Celebrate #NationalDryShampooDay with a Klorane Dry Shampoo Giveaway

Did you know it’s National Dry Shampoo Day?  I’m a huge fan of dry shampoo for second or third day hair and I’ve been loving the variety of products Klorane has to offer.  They even make travel sizes, which you all know I’m a huge fan of!
If you aren’t sure how or why to use Klorane’s dry shampoo, you can visit their Instagram page for some tips:  instagram.com/kloranusa.  I like to slightly curl my hair with a flat iron, then hit my the roots and ends of my hair with some dry shampoo spray to get the ends to look piecey, as I like to call it.  It really helps me achieve the beachy hair look.  Also, depending on how my hair is behaving, I might even tease the roots a bit for more volume.

If anyone would like to see a tutorial, just let me know and I can put a little video together.


To celebrate #NationalDryShampooDay, we have teamed up with Klorane to offer you a giveaway!

Enter to win a Klorane hair product prize pack using the Rafflecopter form below.  We will choose three winners after 3/20/17.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Top Tips For Beautifully Healthy Teeth

An intrinsic aspect of beauty is healthy, shiny white teeth, and it’s been that way for centuries. Historically, healthy looking teeth meant that their owner could afford the high cost of having all of their teeth removed and replaced by false teeth made from ivory or wood. These days it isn’t quite so drastic, but teeth are still a big part of our beauty regimes. They’re on show whenever we smile and talk, and we want them to make a good impression. 

Many aspects of our day to day life have a dramatic impact on the health and color of our teeth; it’s not just as simple as brushing them twice a day. Here are a few top tips for getting the sparkling white smile that we see on the red carpet, and keeping it that way.

Adopt a great brushing routine

Of course, brushing and flossing your teeth is a crucial part of maintaining their health. It removes the buildup of plaque or bacteria which can cause gum disease and tooth decay, leading to tooth loss which doesn’t exactly lend itself to a bright, glistening smile. It also goes some way to remove the staining that teeth endure throughout our lives as a result of our diets, smoking, or drinking. The toothpaste you use will also have an impact on this – if you’re going for the bright white smile, try a whitening toothpaste, which contains ingredients to dissolve the stains and bring out the whiteness.

Consider your diet

The food you eat has a major impact on the health of your teeth. A diet full of crunchy fruit and veggies is far better for your teeth than a diet full of candy and chips. This is for multiple reasons, firstly, the crunch from veggies like carrots and celery actually help to scrape the plaque off your teeth between brushing, which keeps your breath fresh and your teeth white.

Vegetables are also preferred as candy and chips can be terrible for the health of your teeth. The sugar in the candy lends itself to tooth decay and gum disease, and chips can get stuck in tiny gaps in your teeth, making the perfect meal for bacteria which can ultimately end in tooth decay too. Eating fruit and veggies is just far better for the overall health of your mouth. A word of warning, though – just be careful not to eat too many acidic citrus fruits, as the acid will corrode the enamel leaving you vulnerable to decay. If you eat citrus fruit, drink some water to keep the acid flushed out.

Avoid staining foods

Foods and drinks are also prone to staining teeth over longer periods of time. There are some great teeth whitening kits available on the market, but avoiding consuming too much of these staining foods can really help in the first place. Caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee are some of the worse culprits, along with red wine and cigarettes. Keep these to a minimum, and the pearly whites are all yours.

Protect the enamel

The enamel in your teeth is the top coating. It keeps all the softer, more vulnerable material covered up, and acts as a barrier for any bacteria or bugs which want to try to corrode the teeth. Keeping this enamel in good condition is the key to white, healthy teeth. Foods which contain high levels of calcium, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt help the enamel to replenish and stay strong. It’s even said that cheese helps to clear stains off teeth too. Avoid foods which could compromise the strength of the enamel, such as sugary or acidic foods, as once the enamel is gone the tooth is on a one-way journey to decay.

Bring out their natural whiteness

Certain things will encourage your teeth to become naturally whiter. Many people swear by rubbing baking soda into their teeth occasionally, or rinsing their mouths out with apple cider vinegar. These help to neutralize any problems, kill bacteria, and remove any problematic plaque.

See your hygienist regularly

Your dentist and hygienist are the key to healthy, white, and beautiful teeth. They will be able to discuss your oral hygiene routine with you, and advise on the best course of action for your teeth while considering your lifestyle, family history, and dental history. A regular deep clean from your hygienist will also help to eradicate any build up before it becomes problematic, meaning it should never spiral out of control.

Good oral hygiene and a healthy diet are the key to shiny white teeth, so make those positive changes today.

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Mederma® AG — Trusted Anti Aging Skincare Products

This article is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of Mederma® AG.  I only recommend products that I feel are a good fit for my audience.  This article contains my Amazon affiliate links — clicking and ordering through my links helps The Naptime Reviewer earn extra money.  

When it comes to choosing skincare products, trust is a huge factor.  You may try a brand for the first time because it was recommended by a friend or family member;  you may just feel familiar with the brand because of their feel-good commercials you’ve seen on TV; or you might be one of those people that just goes out on a limb to try something unfamiliar for the sake of trying something new — because nothing else has worked for you in the past.

Mederma® has been a household name for years and has been a favorite go-to brand for those battling stretch marks and scars.  Their products are known to be helpful to so many consumers like you and me (read success stories) and they have continued to advance their collection of products to help even more people reach their skincare goals.

Mederma® AG

Mederma® AG, the new anti-aging skincare line of products, has officially hit the Amazon shelves and just might be the answer to your skincare needs.  This line of products was developed by aesthetics and dermatology experts and is designed to help you achieve the look of healthier, younger looking skin with less noticeable lines and wrinkles.


The Mederma® AG Facial Cleanser gently exfoliates your skin to help remove dry, dead surface cells.  The exfoliating benefits of glycolic acid, combined with a pH-balanced cleanser can be used on the entire body.  This moisturizing cleanser also doubles as a shave cream for both men and women.

Facial Toner

My favorite product in the new Mederma®AG line is the advanced dry skin therapy Facial Toner.  I use this product after cleansing my face and it managed to find makeup that I somehow miss.  This product leaves my skin feeling completely fresh and clean, ready for a moisturizer.

The Mederma® AG Facial Toner deep cleans beyond the skin’s surface to help clear and cleanse clogged pores. My favorite ingredient, eucalyptus oil, provides a cooling, tingling effect, but isn’t drying.

Face Cream

This unique Face Cream from the Mederma® AG line gently removes dead skin cells from rough, dry, sun-damaged skin.  As crazy as that sounds, it’s true!  It helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and imperfections all while going on smoothly.

Hyaluronic acid has been a hot ingredient in skincare products lately, and you’ll be happy to know that the Mederma® AG Face Cream also contains it.  If you aren’t familiar with hyaluronic acid, it is known to help skin retain moisture and even helps plump the appearance of aging skin.

This face cream layers nicely under makeup, but be sure to use sunscreen.  This product contains alpha hydroxy acid that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week after you stop using this product.

I have personally been using the trio of products shown above and am happy to report that they are working really well.  My biggest skincare issue this winter has been dry, rough skin and this system has kept my skin moisturized and fresh looking.  It took my skin about one week to get acclimated to the new products, but I’ve stayed consistent with the new routine and my skin has calmed down.

 Shop Mederma AG products on Amazon

This new Mederma® AG line is hypoallergenic, free of added perfumes and fragrances, soap-free, comedogenic and is dermatologist (and The Naptime Reviewer) recommended.  You can shop the entire line of products on Amazon and you can learn more about them at Mederma.com.

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Why So Many Women Are Throwing Away Their Shampoo And Conditioner

This is a sponsored guest post on behalf of WEN.

For decades, women have been relying on commercial shampoo and conditioner products in order to keep their hair feeling clean and soft. While these products promise to leave hair feeling moisturized and healthy, women often find that their hair becomes dry, dull and frizzy. 

As it turns out, most commercial hair care products are full of ingredients that are actually harmful to delicate hair. For instance, most commercial shampoo brands use sodium lauryl sulfate, a harsh detergent that is found in industrial cleaning products. This chemical bonds together the grease and dirt that is in your hair so that it can be rinsed out easily.

The problem is that our hair contains natural oils that keep it soft, healthy and protected from environmental factors. When we put sodium lauryl sulfate in our hair, it strips our hair of these natural oils, leaving it dry and damaged beyond belief.

Most commercial hair care products also use synthetic fragrances so that products smell like flowers. The problem is that these synthetic fragrances are made up of unnatural chemicals that contain petroleum. Chemicals that contain petroleum can damage the sensitive skin on the scalp, resulting in dermatitis and dandruff.

Why Women Are Switching to Cleansing Conditioners

Luckily, a new type of hair care product is available for women who want to maintain their hair care routines without the use of dangerous chemicals. The cleansing conditioner has revolutionized the way that women care for their hair. Instead of using sulfates, preservatives and synthetic fragrances, cleansing conditioners rely on plant-based ingredients that keep hair clean, soft and healthy.

Women have been using plant-based extracts to keep their hair beautiful for centuries. Ingredients like lavender, rosemary and geranium have cleansing properties that keep the scalp and hair follicles feeling as healthy as possible.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner

The most popular cleansing conditioner on the market is the 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner by WEN. WEN’s highly unique formula restores hair back to its natural glory without the use of toxic chemicals that leave hair feeling dry and damaged.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner manages to take the place of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner and detangler all in one bottle. By tackling so many hair duties at once, this product saves money and much-needed bathroom shelf space.

What makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner so unique is its impressive list of ingredients. Botanical extracts take the place of synthetic fragrances, leaving your hair smelling amazing for days. Chamomile extract calms frizz, reduces scalp inflammation and leaves hair feeling soft thanks to its unique moisturizing properties. Rosemary essential oil cleans hair effectively yet gently while stimulating hair growth, making this product ideal for women who have thinning hair.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner uses vegetable glycerin as its moisturizing agent. Vegetable glycerin is a humectant that is naturally found in vegetables. Humectants provide tons of moisture while simultaneously drawing moisture from the air and into your hair’s follicles. Plus, this amazing natural ingredient will keep moisture sealed in for days at a time.

One of the reasons that WEN Cleansing Conditioner has become such a coveted product is because it fixes damaged hair fast. After just one week of using this product, women find that their hair is incredibly manageable, shiny, soft and free of frizz. Even the driest and most damaged hair can be transformed within days.

How to Use WEN Cleansing Conditioner

You can use WEN Cleansing Conditioner to clean and condition your hair in only three simple steps.

1. Rinse your hair thoroughly in the shower. Apply the product to your hands and rub them together. For long hair, use 24-32 pumps. For medium-length hair, use 16-32 pumps. For short hair, use 10-16 pumps.

2. Thoroughly apply WEN Cleansing Conditioner throughout your hair and scalp. Quickly rinse your hair so that you can distribute this product more easily. Because this product is free of sulfates, it won’t lather like commercial shampoos. Leave WEN Cleansing Conditioner in your hair for the duration of your shower.

3. Rinse the product out of your hair thoroughly.

Tip: Once you have rinsed the product out of your hair, you can apply a couple of pumps of product to the ends of your hair as a leave-in conditioner.


If you use commercial hair care products and find that your hair is dry, damaged and unmanageable, it’s time to throw out your shampoo and conditioner and switch to WEN Cleansing Conditioner. For more information, visit WEN by Chaz Dean’s Facebook here.

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Love Yourself, Imperfections and All!

Learning how to love yourself is probably one of the hardest things in the world. However, it’s one of the most worthwhile. It absolutely does not matter what anybody thinks of you. It’s only how you feel about yourself that matters! You live that reality, and as long as you’re happy, you should find your life improves tenfold. You might think that you’re covered in imperfections, but it’s those things that make you, you.

This post is going to give you some advice that will help you to love yourself, regardless of what ‘imperfections’ you think you have!

Make A List Of Everything That’s Great About You

This might be difficult, however, you need to really try to do this as best you can. If you can only think of 3 to start with, that’s fine. You can always add more later. Start a list filled with all of the great things about you. This doesn’t just have to be things look-wise, but things like your wit and intelligence, too. Make this list as long as you can, and go into as much detail as you like. Both big and small, write them down!

Put Your List Somewhere You Can See It

Place your list somewhere you can see it. Maybe in your mirror. Then every time you look in the mirror, you’ll be reminded of how great you are. Add to it if you think of more things!

Create An Affirmation That You Like

An affirmation is a sentence that you repeat often. Repetition helps the brain to change it’s wiring and the way it thinks about things. If you repeat positive statements often enough, they will become your go-to. That’s why people who think negative thoughts often get themselves into a negative, downward spiral. 

Create an affirmation that you like. It could be ‘I am beautiful inside and out’. It could be ‘I am enough’. You can write these down when you need a pick me up, and you can repeat them to yourself throughout the day. Let them become your mantra. Even if you don’t believe them right away, repetition will help.

Find A Positive in A ‘Negative’

So, maybe you really can’t stand your thighs, or something like that. Find a way to make this negative into a positive. Your thighs are an important part of your legs, that help to carry you everywhere. Some people don’t even have legs. Make sure you turn a negative into a positive every time one enters your head!

Do Things Because You Love Yourself, Not Because You Hate Yourself

Some people work out because they hate their bodies. Some people have rigorous beauty regimes because they don’t like how they look. Start doing things because you love yourself instead. Doing things out of love is so much nicer. You could learn how to get rid of scars using these gels, give yourself a pedicure every week, and even go to the gym and really enjoy your workouts!

Stop Comparing Yourself Right Away

Stop looking at Instagram and wishing you looked like somebody else. The same with magazines. Many images have been photoshopped, and you’d never know it. Many people have spent thousands on cosmetic surgery. You should never compare yourself to somebody else. We all have different features and different body types. They are all beautiful. Noticing somebody else’s beauty does not need to take away from your own!

Make today ridiculously amazing!  XoXo – Cristen


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Skin Brightening or Frightening? The Surprising Ingredients People Use for Skincare

sea salt - lavender - essential oil

It’s difficult to talk about appearance and body confidence without mentioning skincare. Your skin is your outer layer, the aspect that people tend to notice about us first and foremost. Good skin is synonymous with good health, which is why so many of us dedicate hours to beauty treatments and experimentation to give us the perfect glow.

The ads that surround us –  including the ones advertising skincare products – show an unrealistic portrayal of what our skin can look like. It’s no surprise that ads tend to lie and embellish, but it’s rarely more obvious than on the skin. Waistlines are nipped, legs are slimmed, hair is made more full – but skin? Skin becomes poreless, ageless, free of lines and almost translucent in how it glows from within.

It’s no wonder then that there are a thousand and one different ways people have suggested improving skin tone and texture. The ones that work tend to involve the help of a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, and if you want to go that route that you’re going to see results. The problem comes with the at-home suggestions.

A quick Google or Pinterest search will bring a range of suggestions to mind, ranging from the ineffective and right through to the dangerous. Then somewhere in the butter zone, there are the possibilities that might just work.

Dangerous: Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a useful cosmetic compound; there’s no doubt about that. But this is a product also recommended to help whiten the grout in your bathroom – should you really be putting that near your face?

Possible: Aspirin

Aspirin face masks have a basis in science, which is something at least. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which is a common ingredient in cosmetic procedures done by the pros. It might help brighten your complexion, but it also might cause discomfort if you don’t know what you’re doing. Those with sensitive skin should definitely avoid as it can cause irritation on the first application.

If you must try it, then start very slowly – both in terms of the amount of aspirin that you use and the length of time you leave it on your face. Five minutes is plenty for a first time, and to prevent irritation, ensure you use a good emollient moisturizer afterwards.

Ineffective: Coffee Grounds

We all know the blissful delight of a morning cup of coffee, so it seems someone decided… to rub it all over their face? Probably? This is a bizarre one and the oddity is only surpassed by how useless it would be as a skin brightener. There would be a mild exfoliating effect, but it would be cancelled out by the chances of staining from the coffee itself. If you want to exfoliate, then a simple fine grain of sea salt is far more effective.

Luminescent skin is not easy to attain, but there is one thing worth mentioning: diet. Drinking water and eating plenty of vegetables can make a big difference, so don’t discount the basics.

coffee grounds - skincare myths

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Useful Tips to Reduce Wrinkles Under Eyes

As ladies age, they tend to start seeing wrinkles everywhere. If you seem to have a lot of wrinkles developing under your eyes, there are ways to fight against them and prevent them from getting worse. In addition to elite serum rx – best product, there are natural steps you can take to change your diet and lifestyle that will help decrease the wrinkles under your eyes. Below are some tips to working toward smoother skin under your eyes.

Get Glasses if You Need Them

Squinting is a big part of causing wrinkles around the eyes. If you are struggling to read small print, it is time to see an eye doctor and see if you need glasses. Wearing glasses will reduce strain on your eyes. Even more importantly, it will cut down on the bad habit of squinting and help to smooth skin under the eyes.

Drink More Cocoa

Caffeine causes wrinkles to the skin. If it is iced coffee and consumed through a straw, it has double the impact than a cup of hot coffee. In order to keep your skin looking healthy, it is a good idea to switch to hot cocoa.

Drinking the warm beverage helps keep skin smooth, as does avoiding a straw. Meanwhile, the consumption of cocoa has been found to contain antioxidants. This helps the skin improve and wrinkles to decrease.

Minimize Sun Exposure

Extended exposure to the sun can result in aged skin, which also is wrinkled and unattractive. Capillaries become more visible, the pigmentation changes and the skin becomes loose and rough. In order to avoid this situation with the area under your eyes, it is best to minimize sun exposure. When you have to be out in the sun for extended periods, wear sunscreen to protect your skin to the fullest extent.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables provide antioxidants, compounds that fight the free radicals that cause skin damage. From this, the skin has the chance to look smooth and wrinkles around the eyes are minimized.

Prunes and raisins are great sources of antioxidants, with prunes offering over 7,000 in one half-cup serving. Meanwhile, you can get antioxidants from oranges, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and plums in differing levels.

Use Topical Vitamin C

Usually included in over-the-counter skin treatments, Vitamin C helps the body deal with issues with pigmentation, protect from sun damage and even increase the production of collagen, which helps the skin stay smooth and full. Application of the vitamin to the skin is a more immediate benefit and shows improvement sooner than consumption of the vitamin.

Using these tips can be very helpful in reducing the wrinkles under the eyes. No matter what number of candles should be on your birthday cake, you can combat the effects that life and poor choices have made on the aging of your skin and the wrinkles that have come to exist under your eyes. Give yourself the pleasure of seeing the wrinkles decrease, simply by changing your diet for the better (who doesn’t like hot cocoa?) and making a few lifestyle changes.

Now, if wrinkles aren’t your issue, but acne is, you’ll want to check out the best acne face wash with lots of current reviews.  It seems like nobody can ever just have perfect skin, but we can certainly try, right?


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What if a simple bar of soap could help others in need? | Giving Soaps

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Giving Soaps.  As always, all opinions are my own and are never influenced by compensation.

**Cyber Monday Update**

$10 off any $50 purchase (Code: GOOD)
$25 off any $100 purchase (Code: BETTER)
$75 off any $225 purchase (Code: BEST)
Deals going on now through midnight 11/29/16.

Giving Soaps | Handmade Bar Soaps | Handmade Body Lotion | Natural Products

What does it mean to give back?  

Giving back could mean something different to each and every one of us.  For some it means donating money.  To others, giving back means donating products, clothing or services to those in need.  You can even donate your time.  Not many of us have the time to donate their hands-on efforts to those in need, though, so we’ve found a great alternative way to give back.
We should all be contributing something extra to society.  Instead of being takers, we need to work on being givers.  We can give back by simply donating new or used clothing, toys, book, blankets, etc,. to local shelters.  Another easy way to give back to those in need is to purchase from brands who support charities that align with your values.

Giving Back with Giving Soaps

Giving Soaps | Handmade Bar Soaps | Handmade Body Lotion | Natural Products
Giving Soaps is a bath and body company that has made it easier for everyone to give back to charities that are in need of funding.  Not only do they offer amazing skincare products, they donate 20% of all sales to carefully vetted charities like charity: water and Feed My Starving Children.

The Goods

Giving Soaps’ products are made from 100% plant-derived ingredients and range from beautifully hand-crafted bars of soap to body lotions, lip products and even body balms.  Their packaging is unique in that it is all plastic-free and is either repurpose-able, recyclable or compostable.  When you receive a shipment from Giving Soaps, you might notice the packaging looks used or warn.  That is because they reuse boxes with prior “experience” to cut down on waste.  Their box filler is even made from shredded paper from local businesses and their business cards are made from torn pieces of cardboard.  It’s brilliant!
Not only are Giving Soaps‘ products beautiful, they are really great quality, too.  I have been using the Lemongrass Lotion every night before bed.  The smell is phenomenal and this lotion feels so good on my hands and feet.  My current favorite bar soap has to be the Lavender with Charcoal for two reasons: the smell is so nice; and I love the cleansing properties of charcoal.  Charcoal helps to draw out the impurities and also gently exfoliates your skin.

Gift Ideas

Giving Soaps | Handmade Bar Soaps | Handmade Body Lotion | Natural Products
The smaller size of most of Giving Soaps’ product line makes them perfect for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, teacher gifts and more.  Slip a bar of soap ($13.99) into a Soap Sweater ($8.29) and you have a perfect gift!  Check out how beautiful their products are:
Giving Soaps | Handmade Bar Soaps | Handmade Body Lotion | Natural Products
Giving Soaps | Handmade Bar Soaps | Handmade Body Lotion | Natural Products
Giving Soaps | Handmade Bar Soaps | Handmade Body Lotion | Natural Products

Giving Soaps | Handmade Bar Soaps | Handmade Body Lotion | Natural Products

Giving Soaps | Handmade Bar Soaps | Handmade Body Lotion | Natural Products

Giving Soaps | Handmade Bar Soaps | Handmade Body Lotion | Natural Products

Giving Soaps | Handmade Bar Soaps | Handmade Body Lotion | Natural Products

This holiday season I have been making a huge effort to support smaller businesses.  I encourage you to join me by visiting www.givingsoaps.com.  Shop purposefully and focus on quality-made products for your friends and family.

DIY Warm Ombré Hair for Fall

This post was developed in partnership with Clairol Nice’n Easy, as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

“I don’t always color my hair at home, but when I do I use Clairol Nice ‘N Easy.”  And I’m not just saying that because I’ve partnered with them for this post.  I have seriously used Clairol since I was in high school and I’ve never had a bad experience, which is my reasoning for accepting the #ColorConfidently challenge this month.

Clairol has been empowering women to create the look they want in the comfort of their own home and their products don’t cost an arm and a leg for years.  Their color is salon-quality and doesn’t look like dye, even when your hair hits the sunlight.  They offer 45 different shades which range from light blonde to the deepest natural blue/black colors.

The ombré look is still very in right now, but I wanted to find a way to darken my existing blonde ombré for Fall.  I’m going to try to do my best to explain to you exactly what I did, which products I used and all the other little details that made my DIY Fall ombré hair a success.  I’m going to put this in number order to make it easy to read and follow:

  1. I started with third-day-hair, meaning my hair was dry and dirty before I applied the color.  
  2. I conducted the allergy test (as recommended by the instruction sheet in the Clairol box).
  3. After brushing my hair, I began separating it.  Because I already had some lighter highlights in my hair, I wanted to pull out a few of the lighter pieces to keep a little bit of a contrast.  I wrapped the four strips of existing blond in foil to keep from getting the hair dye on them (see photo #2).
  4. Using the gloves included in the dye box, I applied Clairol color 4W/120B (natural dark caramel brown) to the ends of my hair starting near the middle, at different heights.  My reasoning for doing this is to keep from having one solid line of color across the middle of my hair.  By starting some pieces higher and some pieces lower, it creates more of a natural blend in the end result. (see photo #2)
  5. I let the dark caramel color sit on the ends of my hair for about 20 minutes, then followed the instructions for rinsing the color out.  I skipped the conditioning process because I was going to be applying one more color to my hair.
  6. I dried my hair before applying the next color (see photo #3).
  7. Once my hair was completely dry, I mixed and applied Clairol color 4/120 (natural dark brown) to the roots of my hair and combed them down slightly past where I started the natural dark caramel brown (the first color). I used a wide-toothed comb for this process (see photo #4).
  8. I also applied the natural dark brown to the underneath portion of my hair.  
  9. After 20-25 minutes of the second color setting, I followed the instructions for rinsing and conditioning using the Clairol nice’n easy CC+ Colorseal conditioner.  I’m obsessed with this conditioner because it leaves my hair so shiny and soft.
  10. Style as normal.

#ColorConfidently Challenge

Clairol Nice’n Easy believes when you do something new, push your boundaries, break your routines – we all reap the rewards. Our confidence grows and we believe in ourselves just a little bit more each and every time. Whether it’s trying a new yoga pose, or experimenting with a new hair color, doing something new empowers us and gives us that confident bounce in our step.

Are you in need of a Fall hair “dye-over?”  I challenge you to #ColorConfidently and share your picture on social media for a chance to win 1 of 5 Ticketmaster gift cards (valued at $500 each).  I-C will randomly select winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes (5 winners).  

Scroll down for the entry form!

Snapchat Love

Many of you complimented my hair on Snapchat a few weeks ago.  This was taken about one week after I colored my hair with the Clairol colors and you can see that the color was still holding strong.  If you don’t already, be sure to follow me on Snapchat @CristenCasados.

12 Beauty Products To Help Your Summer Vibes Last

We all know that our glowing summer skin only lasts a few months.  My skin is always at its best when I’ve had a little sun exposure, so I do my best to hang onto that tan as long as possible.  Using gentle products that don’t strip your skin away is ideal for hanging onto those “summer vibes,” but keeping your skin moisturized is also key.  Check out my list of 12 products that will help you hang on to that last bit of summer before Fall arrives.

1. Sparitual Sole Mate Foot Balm

I cannot go to bed without lotion on my feet. It’s absolutely icky to me to have dry feet and I’ve just about used up my Sole Mate Foot Balm. This product smells like oranges and isn’t greasy.

2. Metaphor Organic Soaps

Using natural, gentle soaps are ideal. I really love the Lavender Fields scent and the Cinnamon Spice scent.

3. All Good Coconut Body Lotion

Let’s face it. When we think of summertime we think of coconut. This silky body lotion contains organic calendula, cocoa butter and rose hip oil so it helps soften skin and keeps it hydrated for hours.

4. Saje Pocket Pharmacy Essential Oils

This is a must-have natural pharmacy for every day and includes five of Saje’s most popular essential oils. Help keep Fall’s cold and flu away with “Immune” or “Eater’s Digest.”

5. Timeless Vitamin C Serum

This serum helps even out your skintone as your summer tan fades away. This non-greasy formula is natural and paraben-free.

6. Million Dollar Tan Sunless Tanning Mousse

If you are in need of a little tan touch-up, the Million Dollar Tan products are perfect. I really love the Summer Sun Ultimate Sunless Tanning Mousse. (I recommend using the “Blend Friend Mitt to apply).

7. Yuni Shower Sheets

These pre-moistened, alcohol-free body wipes are awesome to keep in your beach bag. After summer, they’re great to keep in your gym bag or purse. If you’re asking why I’ve included them in this round-up, it’s because the smell reminds me of a resort spa. These wipes are so refreshing and the individual packets are convenient.

8. Klorane Shampoo With Chamomile for Blond Hair

This lovely chamomile shampoo gently cleanses your hair while brightening your sun-kissed summer hair.  It helps to naturally enhance your blond highlights.

9. Metaphor Organic Natural Deodorant

I don’t know about you, but during the summertime I really like to keep it as natural as possible when it comes to beauty products.  These natural deodorants smell amazing and even feel great on the skin.

10. Sparitual Vegan CC Cream for Nails

I love the look of natural nails, but hate my natural flaws in my own nails.  These CC creams go on like a polish and smooth out the look of your nails.  From my experience, limiting it to just two coats works best.

11. All Good Organic Lip Balm

Smooth, moisturized lips are key during the warmer months.  I can’t stand having dry lips, so I absolutely have to keep a good lip balm around during every season.  I am absolutely obsessed with all of All Good’s organic lip balms right now and keep one in my purse, one at my desk and one on my nightstand.  They go on smoothly and keep your lips moisturized for hours.

12. Sparitual Infinitely Loving Body Butter

I love to use this body butter after an evening bath to help lock in the moisture.  It smells like roses and feel silky smooth, but not greasy on the my skin.


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