Forgot to Buy a Gift? Don’t Panic!

woman holding a gift

Uh-oh. A special occasion is coming up very soon, and you’ve forgotten to buy someone a gift. It’s been on your to-do list for a while, but it just slipped your mind. Maybe you even know exactly what they want, but you’re not sure you have enough time to get it now. If you don’t give them something they’ll love, you’re going to be in big trouble. However, perhaps you only have a day or two to get what them something perfect. What can you do to rescue the situation, and save yourself too? Before you give up in despair and accept your fate, try these last-minute saves.


Hunt Down Sold-out Tickets

Sometimes, the perfect gift is tickets to an event. But if you haven’t been on the ball, it could be too late to get hold of some. Or the ones that are left might not be great. If you need to get sold-out tickets, you can almost always find them online. The problem is, they’re often at extremely inflated prices. Fortunately, there are more affordable options. For example, you can get tickets for Broadway shows at Ticket Liquidator at more reasonable prices. Another option is to look for people who are happy to sell tickets they can no longer use at face value. For example, search the hashtag for the show on Twitter, and you may find someone offering tickets.

Get Express Delivery

You’ve found the perfect gift, but you can only buy it online, and you’re meant to be giving it to someone tomorrow. If you choose the right seller and you order on time, you should be able to get their gift in the morning. Many retailers offer one-day delivery if you order before 12 pm or sometimes later. You can even get same-day delivery with sites like Amazon, as long as the service is offered in your area. Of course, you often have to pay more if you want your order to get to you more quickly.

Use a Placeholder

If there’s no time to get what you want, another option is to use a placeholder. It might not be the real thing, but if the real thing is good enough, it won’t matter. You could tell a little white about the reason you don’t have the gift yet if you don’t want to get in trouble. Or you could come clean and admit that you didn’t buy it in time. Your placeholder could just be a card promising whatever it is you’ve ordered. Or it could be another present to tide your giftee over until their main gift arrives.

Rush Out to the Shops

You’ve still got time for some quick shopping. If you can put some thought into your gift and maybe know a good store or two to visit, you can get them something they’ll love, and they will never know you bought it last minute. Of course, you run the risk of coming home empty-handed. But if you know your giftee well enough, you should be fine.

Before you panic, think about your last-minute gift options. There’s still time to redeem yourself.

How to Master the Art of Giving the Greatest Gifts

As you get older, you start to realize the importance of giving a good gift, rather than receiving one. As you move into adulthood, you tend to get more satisfaction from seeing a gift go down well, rather than receiving a good one yourself during holiday seasons such as Christmas, Ramadan, Eid and Hanukkah where gifts are swapped. With this wanting to give a good gift, however, comes an added stress.

What if they don’t like it? What if it’s a waste of money? Is it too cheesy? What if they just give it as a gift themselves next Christmas? Because of this, the dreaded shop at Christmas can be one that is contemplated over, and even prepared for, for a long time beforehand. To cut down this stress you should aim to remember to make the gifts as personal as possible every time you enter a shop or look online, rather than just looking for ‘stocking stuffers.’

You would probably agree, however, that generally this isn’t an easy task. You can have difficulty gaging a personal gift for somebody that is as close to you as anyone, even your spouse or your parents, simply because you don’t have the same appreciation for things that they do. 

For instance, if you are buying for a loved one who is a keen gardener, and want to get them something to help them with this hobby of theirs, it can be difficult to get them exactly what they need, i.e. a certain type of flower, because you don’t have the same appreciation for the hobby of the area in which they practice it. In this instance, the best thing to do would be to seek as much advice from others who better understand the specific needs and requirements of the receiver (in this case somebody who has the same level of appreciation for having green fingers), so that you can head out in search of gifts with their advice placed firmly in your head (in this case heading over to 
But, there is always the possibility of not being able to find out any of the specific requirements that make the perfect gifts so perfect. If this is the case, then you should seek to work around what you do know. A way to do so could be to pinpoint something that the receiver likes, does in life or uses a lot, and seek to make sure that the time they spend involved with this thing, whatever it is, is bettered. This could be anything from buying them a thick coat if you know that they are set to travel in colder climates — which can be found at — to simply buying them a personalised phone case if they’re always on their phones — of which can be found on Doing so will show them that, even if you haven’t got them exactly what they need, you still tried.

Getting your receiver exactly what they need is a difficult task, but doing all that you can do so should be enough to scratch your gift giving itch. Make sure to check out these other great tips on gift giving.

Gift I Love: 
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Incredible Gifts For Every Kind Of Guy

If you’re hunting for the perfect gift for a guy, you’ve come to the right place! There are loads of ‘guy’ gift guides out there, but what many of them fail to recognize is that there are so many different kinds of guys. Not all of them will love a sport’s car driving day, for example. In this guide, you’re going to find some incredible gifts for every kind of guy. You’re bound to find something for the guy you’re buying for – maybe even a few somethings! Enjoy…

For The Sporty Guy

  • Wireless ear/headphones – these earphones are so much better than the wired kind. You can get your workout done without ripping them out of your ears every five minutes, and the sound quality tends to be just as good! 
  • New trainers – you can never have too many trainers when you’re a sporty guy. They tend to wear out quickly, and even if they don’t, it’s good to have a variety of them! 
  • Sports clothing – there are jogging bottoms, shorts, tops that wick sweat away – so much choice for sporty men in the clothing department. 
  • A subscription to a sport’s magazine – a subscription to a sport’s magazine could be a great gift. It’ll come through the door monthly, which can be a nice surprise! 

For The Musical Guy

  • A Spotify subscription – Spotify is the ultimate music listening app. You can get a 6-12 month subscription, and if they haven’t already got it, it’ll likely change their life. 
  • A musical instrument/lesson – perhaps they can already play an instrument. Buying a new one for them would likely be appreciated. Alternatively, a lesson if they can’t already play could help them to dip their toes in. 
  • Tickets to a gig – tickets to a music gig will give them something to look forward to, and you too if you’re going. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of live music! 
  • A good CD – how about just treating them to a good CD to listen to in the car? 

For The Fashion Loving Guy

  • A cool shirt – the fashion loving guy will always love a new cool shirt, whether it’s from Topman, Ralph Lauren, or Pretty Green. Make sure you know their size and style before you make your decision.
  • A great pair of jeans – great jeans are hard to come by. If you know what they like, treating them to a new pair could save them a ton of money and see them through many seasons. 
  • Designer sunglasses – designer sunglasses last forever and look great with just about any outfit. 

For The Luxury Loving Guy

  • Designer aftershave – you can just smell the difference when it comes to designer aftershave. How about Tom Ford, or another popular designer that seems to be huge at the moment? 
  • A man bag – man bags are no longer something to snigger at. They are practical and a great way for most men to transport the essentials. 
  • Jewelry – some men love to wear jewelry. How about a statement ring, or even looking at Mens Gold Chains by Frost NYC? This will help them to accessorize their outfits and show off their style. 
  • Luxury underwear/socks – luxury underwear and socks are always going to be appreciated. After all, men seem to get holes in absolutely everything ridiculously easily! 

For The Creative Guy

  • Paints – how about introducing the creative guy to a new hobby? You could treat him to a set of quality paint and see what he manages to create. 
  • A good camera – a good camera to take high quality pictures will make all the difference if this person just loves to capture the perfect angle. 
  • A DIY book – A book on DIY may not be something they need if they’re already pretty savvy, but it could definitely give them some tips and inspiration. They might just learn something new! 
  • A new Moleskine notebook – these notebooks are just perfect for jotting down amazing ideas. They’ll never forget anything again! 

For The Romantic Guy

  • A weekend break away – if your guy is a romantic at heart, how about treating him to a weekend away? You can find so many bargain deals online, whether you want to take him to Paris or Iceland. 
  • Flowers – who says guys don’t like flowers? Some do, and this could be a great gift to show them what they mean to you. 
  • A coupon book – a coupon book full of exciting things they can ‘cash in’ with you could be just the thing. This could be breakfast in bed, a massage, and just about anything else you can think of. 
  • A spa weekend – your man may also like to be pampered. The great thing about a gift like this is that you get to spend quality time together! 

For The Funny Guy

  • Tickets to a comedy show – comedy shows hardly ever disappoint, providing your man has even the slightest sense of humor. 
  • A novelty item – why not purchase a novelty item that’s bound to put a smile on their face? 

For The Party Guy

  • A bottle of something special – the party guy usually likes a drink, so how about a bottle of something special? It could be their favorite vodka or gin (which is very trendy these days) or even something a little more luxurious if it’s a special occasion
  • Speakers for house gatherings – the party guy sometimes likes to have get togethers at home, so why not get them some speakers so that they can play their favorite tunes? There are some great portable speakers out there that don’t cost the earth. 
  • Party games – party games can be so much fun. You could get those funny coasters that you clip onto your nose that make you look like a completely different person, or even a game like pie face. The party guy will no doubt be able to turn it into a drinking game. 
  • A cool decanter – a cool decanter filled with their spirit of choice will no doubt look great on the party guy’s table or side. 

For The Pretty Guy

  • Tooth whitening strips – the pretty guy always has white teeth. Bright sparkling white teeth that could easily rival a celebrity! If they usually pay for expensive treatments, buying them tooth whitening strips or kits could help to save them a lot of money, or keep them topped up in between treatments. 
  • A salon treatment – maybe the pretty guy likes to be pampered too. You could buy them a salon voucher for a manicure, pedicure, or even BROtox (botox for men). 
  • A good razor – a good razor is always going to be appreciated. This will help the pretty guy to groom his facial hair to perfection

For The Smart Guy

  • A good book – a good book can be a great gift, and it’s brilliant for those who may be on a budget too. 
  • A typewriter – does your smart guy love to write? Whether they are fond of poems or novellas, buying them a typewriter could give them a fabulous, authentic space to get creative. 
  • A hip flask – smart guys like a drink too, and they’re so smart that they know hip flasks can help to save them money on a night out. 
  • Cool glasses – this isn’t to say that all smart guys wear glasses, but if they definitely have that cute ‘geek chic’ look going on, then a cute pair could be just what they need. 

For The Foodie Guy

  • A luxury hamper – a luxury hamper filled with all kinds of ingredients and ideas for recipes will make the foodie guy love you forever. If their favorite thing to do is experiment with new ingredients, then this is the gift for them. 
  • A meal at a Michelin star restaurant – if you’re feeling fancy, how about taking them out for a meal at a Michelin star restaurant? It’ll be expensive, but your tummies will thank you. 
  • A decorative chopping board – a great gift for the foodie who takes pride in their kitchen. A decorative chopping board can look great and makes a cool little gift. 

For The Gamer Guy

  • An amazing chair – you’ve probably spotted the incredible gamer chairs with surround sound and even vibrations to make the game feel even more realistic. This isn’t a must; you can even buy gamer beanbags that are a little cheaper. Whatever your budget, buying the gamer guy somewhere great to play will make him happy. 
  • A new game – it’s simple enough, but a new game could be the perfect gift for this kind of guy. 
  • A chocolate game controller – on a budget? Some chocolate in the shape of a game controller might just hit the spot. 

Hopefully, you’ve found at least one gift on this list that you can treat the guy in your life to. The key is to get creative, think of the things they love the most, and go from there. You might even want to create a budget to ensure you don’t overspend. Leave your own ideas and thoughts below!

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It’s Okay To Give “Classic” Gifts

It’s often said that it is better to give than to receive with gifts. Sometimes it can be hard to believe this is anything more than propaganda from the gift industry. It’s a saying that makes you keep buying more, chasing that elusive gift-giving high.

Of course, there’s no denying that it’s great to see the smiling face of a gift recipient. But that joy may only last so long, as you suspect their grin might disappear the moment you’re out of sight. “Great,” they sigh. “Another saucepan! I can’t wait to… cook a thing in it…”

Let’s be honest. Gifting is hard. You need to hit the mark on at least three fronts.

  • It needs to be useful, or at least something they want to use. 
  • It needs to be thoughtful. If you give the same gift every year, it tends to scream: “will this do?” 
  • Original. You want to make sure you’re not giving the exact same gifts that everyone else is. 

All of this can bring you to the idea “the classics” are off limits when it comes to gifting. After all, they may be useful, but how original can the classic gifts actually be? As for settling the thoughtful category, well, there is a reason there’s a cliche about distant relatives always giving socks.

The thing is… the classics are The Classics for a reason. When you buy a gift, it might be worth embracing the well-trodden path of The Classics. They can be useful; they can be desired; you can make them wonderful. Not sure how? Well…

Everyone Else Will Be Trying To Be “Innovative”

There’s a lot of competition at play when it comes to buying presents. Everyone wants to be the one that buys the stand out gifts.

However, a lot of “original” gifts are items that look good at first glance and never again after it. Classics like handcrafted leather wallets or personalized necklaces look fantastic and can show a good eye for quality, which means…

They Stand The Test of Time

If you go through everything in your bag, your kitchen, your wardrobe right now, you’ll notice something. Some of the items you have there you’ll have had for several years. That’s because they have stood up to use, are of a high quality, and bring you happiness. A quirky or original gift may raise an initial smile but can easily become useless and discarded at the back of a drawer.

A Classic Gift Is All About The Recipient

It’s nice to be remembered as the person who brought the stand out gift to any celebration.

However; think about that sentence for a minute. You’re not supposed to be the one who stands out. It’s not your occasion and this is not the time for show-stealing. In buying a gift that will be useful and held on to for some time, you will stick in the recipient’s memory after the fact; and that’s far more important. A momentary selfish pleasure – the aforementioned “gifting high” – isn’t going to last, but a well-thought out, considerate gift is.

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Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts For Your Long-Distance Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time for people in long distance relationships. Or, you may want to send some love to a family member that lives far away.  While everyone else is sharing a romantic meal for two and a bottle of bubbly in a candlelit restaurant, you’ve got to make do with a phone call and a distinct sense of longing. But it doesn’t have to be completely empty – there are plenty of ways to make lovely surprises for your significant other, without shelling out for last minute surprise flights.

Send something personal

When you see someone day in, day out, Valentine’s presents can become a bit meaningless. When you’re thousands of miles apart, however, a personalized gift of some sort can be a really thoughtful touch. A handmade card, or much-loved photo of the two of you together in a cute romantic frame is thoughtful, especially when you miss each other. In fact, you could get that photo printed on almost anything, from cushions to coffee mugs, keyrings to food – it’s a really adorable way to remind them that you’re thinking of them.

Have an e-date

When you can’t have a real life date, an e-date might have to suffice, but you can still pull out all the stops. Ensure that they’re set up comfortably with their device ready to use Skype, instruct them to light some candles, and then surprise them with their favorite meal which you have cunningly ordered online. Eat together, listen to music – you could even watch your favorite movie together. As long as you have a fairly good internet connection, an e-date can be almost as good as the real thing, minus the cuddling, unfortunately. It’s the perfect opportunity to get imaginative, have a bit of fun, and show your thoughtful side.

Don’t forget the flowers

Valentine’s Day is nothing without flowers, but the long distance thing can make it a bit more tricky to turn up on their doorstep with ten red roses. Luckily, a few clever souls have solved this problem, and now using an international florist is easier than ever – all you have to do is log on, order your flowers, and they can be delivered anywhere in the world, even where you’re not.

Try making a scrapbook

With all of the memories that you share, why not create a scrapbook of your relationship to date, and post if for them to look through – they’re guaranteed to get misty-eyed over something so thoughtful. Include concert tickets, flight ticket stubs, and even receipts from romantic meals out. As long it has some importance or nostalgic element from your relationship, include it. Your journey together is unique and lovely, and your loved one will appreciate the effort you go to. Include love poems and the lyrics from your favorite songs, if you want to get really sappy.

Being apart on Valentine’s Day can be really tough, but it’s still possible to make it a special day together, celebrating your commitment and love, with just a bit of imagination, and preferably a decent internet connection. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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DIY Valentine’s Craft for Kids – Let Love Grow Succulent Heart Flower Pot

As the class room mom, I try my hardest to come up with unique craft ideas for my daughter’s Kindergarten class.  After browsing around on Pinterest for weeks, I wasn’t able to come up with anything, but the theme “Let Love Grow” was stuck in my head.

For class parties, I ask each parent to donate a minimum of $3 per kid to cover the cost of the edible craft and the art craft.  We typically decorate a cookie or cupcake for the edible craft, which also serves as their food for snack time.  Since we had $30 left over from our last party, we decided not to charge for this year’s Valentine’s party.

Intending on keeping the Valentine’s day craft as cheap as possible, I went down to my local Dollar Tree and found these tiny clay pots, 3/$1.  I also found a large $1 pack of potting soil, glitter foam stickers and hearts on a stick.  My only struggle was finding flowers or succulents in the $1 range.

I remembered that one of my neighbors creates succulent arrangements to sell at local street fairs, so I asked her if she had 27 tiny succulents that I could buy from her in the $1 range.  She absolutely came through with tons of beautiful succulents.

How To

The directions for this “Let Love Grow” succulent heart flower pot craft are pretty easy.  Fill your decorated flower pot with potting soil, place your succulent in the dirt, sprinkle with water, add your heart stick and you’re done!  This is a very simple craft for Kindergarteners that can even be gifted to the parents!

Have fun!  And don’t forget to pin this post!

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Be Mine: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

If you are looking to get your littles something other than candy this year, I’ve got some really cute products to share with you.  I’ve partnered with some of my favorite brands who have sent me some great products to try out.  After going through them all, I have picked out my favorites.

You also might enjoy some of my other Valentine’s articles:
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Seedling Oh Deer Money Box – $8.99

Seedling Diamond Dig – $9.99

Seedling Mini Mushroom Pen – $4.99

Seedling Love Hearts Beading Set – $12.99 

Soapsox Bella in Red – $12.99 
(available at

Haba My Time of the Year Wooden Puzzle – $9.99

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! 100 Piece Deluxe Building Set in Pink – $30.59 
(Buy on Amazon:

Educational Insights Playfoam Designables Princess Necklace – $12.99 
(Buy on Amazon:

Pacific Play Tents Heart Girl Dome Tent – $48.95

Do you normally go all out for your kids on Valentine’s Day or do you stick to something small?

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Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Christmas is over, February is upon us and still we’re experiencing that constant trial: buying gifts for men. With our female friends we can usually play it pretty safe: we can buy perfume or scented candles or we can buy spa days for our mothers – but with the men in our lives, things tend to get a little more difficult. What do they want? Why don’t they talk to us as much as we’d like them to about their interests? Why does your dad keep saying “You don’t have to buy me a birthday present,” even though he knows full well that you will? The men in our lives can be pretty frustrating to buy for, whether it’s your partner, your brother, your best male friend, your dad or your teenage son. Luckily, there’s one thing you can do to make it a whole lot easier on yourself: listen to them carefully. Even if they might not say that much, what they do say will help you decide what to buy them. Once you figure out what they’re interested in, the gift ideas will start flowing from there…


If your gift recipient loves sports and fitness then let’s face it, they’re pretty easy to buy for. Even if they only love watching them then you can go for a new TV package that gives them all the channels they want, or maybe an autobiography about their favourite player or team. If you’re unsure who exactly their favourite is then it’s probably safest to go for a book about the history of their favourite sport. If they love to play themselves, then there are also plenty of gift options you could go for. Golfers need a huge amount of sporting paraphernalia from new clubs to balls to polo shirts – no uncollared shirts at the nineteenth hole (the golf club bar) after all! If they love playing tennis then you could always go for some new running shoes, or maybe even some tennis gear with moisture wicking properties to keep sweat away from their skin, meaning they’ll stay cool and comfortable while they’re playing.


These days it’s getting more and more cool for a man to take an interest in his appearance. Younger men particularly are aware of the importance of looking good in everyday life – and also realising that taking care of your appearance isn’t an affront to your masculinity in the slightest. If the man you’re buying for has similarly enlightened views, then that’s great! For a start, that means that they absolutely deserve a gift. It also means that you have plenty of gifts to buy for them, from fashionable items of clothing like shirts, boots and jackets to grooming products like beard care kits from SleepCleanCare or maybe even a brand new designer haircut. If you’re not sure what to get, then a new aftershave will almost always go down an absolute storm with any man – who doesn’t like to smell good? Just make sure that you try plenty of them out before you make a purchase – after all, you’re going to have to smell it on them!


Music is probably one of the most common hobbies that all people – let alone all men! – have. If you know what bands they like, then why not splash out on concert tickets for you and him? Even if you don’t love the band then he’ll love you joining in with his interest and supporting him, and creating experiences and happy memories together is one of the greatest things that you can do. If you aren’t sure what shows exactly he’d like to go to, then you could always get a gift card to a website like Ticketmaster or See Tickets. You might think that gift cards are boring but on the contrary – being able to pick out your gift yourself can actually feel pretty liberating! If they like to play an instrument then you could always get them a book on the history of that instrument, and if they love a particular band – dads who love the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, I’m looking at you! – then you could look online to find one of the best biographies on them. You could also check out more recent bands and musicians who have been inspired by your older relative’s favorite bands so they can check out some more recent music and get with the times.


If you have a dog then you’ve probably already noticed that there really is nothing truer than the fact that your dog is your partner’s best friend. ‘Man’s best friend’ really isn’t an understatement at all! And let’s face it: a gift for your dog is pretty much the same thing as buying a gift for your partner. They’ll probably be even more delighted with a coat for the pup than they would be with a coat for themselves. Look out for doggy hiking boots so they can go for a walk even when it’s cold this time of year without freezing their tiny paws off, and you could also look out for any other doggy accessories like a new collar or leash, or maybe new toys. A dog training book or a book about tricks you can teach your pup will also go down a storm. There are also a lot of memoirs out there about how much dogs can help and save people’s lives – just make sure you don’t go for Marley And Me because that one’s an absolute tearjerker. Finally, get any item with a picture of your pet on it printed up for your partner – whether it’s a mug or mouse mat, it’ll make him smile every time he sees it.


Is it making a huge generalization to say that a lot of men love cars? A lot of women do as well, of course, but car-related gifts tend to be a uniquely male phenomenon. If they absolutely love the car that they drive and like to take great care of it then why not invest in some new accessories for them? Mats that will protect their floors from muddy footprints are always a big hit or maybe even a brand new stereo system. A model of an old-fashioned car is loved by a lot of men – often the older generation! – along with encyclopedias with a lot of great information in them. If you want to go for an experience day, send your loved one rally driving or trying out a luxury Porsche for the day! Finally, if your recipient really loves cars then you could always get them a subscription to Amazon Prime to watch The Grand Tour.


As your dad gets older, you’ve probably noticed that he’s starting to develop a worrying predilection for watching documentaries about history and then having extensive opinions on them which he likes to tell you in plenty of detail – quite frankly, heaven help you if it’s a period of history that he’s actually lived through. But luckily if he, or another man in your life, loves history then there are plenty of things that you can get for them. Try a history book – if you go to any good history store and talk to a bookseller they’ll be able to recommend some of the best recent titles that have just come out. The Romanovs: 1613-1918 by Simon Sebag Montefiore and Citizen Clem: A Biography of Attlee by John Bew are two titles that have recently been released and gained great critical praise. Try to steer away from the more traditional historians and get something a little more interesting than that like a coffee table book with lots of photographs in. If you’re stuck on what book to buy then why not go for a DVD set of Band of Brothers? It’s arguably one of the best TV shows ever made about the Second World War and there are very few dads out there who wouldn’t enjoy it.


Men often get more and more into gardening as the years go past – from years of being nagged by your mother to mow the grass, your dad’s probably blossomed (see the pun there?) into someone who actively enjoys spending time outside and reading about different species of roses. There are plenty of gardening accessories that you can buy to help with his hobby, from gardening gloves to special shoes to wear outside to a pad he can kneel on to prune back plants and to plant new seeds in the ground. New interesting seeds and plants will also always be appreciated – just make sure they grow in that climate! You could also consider splashing out big time for a really important birthday, or just a really important thank you, and buy a greenhouse. If your partner isn’t really into growing things but you want him to be then why not buy him a little herb garden? It can sit on your kitchen windowsill to make your whole kitchen smell great and you can use the herbs in your cooking. It might just spark off a new love!

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E-Gift and Subscription Service Gift Options for Busy Adults

How many of you are looking for a last minute gift right now?  Here’s some really great e-gift and subscription service gift options!

Blue Apron

You all know I’m a huge fan of meal delivery services.  For the weeks that I know are going to be chaotic (like this week), I schedule a Blue Apron delivery so I don’t have to worry about meal planning.  I can also get my husband to cook when my blog schedule is crazy.  Of course, he cooks the dinners kicking and screaming, but it helps me out so much.

A few weeks ago, I got home from my trip to Grand Cayman on a Monday morning at 1:30am, ran to Target for some Christmas decor for my Good Day Sacramento segment airing on Tuesday.  I had no time to even think about dinner so we ended up doing Sushi.  I completely forgot that I didn’t skip this week’s Blue Apron delivery and received a UPS notification that it was on it’s way.  It’s like I subconsciously knew I would be so behind that week.

Blue Apron Promo Code

Get 3 meals free by clicking the banner below:



To be completely honest, I didn’t really understand RocksBox when I first signed up.  I had to ask some of you to explain it to me.  Basically, Rocksbox is a jewelry rental service.  You pay a monthly fee and can wear the jewelry as long as you’d like.  When you get sick of it you can send it back and they send you more.  You can change it out as much as you’d like during that month.

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WINC Wine Club (Formerly ClubW)

WINC is probably my most favorite subscription service.  It’s wine – delivered to your door!

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Freshly is an absolute lifesaver for busy work-at-home-moms.  I literally forget to eat lunch sometimes.  How is that possible, you ask?  I have no idea!  But it happens.  A lot!

Freshly is another great meal delivery service that lets you choose personal meals that you only have to microwave, versus meals that you have to prep yourself (like Blue Apron).

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 Stitch Fix

I’ve been getting Stitch Fix deliveries all year and I’m obsessed with their service.  It’s basically a personal styling service that costs you $20 per delivery.  Your stylist send you a box full of items and if you choose to purchase any of them, your $20 stylist fee gets applied to your purchase.

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I also love the refer-a-friend feature.  You’ll get $25 each time you refer a friend to Stitch Fix.

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Sugarwish is a candy gifting service.  You place your order, the recipient gets an email that they were gifted a Sugarwish and they get to choose which candies they would like to receive.  It’s a great service.

I was first introduced to Sugarwish at the Social Media on the Sand conference in Jamaica this year.  This is a great gift option for just about anybody in your life and can be ordered and the email delivered in a matter of minutes.


Box of Style | The Zoe Report

Tis the season to be jolly. Everything you need to shine on this holiday season is in this season’s Box of Style by The Zoe Report.

Box of Style is a seasonal subscription curated by The Zoe Report Editor-in-Chief Rachel Zoe and her team. Each season, stylish fashion and beauty finds valued at over $400 from established designers, niche brands, and exclusively-designed collaborations arrive at our members’ doors for only $99.99 per season. Seasonal subscriptions are $99.99 per quarter and an annual subscription is $349.99 ($50 savings!).

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Stocking Stuffers and Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas is just about here and we are all scrambling to make sure we’ve gotten all of our stocking stuffers.  Some prefer to just stuff stockings with candies they purchase at the last minute, and others like to collect goodies all year long.  I fall somewhere between both of those categories; I stuff stockings with candy and collect stuffers throughout the year.  This year, however, I seem to be a little more last-minute with my plans.

Below I have shared some great affordable, practical stocking stuffer and last minute gift ideas for the whole family.

Stocking Stuffers and Last Minute Gift Ideas

  1. ShedRain | Compact Umbrella
  2. Krazy Glue | All Purpose Krazy Glue
  3. Instant Apron | Apron Clips and Towel
  4. Eau Thermale Avene | Cold Cream – Hand Cream and Lip Balm
  5. ToGoSpa | Collagen Lip Masks and Under Eye Collagen Gel Masks
  6. ToeSox from | Low Rise Grip Full Toe Socks
  7. Precidio Design Inc. | Drink in the Box 
  8. Glytone | Age-Defying System
  9. Urban Market Bags | Reusable Shopping Bags (3-pack and 6-pack)
  10. Go Girl Designs | Busy Girl Bangle – Fashionable Accessory with a Hidden Hair Elastic
  11. Jaqua | Mini Hand Cream Gift Set
  12. Playgro | Bead Buddy Giraffe
  13. SoapSox | Stuffed Washcloth for Kids (avail at BuyBuyBaby or Target)
  14. EarZings | Kids Earrings for Unpierced Ears
  15. Claessens’ Kids | KWID Hourglass Watch
  16. InRoad Toys | Hot Wheels PlayTape
  17. Carla Ferreri | Black Leather Backpack
  18. Marcus & Marcus | Rocket Themed Feeding Spoon Dispenser
  19. Injinji from | Colorful Toe Sox
  20. Powder & Jade | Personalized Jewelry
  21. Fresh Monster | Kids Shampoo & Bodywash
  22. Harry’s | Limited Edition Winter Shave Set 
  23. Yeti | 20oz  Rambler Stainless Steel Tumbler
  24. LEGO Friends | Amusement Park Arcade ($14.99)
  25. Duplo | Push Train ($29.99)