Tips for Losing Weight Quickly and Safely

If you’re carrying a few extra pounds, making an effort to lose the weight is one of the most positive decisions you can ever make. Not only will you look better and feel great, but you will also be a lot healthier. However, that does not mean that you should go crazy with your weight loss efforts. Don’t be tempted by crash diets and extreme exercise plans. You can lose weight quickly and safely with the following tips:

Make Small Changes

Instead of eating nothing but cabbage soup or Maple syrup lemonade, simply switch out a few of your least healthy treats for low-calorie alternatives. For example, switch your favorite ice cream for your favorite frozen yogurt or sugar-laden chocolate bars for a couple of squares of high-quality dark chocolate – there’s no need to completely deprive yourself.

You should also try to make small changes that help you to be more active throughout the course of the day. So, take the stairs instead of the elevator or go to the store on your bike to burn a few extra calories and melt your fat away.

Throw Out the Junk

If your kitchen cupboards are overflowing with tons of pre-packaged junk from Cheetos to Reece’s Pieces, it’s time for a clear out. Either gift your junk food to your friends or perhaps a food pantry, and stock up only on high-quality, healthy foods, which can include a few slightly naughty treats, but nothing too calorific!

Try Diet Shakes for Breakfast

Switching your usual breakfast or lunch with a low-calorie nutrient rich weight loss shake, like the ones at is a great way to cut your calories without feeling deprived and without going to extremes. If you do this every day, you should lose at least one pound a week, and if you combine it with some of the other tips, this figure will go up!

Fit in Five

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to lose weight. If you’re not used to exercising, or if you exercise very little, just five minutes of intense exercise could make all the difference. Not only will it help you lose weight, but it will also help to build up your stamina so that you can work out for longer periods should you wish to do so.

Cook at Home

Most restaurants now serve huge portions, and they aren’t always filled with the healthiest of ingredients, so if you want to cut your calorie intake without resorting to rabbit food, why not just stop eating out and cook your own delicious, nutritious meals? Everyone should be able to cook well for the sake of their health, but if you must eat out, skip the starter and dessert and stick with a main for a lower calorie meal.

Veggies Galore

Make 50 percent of your plate veggies, and you will be taking in far fewer calories that if that 50 percent was taken up by any other food group. You’ll get lots of extra vitamins and minerals, which will boost your mood and your health too!

Dieting really doesn’t have to be hard. Incorporate as many of these tips as you can, and you’ll lose weight without ever really feeling like you’re on a diet.

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Take Your Training To The Next Level

Do you love working out and getting fit? Maybe one of your ambitions in life is to get your body in the best shape possible. Right now though, you seem to be struggling to take things up a gear. Perhaps, you’ve hit a ceiling and you haven’t be able to improve your level of fitness any further than the point you’ve been at for a while. What’s the reason for this? 

Well, it could be that you’re not working hard enough or that you need a new challenge. The answer is to test yourself and develop your skills in new and exciting ways. We’ve got some thoughts on that possibility.

Turn It Into A Career

If you’re obsessed with fitness and healthy living perhaps it’s time to take it one step further. You can make it your career path. With personal trainer courses, it’s possible to learn how to teach getting fit to other people which we’re sure you’ll find very rewarding. But that’s not the reason why you should get started. Instead, you need to think about what this could mean for you. Essentially, it puts your own fitness front and centre. You’ll need to be as strong as you can be to train other people. But, your fitness will also be built into your daily routine as a job. With that level of commitment there’s no way that you won’t see some form of improvement.


Right now you might be working in your own home for your own personal reasons. Perhaps you are looking to get fit and ready for the summer bathing suit season. Great, but you probably won’t find that pushes you to your very limit. Instead, you should think about signing up for an event where you’ll have to train to be in fighting strength. Something like a marathon or a triathlon would be the perfect option here. That will take your body to the very limit and test you in ways that you’ve never experienced before. It’s not just about strength, but stamina, endurance and even the power of will. You might find that the reason you’re training isn’t improving is because you’ve hit the equivalent of runners wall. This is a point where your body can go further but your mind feels as though you are at the limit. It’s a psychological boundary you have to break through.

Diet And Health

It’s entirely possible that thus far your fitness training and lifestyle has focused entirely on exercise. If this is the case you will be limited. Instead, you need to think about changing your diet too. Right now, this will be holding you back. If you’re building muscle you need to eat more calories. Think of it as the fuel your body needs to grow. When you burn the calories, you’ll find your muscle develops faster and stronger than ever before. You will soon reach that new level that you’ve aspired for all this time.

We hope you use this advice to take your training to the next level and break through that wall.

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Cycling and Cyclocross Gift Idea | Brush Hero

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Brush Hero.  As always, all opinions are my own and are never influenced by compensation.  I only work with brands that fit in well with my lifestyle.

If you have a Cyclocross fan in your house or you enjoy getting out in the dirt yourself, you might understand how filthy your bike can end up looking after just a few hours of riding.  My husband spends so much time cleaning the mud and grass off of his bike after his Cyclocross races, so I thought it might be time to make it easier on him.  I recently partnered with Brush Hero to try out their spinning scrub brush and it has been such a fantastic product that has saved time and effort when cleaning things around the house.

The Brush Hero rinses as it scrubs, but doesn’t waste very much water.  It’s the perfect tool for many tough jobs like washing dirty rain gutters, auto rims, dirt bikes, bicycles, kids outdoor toys and anything else you can possibly think of that needs a good cleaning.

The Brush Hero starter kit comes with two cleaning brushes – a soft black brush for more delicate surfaces and a tougher white brush for harder-to-clean surfaces.  Both brushes work well for cleaning a dirty Cyclocross bike, but my husband favors the white brush if the mud has already dried.

Check it out:

The Brush Hero is ready to use right out of the package, which is great for those of you who dislike lengthy instructional booklets (me!).  You simply connect it to your standard garden hose and flip the switch to your preferred setting.  The water pressure forces water through the top of the unit which makes the brush spin.  No batteries required!  It’s a rather simple concept, and is such a great household tool to have around.

As I mentioned above, this is a great multi-purpose tool that helps save time, energy and money.  You can learn more about Brush Hero by visiting

3 Fun Exercise Ideas for Adults That Remind Us of When We Were Kids

Yoga on the Beach

Do you remember being a kid and feeling like you could do anything?  We could run for hours or bike around the entire town without feeling exhausted.

Working out.  It’s our daily struggle, yet we feel so good afterwards.  I have to have the music cranked up, some good airflow and a game plan in order to work out.  If I don’t have those three things, I flat out won’t do it.  I can tell myself all day long that I need to get with it, but if I don’t write it down or print out a schedule, it just won’t happen.

I’m all about fun workouts, too.  Give me a good hip-hop dance class, a Piloxing or Zumba session, and I’ll get that workout done.  I even really like the Tone It Up workouts on YouTube.  They’re easy to follow and don’t take much time to complete.  But sometimes you can’t physically leave the house, so it’s good to keep some inexpensive fitness tools around.  I’ve listed out three fitness tools that add an element of fun to your workout routine that remind me of when I was a kid.

Kids Workout:  Skip It
Adult Workout: SkipFit

The SkipFit makes for a fun, kid-like workout that will leave you drenched in sweat.  Turn the radio up and do this workout indoors or outdoors.

Kid Workout:  Hula Hoop
Adult Workout: Cardio Core Fitness Hoop

I have never been great at Hula Hooping, but I’ve noticed that with a weighted hoop, I’m much better.  The Cardio Core Fitness Hoop weighs three pounds and makes for a great calorie-burning workout.

Kid Workout: Jump Rope
Adult Workout:  Speed Cable Jump Rope

Jump roping is so much fun and you really don’t need to be fast (or good) at it.  Despite the name, the Speed Cable Jump Rope can be used at your own pace, but is weighted so it’s easier to speed jump.

Do you have a good fitness music playlist?  Leave me a comment below!

5 Ways to Get Fit Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone wants to feel better, have more energy, and look better. However, not everyone can afford fabulous personal trainers or hours in the gym.  Don’t worry, though.  You can do it without going bankrupt in the process with these five easy ways to get fit.

#1 Drink More Water

Did you know that 70% of your body is made up of water?  If you do not provide your body with enough water, your cells cannot function the way they are supposed to, which includes ridding your body of toxins. When those toxins are not flushed out, your body stores them as fat to protect.

The simple rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces every day. Add an additional 20 ounces if you are attempting to detox, trying to lose weight, or are regularly exercising.

#2 Use A Simple Workout Routine

Most people fear exercise because they think it has to be strenuous and that you must have enormous equipment in order to exercise properly.  Thank goodness there are other options!

Keep to a simple workout routine with exercises you can do anywhere. This includes walking in place, leg lifts, squats, simple flexing or stretching exercises, and more.

For some guidance, check out suggestions for a gym-free workout.

#3 Use YouTube For Free Fitness Guidance

Sometimes having a personal trainer is helpful to provide accountability and encouragement as you change your habits. YouTube is an incredible resource for the budget-minded, providing a free virtual trainer.

There are many trainers, both amateur and professional, who have taken to YouTube to help encourage people trying to get a little more fit. Take a scroll through YouTube and find someone that appeals to you, and whose routine will meet fitness level and goals.

#4 Get Outside

Simply getting outside and enjoying fresh air is important for not only your fitness, but also your overall health. When you are outside, your body produces more Vitamin D, which is important to supporting your immune system and staving off many health conditions including diabetes, heart disease and more.

One great way of getting outside more is to sign-up for a fun run or half-marathon. These are great events where people from every fitness level participate, including those who just love to walk and talk.

#5 Use Your Phone

Technology has come a long way, and now you can use your phone to help you get in shape as well. While you are on the go, use your phone to access YouTube, if you are using fitness videos.

Take it a step further with one of several apps that can help you track your fitness. From apps that track your water consumption to apps that track your steps and exercise routines, these can be incredibly motivating for the technology oriented.

Get Started

The most important way to improve your fitness is to get started now. Don’t worry about whether you love what you are doing right now, or if you may change it down the road. The most important step is the first step, so get up from your desk, set down the phone, and go for a walk…even just around the office, or outside your home. You will be glad you did!

15 Tips for Staying Fit And Healthy During Pregnancy (Guest Post)

Pregnancy is a special period in every woman’s life, but it is also an unknown territory for all the “first-time” moms. You constantly hear about the experiences of other moms, and you can easily get confused. Should I do this, should I do that, is this good for me, is that bad for the baby etc…Well, with the help of these 15 tips for a fit and healthy pregnancy, I will try to clear some things and set you straight.
First of all you need to understand one very simple thing: A fit and healthy mom usually delivers a healthy baby; and in order to stay fit and healthy, you need to try and follow some of the habits that we are going to talk about. Let’s get started.

1. Always Start Your Day With Water (and Frozen Berries)

Staying hydrated at all times during pregnancy is very important. A great way to enjoy your morning water intake is mixing your water with frozen berries. Unlike other fruits berries are very low on fructose (which is bad for you) and they are very high in fiber (which is good for you). You will have better digestion and burn more calories through the day.

2. Take Walks In Fresh Air Every Morning

Extra oxygen and circulation in the morning can do wonders for you. Try to go on short morning walks now and then, and you will feel like a new person for the rest of the day. It is also a great way to be alone with your thoughts and will help you think more clearly.

3. Add Yoga To Your Everyday Routine

Yoga is an activity every expecting mom should do. It is becoming more and more popular with pregnant women because of the tremendous benefits. It will increase your stamina and strength, which will come in very handy for the extra weight. It will strengthen your hips, arms, back and shoulders, and help you deliver more easily with the breathing techniques. Not to mention the emotional balance which will help you in all those mood-swing moments.
Here are a few yoga poses for you.

4. Quit Sugars and Bad Carbs

I think this is the most important tip I can give you, but also maybe one of the hardest to follow. Sugar is BAD for you, and not only when you are pregnant. It is considered as the modern drug of our generation. Getting rid of it is tough, but the benefits are immense. Avoid too much sugar during pregnancy and try to make this a habit for life, both for you and your child. Once you get used to the sugar-free lifestyle you will see that it is easier than you thought.

5. Use The Healthy Pregnancy Eating Formula

For your eating habits during pregnancy, I recommend one simple formula:
Even though you’re now eating for two, the quality of the food is more important than the quantity.
Remind yourself of this every time you make yourself a meal, and you will drastically improve your health both for you and your baby.

6. Squeeze In An Iron Smoothie Between Your Meals

Iron deficiency is a problem for many expecting mommies. The reason behind this is that your body produces extra blood for the two of you, but you only have so much iron; and iron is needed for making hemoglobin. So, try to include iron rich food on daily basis.
Spinach, kale, nettle seeds, cocoa beans, swiss chard, parsley, beet greens, bok choy, asparagus, to leeks, pumpkin seeds, almonds and cashews; make sure to load up your smoothies with different kinds of iron sources. Drinking smoothies is a great way to stay full between meals, too.

7. Drink Plenty Of Water

As I mentioned before, hydration is very important during pregnancy. I know that you probably visit the restroom too often, but that’s not because of the proper hydration. It’s a sign that the baby is taking up more and more space, squeezing down on your bladder. Now you’re drinking for two, so you should make sure you get enough water on daily basis.

8. Cycle For Cardio

Cycling is one of the best ways to perform cardio, especially while pregnancy. Wondering why?
Well, while cycling we’re in a seated position, so the body doesn’t feel an extra pressure on the back.
This means that you’ll be able to break a sweat, without feeling lower back pain.

9. Strength Train With Resistance Bands

In the past, people thought that pregnant women should avoid workouts, and they couldn’t be more wrong. Now, more than ever, experts say women should be active while carrying, so I decided to give you the best way to do that.
Strength training!
Get yourself a set of resistance bands and start working your arms, shoulders, back, chest and legs.
You can exercise as much as you want, splitting the muscle groups into different days and using
different kinds of exercises.

10. Drink Coconut Water On Daily Basis

Coconut water is a drink that you should include on daily basis while carrying. The electrolytes found in the coconut water will keep your blood pressure in control, will keep the right amount of fluid levels in your body and will help you maintain a healthy body and weight. Phosphorus, sodium, potassium and calcium, are just the few of the countless nutrients that are helpful to the body.

11. Don’t Forget Your Abs

The abs shouldn’t be left out of the picture. Exercising them can only be very beneficial.
Working them out on daily basis can help you support your pelvic organs and alleviate the pressure that your belly puts on the back. Also, strong abs equals faster after-birth recovery.

12. Always Include a Bowl Of Salad With Your Dinner

Salad is the best way to fuel up with lots of vitamins and minerals. That’s why greens should be a part of your everyday menu. A bowl of salad can help in avoiding digestion problems, and it definitely helps to make sure you keep a balanced diet.

13. Swim At Least Once a Week

If you haven’t tried swimming in your pregnancy yet, you should do it as soon as possible.
Underwater, you feel your body lighter, and that will help your back relax, while burning lots of calories. This is a priceless feeling, so make sure to try it as soon as possible.

14. Have Smaller, More Frequent Portions

Eating smaller meals more often is a habit that will minimize the discomfort of having a full stomach, while keeping you full all day. You should have smaller, more frequent portions through the day, including smoothies, shakes, greens and healthy snacks. This way, you’ll speed up your metabolism, leaving your body balanced and your baby healthy.

15. Don’t overeat fruits

You have to understand that when it comes to eating fruits, we’re talking about just another form of sugar. Yes, it’s the natural sugar loaded with vitamins, but the fact that fruits are loaded up with so much fructose is not good at all; and you really don’t want to add too much energy to your body – extra calories that you cannot burn.
Remember, you can still get all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs by eating greens and vegetables, without the sugary part, so make sure to choose wisely the portion of the fruit you decide to intake.

Expecting Mommies, It’s Your Turn To Rock The Belly!

Including just a few of these 15 healthy habits will help you stay in shape and improve your health, while making your body the best home for your baby. You have the best reason now to stay fit and healthy, because you’re eating, working and living for two!
Dear mommies-to-be, get ready to rock! 🙂
About the Author: Monica May, Fit Girl’s Diary
Monica May is a fitness coach, blogger and photographer, who is in love with fitness, healthy food, nature and hiking.
Through her diary, she passes on her fitness story, strongly believing that every girl out there deserves to get the sneakiest fitness and weight loss secrets – for free.
With the power of her expertise she inspires, motivates and supports, by giving you the best workout programs, plans, guides and tips, to finally fall in love with fitness.

DIVLOR Stay Cool as a Cucumber Towel

Being too hot is a miserable feeling.  Whether you’ve been working out, or are just having hormonal hot flashes, this Stay Cool as a Cucumber Cooling Towel from Divlor is a must have!
Stay Cool as a Cucumber Cooling Towel in green, from Divlor.

This towel literally stays and keeps you cool for hours.  The outside of the towel almost feels like a chamois type fabric, with the inside being slightly “waffled.”  
There are so many uses for this towel.  I feel like this is the perfect towel to have for children with high fevers (lightweight, but cool), cool a sunburn, use as a changing pad on those nasty changing areas in public restrooms, gym towel, camping towel, yoga towel, great for first aid kits, and for kids after football games and practice, and the list goes on…  All you need is water to activate this towel for cooling purposes.  Towel can be kept in the refrigerator for extra cooling, which helps the cooling effect last even longer.
This awesome little towel comes in 3 colors, green, pink and blue, and is generously sized.  So easy to use, just give it a quick shake and it regains its’ cool feeling again.  This Divlor cooling towel also comes in its own carrying tube with band for wrapping it up tightly for storage.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Tomoson. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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