to predict or control your moods. If you have symptoms that last a long time or severe symptoms, it’s wise to seek advice. If you sprained your ankle or hit your head, you’d probably visit a doctor and get it checked out. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have the same reaction when it comes to mental health.

If you’re struggling to get up in the mornings, you can’t sleep, your moods are changing all the time, or you’ve become isolated or withdrawn, reach out for help. You may feel alone, but there are people out there willing to help. If you can’t get to a clinic or you’re worried about seeing a doctor face to face, services like Babylon Health offer assistance over the phone. You can video chat or live message to get more information about your symptoms, and hopefully, find some effective solutions.

Self-help methods to lift your mood

Whether you have a mental illness or you’re just having one of those days, it’s good to have some self-help techniques in the locker. Everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another, but it’s worth trying some methods and seeing how you get on. Exercise is a proven stress-buster, and it can also trigger the release of serotonin and endorphins, which boost your mood. It’s also a great way to distract your mind and give you a different focus. Some people also find meditation very helpful, and creative activities can also enable you to process and express your feelings and emotions. Spending time with friends or even giving your cat or dog a cuddle can also make you feel better.

If you have a mental health condition, you may be prescribed medication or advised to have counseling or therapy. These self-help methods can work effectively alongside medical treatments.

When you’re feeling down, you need something to pick you up. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of smiling or laughing or taking some time to clear your mind or relax on a hectic or stressful day. In other cases, there’s an underlying cause, and you may need long-term or intensive treatment. If you are worried about your mental health, don’t be afraid to seek advice, just as you would for a physical illness. There are treatments out there that you can try, and lots of things you can do at home to try and lift you up and help you cope from day to day.

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Are Carbs Really The Enemy?

Bread with wheat and ears

When you decide you’re on a mission to lose weight, what do you sacrifice first? In most households, bread and pasta are the first items to be scrapped off the weekly shopping list. Over the course of the last few years, carbohydrates have developed something of a bad reputation, but is it really warranted, and are carbs every dieter’s enemy?  If you’re trying to slim down, here’s some useful information about carbohydrates.

What exactly are carbs?

Carbohydrates, or carbs as they have become affectionately known, are foods that are predominantly used to fuel your body. The trouble with vilifying carbs is that carbohydrates are a vast food group, which incorporates a huge variety of different foods. Some aren’t hugely beneficial for you, but others are. Under the umbrella, you’ll find simple sugars, but you’ll also find items like whole grain pasta, rice, and bread, which can offer your body plenty of nutrients. Carbohydrates are used for energy, but many foods are also good sources of fiber, which is essential for healthy digestion.

Are carbs really the enemy?

In our society, carbohydrates have taken on the role of the dieter’s nemesis. Diets that restrict carb intake, such as the Atkins and Dukan diets, became very popular a few years ago, and since then, many people have been worried about including foods like pasta, rice, and cereals in their diet.

The truth of the matter is that reducing your intake of carbohydrates can help you to lose weight if you’re used to consuming the ‘wrong’ types of foods, and you take in more calories than you use. If you eat a lot of sugary foods, for example, you’ll find that adopting a low-carb diet will produce results on the scale. Likewise, if you’re used to tackling giant portions of pasta piled high with processed meat and cheese, switching to low carb recipes like those on will help you to lose weight. Although reducing your intake of carbs can have a positive impact, it’s important to understand that cutting out carbohydrates can also be detrimental to your health.

It’s worth noting that when you make healthy changes to your diet, it’s not just about cutting down on carbs. Many meals that include carbohydrates also contain fatty foods. Take a spaghetti Bolognese, for example. If you cut out the cheese and swap beef for turkey, you’ll reduce the calorie count dramatically without having to give up pasta. You can make your favorite meal even better by substituting spaghetti for whole grain pasta. For more healthy food swaps, take a look at

The key is to enjoy everything in moderation and learn which types of foods are most beneficial for your body. Losing weight is also not just about eating well. It’s also about using the energy you take on board. If you exercise frequently, you won’t necessarily gain weight just because you have a sandwich or a stir fry with rice for your dinner.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may dread seeing other people munching on a plate of pasta or indulging in a baguette in front of you. Carbs have a bad name, but they’re not bad for you. If you make the right choices, you can still enjoy carbohydrates and lose weight at the same time.Vote For Me @ The Top Mommy Blogs Directory Vote For Me @ The Top Mommy Blogs Directory


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Self Diagnosis: Stop Playing With Your Health

medical bag

Since the dawn of time people have worried about their health. From concerns over a funny heart beat, to feeling dizzy or just a constant feeling of tiredness. When we feel unwell we head out to the doctor. At least, that is what we used to do. Things have changed a little now we have the Internet. Google has given us all the power of a degree in medicine and we are diagnosing our own ills and the illness of our nearest and dearest. 

Lego Doctor
Let’s make it clear from the offset that self diagnosis is not a good thing. Whilst it can be great, after a doctor tells you what is wrong with you, to use the Internet and research your illness, it is never a good idea to decide you have something without being confirmed by a doctor. In fact you may find you are worrying over something huge, when in reality it is something really simple.There is a question that professors put to their students when they are in medical school. If you hear the sound of hooves running up your street, do you expect zebras or horses? The point of the question is to make the students realize that often, it is the most simple and obvious answer when it comes to diagnosis. Yes, there is a chance it could be a freak break out from the local zoo and when you look out of your door you will see a herd of zebra. It is, however, more likely to be cattle or horses. This is a good thing to remind yourself if you are sitting on the Internet looking up your symptoms.

Of course, saying all that, using the Internet to help take care of your health is a convenient and smart thing to do, however you should be using sites such as which provides you with direct access to doctors who can help you identify when you need to get professional help or when you can relax a little and just order a subscription online.

Self diagnosis is a great way of getting yourself anxious and primed for a panic attack. You may also go the opposite way and decide you are worrying about nothing, when in reality you could be delaying a diagnosis which could save your life, such as with ovarian cancer.

Another issue is using the Internet to diagnose someone else. Perhaps you are struggling with a particularly difficult partner, after a few days on google you could convince yourself they are suffering from a personality disorder. This isn’t healthy for your relationship and you aren’t going to improve anything by presenting your partner with an Internet diagnosis suggesting they have mental health issues.If you feel anything is wrong, even if it is something really subtle, don’t delay it. Head to your doctor and get some advice. We shouldn’t take chances with our bodies. There are very few doctors who will mind you coming in, especially if you are worried and most of them will be happier if you leave with nothing wrong with you at all.

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Top Tips For Beautifully Healthy Teeth

An intrinsic aspect of beauty is healthy, shiny white teeth, and it’s been that way for centuries. Historically, healthy looking teeth meant that their owner could afford the high cost of having all of their teeth removed and replaced by false teeth made from ivory or wood. These days it isn’t quite so drastic, but teeth are still a big part of our beauty regimes. They’re on show whenever we smile and talk, and we want them to make a good impression. 

Many aspects of our day to day life have a dramatic impact on the health and color of our teeth; it’s not just as simple as brushing them twice a day. Here are a few top tips for getting the sparkling white smile that we see on the red carpet, and keeping it that way.

Adopt a great brushing routine

Of course, brushing and flossing your teeth is a crucial part of maintaining their health. It removes the buildup of plaque or bacteria which can cause gum disease and tooth decay, leading to tooth loss which doesn’t exactly lend itself to a bright, glistening smile. It also goes some way to remove the staining that teeth endure throughout our lives as a result of our diets, smoking, or drinking. The toothpaste you use will also have an impact on this – if you’re going for the bright white smile, try a whitening toothpaste, which contains ingredients to dissolve the stains and bring out the whiteness.

Consider your diet

The food you eat has a major impact on the health of your teeth. A diet full of crunchy fruit and veggies is far better for your teeth than a diet full of candy and chips. This is for multiple reasons, firstly, the crunch from veggies like carrots and celery actually help to scrape the plaque off your teeth between brushing, which keeps your breath fresh and your teeth white.

Vegetables are also preferred as candy and chips can be terrible for the health of your teeth. The sugar in the candy lends itself to tooth decay and gum disease, and chips can get stuck in tiny gaps in your teeth, making the perfect meal for bacteria which can ultimately end in tooth decay too. Eating fruit and veggies is just far better for the overall health of your mouth. A word of warning, though – just be careful not to eat too many acidic citrus fruits, as the acid will corrode the enamel leaving you vulnerable to decay. If you eat citrus fruit, drink some water to keep the acid flushed out.

Avoid staining foods

Foods and drinks are also prone to staining teeth over longer periods of time. There are some great teeth whitening kits available on the market, but avoiding consuming too much of these staining foods can really help in the first place. Caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee are some of the worse culprits, along with red wine and cigarettes. Keep these to a minimum, and the pearly whites are all yours.

Protect the enamel

The enamel in your teeth is the top coating. It keeps all the softer, more vulnerable material covered up, and acts as a barrier for any bacteria or bugs which want to try to corrode the teeth. Keeping this enamel in good condition is the key to white, healthy teeth. Foods which contain high levels of calcium, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt help the enamel to replenish and stay strong. It’s even said that cheese helps to clear stains off teeth too. Avoid foods which could compromise the strength of the enamel, such as sugary or acidic foods, as once the enamel is gone the tooth is on a one-way journey to decay.

Bring out their natural whiteness

Certain things will encourage your teeth to become naturally whiter. Many people swear by rubbing baking soda into their teeth occasionally, or rinsing their mouths out with apple cider vinegar. These help to neutralize any problems, kill bacteria, and remove any problematic plaque.

See your hygienist regularly

Your dentist and hygienist are the key to healthy, white, and beautiful teeth. They will be able to discuss your oral hygiene routine with you, and advise on the best course of action for your teeth while considering your lifestyle, family history, and dental history. A regular deep clean from your hygienist will also help to eradicate any build up before it becomes problematic, meaning it should never spiral out of control.

Good oral hygiene and a healthy diet are the key to shiny white teeth, so make those positive changes today.

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Migraines Can Be A Real Headache

For those who have never suffered a migraine, they’re viewed as a kind of headache. But migraines tend to be a lot worse than headaches because of their ability to disable the person suffering from them. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, around 2 percent of people in the US suffer from chronic, recurrent migraines that can leave them out of action for days or weeks at a time.

Chronic migraines are officially defined as headaches that occur on more than fifteen days every month. Migraines aren’t the result of psychological problems, but physiological issues in the body itself. The causes of migraines are still a little unclear, but they appear to be both genetic and environmental. Migraine sufferers often have parents who suffered from the same conditions, and there is a genetic predisposition in the family. Other causes of migraines including excessive caffeine consumption, a lack of magnesium in the diet, strange sleep patterns and stress.

If you suffer from regular migraines or headaches, it can ruin your life. The good news is that there are ways that you can fight back against migraines and improve your outlook. Here’s what to do.

Try Relaxation Exercises

Studies have suggested that a primary cause of migraines is stress. This is why so many experts recommend that people engage in some form of relaxation exercise. Relaxation exercises can take many forms, including yoga, meditation, and progressive relaxation. Many people also try biofeedback – a type of computerized relaxation therapy. The evidence suggests that all forms of relaxation training are equally helpful in reducing the incidence of migraines.

Apply For Social Security Disability

According to, people who suffer from chronic migraines can apply for social security disability benefits, since migraines are considered a disability. This shouldn’t come as any surprise since migraines prevent people from doing work and being productive. Benefits law is complicated, but if you’re struggling to make an income because of migraines, you may be entitled to financial support.

Avoid Your Food Triggers

If you suffer from migraines but know the foods that cause them, consider yourself lucky: you’re quickly able to identify and then avoid foods that cause you pain. For instance, if you notice you get migraines soon after drinking a glass of wine, then you know that wine is one of your triggers and that you should avoid it if you can.

Other common food triggers include monosodium glutamate (MSG for short) – a type of salt included in many savory and umami foods – as well as chocolate, thanks to the stimulants it contains.

Try Supplementing

Migraines could also be caused by a deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. Many people report an easing of symptoms after taking fish oil, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and CoQ10.

Stick To A Sleep Schedule

Disruptions to your sleep schedule can also have adverse effects on your brain which can then lead to migraines. recommends that people go to bed and wake up at the same time, including at weekends.

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A Mindset Is A Terrible Thing To Waste…

Addiction is something everyone battles with to some degree. It all depends on the severity of what we are battling against. Addiction to gambling or alcohol can tear a family apart while smoking is hazardous to your health and to your wallet. Or there are many self-confessed chocoholics in the world. Whatever your vice, if you need to get out of it, it is all about one thing, and that is your mindset. The reason we crave certain substances or foods is because of triggers that set off something in our mind. This is why mindset is so important. Let’s delve into it a bit more.

You may have seen many seminars online that talk about “mind over matter” and positive affirmations and all that stuff. Well, it usually sounds like that practice of some Zen Buddhist but not for us “normal” types. To go into some basic science behind this, the fact of the matter is, your brain cannot tell the difference between reality and fiction! You can! But your brain can’t tell the difference between something that is happening and something that you’re thinking
Don’t believe me? 
Recall a horrible experience you had, and don’t the feelings come rushing back to you? Exactly! This is why something like positive self-talk is a massive tool to use in your methods to overcoming addiction. Motivational speakers, politicians, and film stars all use this type of technique to overcome mental obstacles for this very reason. 
If you’re reading this thinking “I can’t give up that easily” or “I’ve tried already, and it doesn’t work” then this is purely a mindset issue. The notion of the self-fulfilling prophecy springs to mind here! To further point out the impact a good mindset has, Cancer Control Research Institute published a paper in 2006 about the effectiveness of giving up smoking. There were two groups. One gave up gradually, and one went cold turkey. Amazingly, it’s the cold turkey approach that proved to be the most effective in giving up smoking. This goes to show that once you are into a certain mindset, it is incredibly instrumental in your habits. If you start to begin a period of talking to yourself out loud and using positive affirmations, this will be a good beginning to overcoming addiction.

While the cold turkey is a strong approach to giving up something for good, the stresses of modern life mean that we can relapse quickly. We are having a bad day, and then we reach for the chocolate or sugary drink to give us a fix. And the modern way of life is must faster than it was 20 or 30 years ago, and is completely unrecognizable when you compare it to 100 years ago! 

We now have to work so many jobs to keep ourselves afloat financially, and so we don’t have time for cooking healthy and nutritious meals, which means we reach for the convenience foods like pizza and ready meals. It’s just a habit of life that we get into nowadays. But it’s in these types of scenarios that making a drastic change in our lifestyle doesn’t seem to work properly. We get stressed too easily now, and things like social media are causing this because we are seeing idealized versions of other people’s lives and we feel like we are missing out, which gives us acute anxiety symptoms that can build up over time. Add this to a job that is stressful and takes up most of your time anyway, you can’t help but reach for things that make you feel good, like sugar and dopamine (which you get a “hit” from by going on your smartphone). This leaves you in a difficult cycle to break out of. 
This is where lifestyle comes into play. It’s all about making a cycle that is not unhealthy. So for something like smoking, you can make the change from cigarettes to e-cigarettes or vapes. As it provides a nicotine hit and is something that still has all the manifestations of smoking, the physicality, the social aspect of smoking outdoors, but without the unhealthiness of actual cigarettes. There are companies like Aspire who sell vapes and other products, and you can see their ecigs online. E-cigarettes are incredibly popular now as an alternative to real cigarettes the reason is because the whole “feeling” of it is not that far removed from the original practice. 
It’s all about tricking your mind. This is why something like portion control works in respect of the size of your cutlery. The actual practice of eating takes that much longer, and with smaller plates, it looks like a bigger meal than it actually is, so your satiety hormone, leptin, is hit quicker. It’s all in the mind.

So what can you do to help your mind function that much better in the act of giving up something? Well, in terms of diet, you would be surprised to hear that fat is proving to be the tool in fighting this battle! Fat is not the enemy that we once thought it was, and many scientists like Dr. David Perlmutter have written books on how you can use fat to turn off your hunger hormone, ghrelin. You may have seen many people talk about how they have a high percentage of fat in their diet, about a 70% ratio to 15% protein and just 5% carbohydrates, and yet they lose a massive percentage of their body fat. Diet and addiction used to mean that you had to starve yourself or go without, and now with these revelations that fat is not the enemy it once was, it makes dieting and changing your health a much easier thing to do.

Whatever the addiction you may have, the fact is that there is one tool you have that can help you beat it. Mindset is such a complex subject, and it warrants a lot of further research into it, but the phrase “it’s all in the mind” always comes up. This is because it is your obstacle, and your tool, to getting over any type of addiction.

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