7 Useful Travel Apps for 2017

I often get the question of “can you recommend any helpful travel apps?”  When I receive questions from you all on social media, I do my best to respond to them individually, but I thought I would post some helpful apps recommended by me and others in the industry.

7 Useful Travel Apps for 2017

1. FastToll: FastToll, a new toll tracking mobile app, allows drivers to drive through Illinois Tollway open-road tolls without having to stop and dig for change to pay the fare. FastToll was created for travelers who do not have an IPASS account and for drivers that are visiting Illinois. FastToll keeps track of all toll plazas that drivers pass through and within seven days drivers are able to pay their tolls through the app. FastToll is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

2. App in the Air: This flight-tracking app is everyone’s new personal travel assistant. App in the Air posts real time updates, shares airport tips and in-airport maps to find a bathroom or place to lounge in between flights. The app is also available offline and sends updates via text messaging. App in the Air is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

3. Gas Buddy: Gas Buddy helps users find the cheapest gas station in their area. Prices are frequently updated by user reports so the app is always up to date. Since the price information is updated by users, Gas Buddy rewards its users for updating gas station prices by entering them into raffles to win prizes like free gas. Gas Buddy is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

4. Rome2Rio: Rome2Rio is a global travel planner that provides multiple ways to get from point A to point B whether by bus, train, plane, car or boat. For each possible way of traveling, the app shows estimated travel times and pricing for users to easily compare their options. Rome2Rio also works offline allowing the user to look up past searches. Rome2Rio is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

5. Turo: The “Air BnB of car rentals,” Turo is a unique car rental app that allows users to rent a car directly from its owner instead of a rental agency. Once a car is found in their area of travel, users can select it on the app, pay for it, and then arrange a place to meet the owner. Keys are exchanged and the car is theirs for the duration of the rental period. Turo is available for free in the App store and Google Play.

6.  ZipKick: It’s like Pinterest had a baby with TripAdvisor.  You’ll find travel, dining and drink recommendations from the world’s leading travel influencers (including yours truly).  Available in the App Store.
7.  Skiplagged:  The smart way to find cheap flights.  Skiplagged does all the hard work for you and even finds “hidden city” flights that are up to 80% off  Discover great flights, set flight alerts, and find amazing deals.  Available in the App store and Google Play.

Thanks to FastToll founder, Radek Mista, for offering some of these travel app suggestions.

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FarFaria | Free Kids Books On-The-Go

My family is constantly on the go, as is yours, I’m sure.  When we travel we like to bring the iPad to give the kids something to play or watch on airplanes, in the car and even in hotel rooms.  It really comes in handy and can provide a few moments of quiet time if a nap just isn’t going to happen.  Sometimes just an hour of rest can work wonders on a cranky kid and it gives us parents some time to relax.

On our most recent trip to Grand Cayman, my daughter was able to go on independent study for school.  She received a large packet of school work to do and was told to read for 15 minutes per day, just like she does at home.  During some of our down time, she filled in her journal, completed her school work and was able to read thanks to the FarFaria reading app.

FarFaria is an award winning reading app that allows you to choose from thousands of children’s stories from a variety of reading levels.  This app is geared towards ages 2 – 9 and they offer new free kids books every week.  You can choose from some of your favorite classics or browse through hundreds of other best selling kids books.


While the app is in EXPLORE mode, you can hop around to the many themed islands.  Choose from themes like Classics Grove, Preschool Playground, Animal Kingdom and more.  Once you click into an island you’ll be given a giant list of books which you can then sort alphabetically, by most popular, newest or by reading level.  Click into a book and you’ll have the option to read on your own, auto play or play as you swipe each page.

Bedtime Stories

My girls’ favorite island is BedTime Bluffs which is loaded with tons of really cute bedtime stories.  Since we typically do the majority of our reading at bedtime, it’s perfect for us.

Common Core Reading Levels

This app has made reading on-the-go so much easier for my family because it helps cut down on the amount of things we have to bring with us.  With it’s Common Core-aligned reading levels, I can easily select books in my Kindergarten daughter’s reading level and can let her attempt to read them on her own.  When she gets stuck, she can either ask me for help or can let the app say the words for her.

Offline Reading

Our iPad is WiFi only, so we don’t have access to the Internet when we’re on the road.  FarFaria allows you to save up to 50 books at a time for easy offline reading.  We love this feature!

Get FarFaria

This app is available on iOS and Android for free with in-app purchases.  It’s a great app for younger kids and encourages them to read more while making reading fun!

The best value is the $74.99 lifetime subscription.

Promo Code

To get 30% off your subscription, use code NAPTIME30 when purchasing from the website, www.farfaria.com.  This promo code will only work if you purchase a subscription from their website and will not work if purchasing through the free app.

New Year’s Resolution: Organize Your Life

I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy on the CVS Says Receipt You Later Campaign.  All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims and program details shared should be verified at CVS.com or with the appropriate manufacturers.

Outfit: c/o Pencie & Ginger Boutique // Booties: Vionic Sterling Geige c/o Sole Provisions // Backpack: Nero c/o Carla Ferreri

It’s never too early (or late) to set a life goal, but in light of the upcoming new year, I thought I would touch on the subject of setting a resolution to organize your life.   Did you fail to organize as well as you had hoped last year?  There’s always time for a fresh start, but why wait until January 1st?  Let’s start now!

Start with your purse!

Start by cleaning out your purse. Keep only the items you actually need and use, instead of keeping a million useless items. You really only need one lip balm, one pen, a few personal products, a couple of diapers (if you have little ones), a small pack of wipes, and your wallet. I may have forgotten a few essentials, but you get the point.

And let’s be honest, what do you actually do with the hundreds of paper receipts hanging out in the bottom of your purse? Chances are, unless they contain a high dollar purchase, you probably toss them in the garbage after a while.

With the recent grocery bag law passing here in California, most of us are beginning to make a conscious effort to cut down on waste. CVS is way ahead of the game and has begun issuing digital receipts to customers who prefer digital over paper receipts. This is huge and definitely makes it easier for us to keep our purses organized.

You might remember this episode of Jimmy Kimmel where he featured a special announcement from president of CVS, Helena Foulkes:

Digital receipts have made sense for a long time, but for some reason stores haven’t caught on.  Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are more convenient for us all.  I can now easily access my CVS receipts in the phone or email accounts that I already spend too much time in during the day.  I most likely won’t ever take a second look at them, so I’m happy that I’m cutting back on waste.

Which leads me to my next topic, your phone!

Organize Your Apps

For the past few years, Apple has allowed you to create folders to help you compartmentalize your life a little better. I’ve created a photography folder, shopping folder, social media folder, health folder and more on my iPhone. An app that you’ll find in my ‘shopping folder’ is the CVS Pharmacy App.

CVS has recently introduced their easy-to-use CVS Pharmacy App which allows you to access exclusive in-app offers for all members of the ExtraCare Rewards program.  Not only can you easily refill prescriptions, you can arrange same-day photo pick-up and even access personalized deals within the app and send them directly to your rewards card.  You can even shop your favorite CVS products online via the app!  And what’s more is that your personal preferences are saved for future transactions via email.

    • CVS In-App Features Include:
      • Larger keyboard
      • Quick sign-up process
      • Easily link your ExtraCare card*
      • Shop: 2-Day Delivery, Curbside Pickup or Delivery in Hours
      • View the CVS weekly ad
      • Set-up med reminders
      • Access the photo center
      • MinuteClinic access
      • Access your deals and rewards
      • and more!

*For the past 15+ years, the CVS ExtraCare Rewards program has been rewarding shoppers for purchasing products in their stores and online at cvs.com.  You are already buying the products so why not save and earn rewards for shopping with CVS?  It makes perfect sense to me.  Learn more about the CVS ExtraCare Rewards program here.

More Areas to Organize

This is a tough one for me.  I am constantly on the go with two kids who like to take toys and trinkets with them everywhere.  We’re always in a rush to get out of the car once we get home and never remember to take our clutter out with us.  By the end of the week my car looks like a garbage pit.
Something that I have found to be really helpful is to keep garbage bags in my car for easy clean-up.  I typically have a true garbage bag and a “bring back in the house” bag.  And sometimes I need more than two bags because my car is that messy.

I’m not talking about your desk.  I’m talking about your computer desktop!  Just like with the apps, try to organize your folders, pictures, videos, etc.  It can be so difficult to stay on task when your office and computer are a mess.

Get Started TODAY!

Like I said earlier, you don’t have to wait until January 1st to begin organizing your life.  Follow my simple tips to get started on a more organized lifestyle today.

To start receiving digital CVS receipts, simply complete the one-time opt-in process in store, which also includes signing up for the ExtraCare Rewards program.  You’ll begin earning 2% back in ExtraBucks with each purchase as a member of the ExtraCare Rewards program.  Simply provide your email address to get started on reducing waste (and keeping your purse cleaner).  Ask a CVS store associate for more information.

You can learn more about the new CVS Pharmacy App by visiting www.cvs.com/mobile-cvs/apps.

Fun Reading Games for Kids on the iPad | Learn with Homer Review

This post and giveaway was made possible by the Homer app.  Thanks for taking the time to visit our sponsors and help share their info on your social media pages.

When I was a kid, learning to read was completely different than it is now.  We didn’t use computers in school until about second or third grade and we were already reading before that time.  For my girls, there are so many learning tools available such as computer games, apps and digital toys but having too many of them can definitely get overwhelming.

We’ve tried flash cards but those absolutely bore my preschooler (and me).  We have a wooden spelling game but that’s only exciting for five minutes at a time.  We have also tried some of the popular brands of learning toys but she goes through phases with those (and they can get expensive).  The iPad is a great learning tool but the kid’s YouTube channel isn’t very educational.  I literally have to take the iPad away from my preschooler at times because she gets so entranced with these YouTube videos of Shopkins and My Little Pony that she doesn’t even listen to me when I’m talking. A really nice compromise for our family, though, has been the Learn with Homer app.
We’ve been playing the Learn with Homer app for only a few days and I’m already seeing a difference with my preschooler.  She’s getting so much better at not only sounding out letters, but she’s sounding out words and even sentences all on her own.  She’s doing really well at identifying sounds that not only start a word but at finding those sounds in the middle of words, as well.

What is the Learn with Homer App?

Learn with Homer is an award-winning learning app that’s available for the iPad or computer that was designed by teachers and experts.  Homer is a step-by-step learning method that is engaging and valuable in the digital era.  Studies show that just 15 minutes per day with Homer has been proven to boost reading scores by 74%.  You can read more about the proven benefits of the Homer app here.

Fun Reading Games

It’s fun to watch my daughter go from game to game in the Homer app.  She sees the lessons as games but I hear her truly engaging with the app, sounding out letters and words.

There are so many different learning methods to choose from.  After you choose the type of game you’d like to play, you can select from tons of different learning games based on the topic you’ve chosen.  The opportunities are endless.

Safe, Ad-Free Games

I love that the Homer app is committed to safe, uninterrupted learning with ad-free games.  I know many of you can appreciate this, as well.

Tips from Homer to get the most from the App

Use Learn with Homer every day. 
We recommend that children spend 15-20 minutes a day with Learn withHomer. Some part of that time should be spent completing Learn to Read lessons in sequential order. When your child has done a few Learn to Read lessons, allow them to freely explore Homer’s world.

Follow Learn to Read levels and lessons in order.
One of the key components of strong, research-based literacy programs is that they teach children letters and sounds in a particular order. It’s important that your child follow Learn to Read levels (and the 6 lessons inside each level) without jumping around, especially the first time.

Repeat Learn to Read lessons at least 3 times.
Once your child has progressed through a level or two of Learn to Read, make sure she goes back to complete every lesson at least 3 times. Lessons may be repeated in any order, just so the practice happens regularly. Practice is key to building confidence and mastery!

Take advantage of Homer’s web resources.
When screen time is over, your child can still Learn with Homer. Log in to your parent account to access printables for tracing letters, practicing sight words, and writing stories. You can also access coloring pages and games.

Track your child’s progress.
Our progress tracking tools will give you a window into your child’s learning each day. You can also access the drawings and recordings your child makes and share them via email or social media.

Practice patience.
Starting in Level 8, your child will have learned enough new words to read a real book! Our “decodable” readers are a fresh, fun twist on the early readers your child might encounter in school. Once your child has completed a reader, come back to it again and again for practice.


To try out the Learn with Homer app, you can start a 30-day free trial.  If you decide that you love the app after that 30 days, you can set-up a recurring membership for $7.95 per month.  Homer has offered my readers super low deal, though.  If you’re interested in having one full year of access to everything Homer has to offer, use this link get the Homer app for $39.98 for one year.

Would I purchase Homer again?

I’m really happy with how much the Homer app is teaching my daughter.  The full price of $95.40 a one-year membership looks frightening but I would definitely repurchase the app for $39.98 for one year.  I encourage you to give it a try for the 30 day free trial to see if your child’s skills improve before you commit to the full year.

GIVEAWAY (closed)

We’ve teamed up with the folks behind the Learn with Homer app to offer you a $50 Visa Gift Card giveaway to use towards purchasing the app or anything else you’d like.  Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter and we will choose our winner after 12/17/15.  Good luck! (US, 18+ only please).

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Fun Reading Games for Kids - App

Get Your Kids To Learn New Languages And Have Fun Doing It With These 6 New Apps

6 Free Language Learning Apps for Kids

As adults, we have it really hard when it comes to learning a language. Our mouths don’t know how to make the sounds and our minds don’t remember the words. Children don’t have that problem. Their brains are sponges to all of the information – it takes them half the time to learn a language.

By the time your child gets to high school or college when they first seriously start learning a language, they are already doomed. Their brains are just like ours (even though it doesn’t seem like it) at that age.
The best thing you can do for your child is to start forming those connections now. Even if your child doesn’t become fluent, just having access to hearing and seeing the language is enough to give a leg up on the competition.
Speaking of that competition, learning a language now can help your child for the rest of his or her life. Jobs will be easier to get, colleges will be impressed, and they are even more likely to travel the world.
But how can your child start forming those connections? By doing something that already happens on a daily basis, playing on the phone:


If your child is a little outgoing, HelloTalk is a great way to get your child speaking and interacting with the language on the very first day you download it. This one doesn’t use book learning or lesson plans or flashcards to drill the language, instead it uses the power of speech and technology to create a beautiful learning experience that you won’t find anywhere else.
Your child will be connected to someone who natively speaks the language and will be able to hold conversations with them so that his or her speech improves. It is also the most natural way to learn new vocabulary!
As they teamed with video chat company Agora.io, HelloTalk realized that they had a unique chance to connect people from all over the world. This means that the audio and visual connections will be high quality so that everything is seamless. Even better, in ensures that your child will have access to over 100 languages.
You’ll also get access to transliteration skills, grammar correction, and speech to text capabilities all in real time – so your child never stops improving. This one is great for the whole family to do together, and you’ll learn a lot about culture too.
Cost: Free
Where to Get it: iTunes Android


Busuu started out as a small app that really blossomed when over 60 million native speakers got involved to help teach people of any age a language. Your child will be able to dig into the language almost immediately, learning necessary grammar skills, communications skills, and vocabulary words.
One reason that this app is so popular with children is that the pace is adjustable. While the default might be for adults, children can slow up or go more quickly through the different levels.
If your child is stuck about which language to learn, Busuu can help with a list of 150 topics and 3,000 words in many languages that people need to know. It can help give the flavor of what each language is about before selecting one to study.
Cost: Free
Where to Get it: iTunes Android


Duolingo is an older app than the rest on the list, but all of these newer apps really pushed it to be better. It takes the language and breaks it down into easily digested chunks that are great for children with short attention spans.
Your child will get exposed to the language one step at a time, learning something, testing it, and then building on that knowledge with something new. Everything is adjustable here as well so that your child can move quickly or slow down along the way.
The reason this one is so popular amongst parents is because it was one that really does feel like a game. They are able to level up and play review games.
The only downside is that Duolingo doesn’t really have a focus on speaking or listening. If you want your child to have even more advantage, you might want to combine it with an app that goes into more speaking and communication skills.
Cost: Free
Where to Get it: iTunes Android


Lingvist is an app that promises a lot: learn a language in just 200 hours. While that does seem incredibly fast, Lingvist really does push you to learn quickly and efficiently. It does this by combining everything into lessons that you might see in school – vocabulary with a side of grammar and even a little culture thrown into the mix.
Like with some of the other apps on the list, you are able to change up the speed so that your child can learn at his or her own pace. The key here is that your child is building up on what is already known so that it isn’t a “test it and forget it” situation like they might have in school.
As of right now, the app is only available in French and English, but they promise that they will add more languages soon.
Cost: Free
Where to Get it: iTunes Android


Flashcards have been a cornerstone of learning for decades and they don’t really show any signs of fading out. We all used them and people will continue to use them for years. The key is that you should be smart about using them. Too many people will create them and then not have the desire or energy to actually study with them.
Brainscape takes the prep time out of learning a language and throws the flashcards right at you. Through an algorithm that determines the best way to show you the cards, you’ll get access to the language right away. You’ll see cards that you don’t know frequently until you do know them and once you know them, you’ll be able to repeat them so that it all sticks.
Since flashcards aren’t always the most fun, you might want to combine this with another one of the apps on the list.
Cost: Free
Where to Get it: iTunes


Those memory skills that we talked about in the opening? Memrise takes advantage of them pretty quickly. Your child will be able to learn any of over 100 languages pretty quickly through the gamelike feel of this app. Once your child gets into the flow of the game, it will be difficult to get them to walk away from it, which is what makes it so great for learning.
Memrise promises to teach children up to 44 new words per hour, which is absolutely insane. It doesn’t have to be that way because you can choose the speed, but it is great to know they can get up to that many words.
Cost: Free; $59/year for pro
Where to Get it: iTunes Android
If you want to give your child everything in life, then you have to start them off early. It is dog eat dog out there and many countries are rushing a head of us. While you don’t have to drill vocabulary words into your child’s head every night before going to sleep, doing something simple is a great approach to get sustained success.

Why haven’t you downloaded one of these apps yet?

Baby Milestone Tracker – Lyfeline Milestones App

When you become a parent for the first time, it can be overwhelming and stressful to make sure you are providing everything there possibly is to provide for your child.  I’m talking about providing the right foods, the right diapers, the right clothes, the right toys, the right amount of play time, etc.  While there really is no right or wrong when it comes to product and brand preferences, there is a general agreement that most babies should be hitting certain milestones.

Most parents don’t have a special handbook tucked away that shows each milestone their baby should be hitting and when they should be hitting them.  It’s often an overlooked topic because most just assume that all babies progress on their own and don’t require a little help or extra challenge here and there.  I’ve found myself Googling quite a bit throughout my parenthood journey including baby milestones and games to play with babies.

Lyfeline has made it easier than ever to track your baby’s milestones with their new app, Lyfeline Milestones.  This app allows you to see where your child’s development should be in the present and the future.  What sets it apart from other programs is that Milestones also allows you to track your baby’s progress with fine and gross motor skills, social development, language development, self-help skills and physical development.  It also provides activities and information for you to help your little one excel.

Milestone Assessments

When you first download the Lifeline Milestones app, you’ll be asked to complete a simple analysis of your child.  The app uses a series of proven assessments recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to get an accurate picture of your 0 to 2 year old.

You will need to answer simple questions regarding your child’s development in various categories.  This helps the app provide age-appropriate activities for your child.  The quizzes are pretty painless but do take a little bit of time to complete.  Be patient through this process because it will all be worth it.

Improve Your Child’s Development

I absolutely love receiving recommended activities to help my little Kendall excel.  With the Lyfeline Milestones app, you can set-up notifications to remind you to practice each activity with your child – something that is so helpful for me.  These activities are simple and don’t take much time but can make a huge impact on your child.  Most of them are pretty fun and offer great bonding time as a family.  Even the older siblings can get involved.

Share Their Story

Not only does this app allow you to connect with other parents that are playing the same activity cards as you; you can also share your child’s progress with friends and family straight through the app.

Download the Lyfeline Milestones App

This is a very well-designed, smooth-running app that I suggest to every parent of 0-2 year olds.  No parent ever wants their child to fall behind and this app makes it easier than ever to help your child excel.
Lyfeline Milestones offers two different premium subscription options:
1 month: $9.99
1 year: $84.99
I recommend that you purchase the entire year in advance to make sure you can continue with the milestone progress with your child.  
Grandparents:  this app makes a great baby shower or first birthday gift!
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*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Lyfeline.  All opinions are my own.*

Free Photo Editing Software from PhotoMania | Valentine's Card Inspiration

I’ve been having some fun this weekend with free photo editing software from PhotoMania.  Their editing program comes in both an app version and a desktop version and gives you the opportunity to apply various filters to your photos, like I did with this Valentine’s card.  Check it out…

Examples of the PhotoMania Filters

I wanted to edit the same picture in a bunch of different ways to show you some of the filter options PhotoMania has to offer.  I editing these pictures on my desktop but I have also downloaded the app on my iPhone to have these filters at my fingertips.

Online Editing Software Versus App Editing

The online version of PhotoMania seems like it has a bit more photo filters than the app version but you do have the option of doing an in-app purchase of 99 cents to add even more filters to your collection in the phone version.  PhotoMania is available both on iTunes and Google Play so just about every phone user can get their hands on this free photo editing app.  I do notice that in both versions, you don’t have the option of adjusting the positioning of your photo when it’s being placed in an e-card, though.  I would love to see an update of this feature in the future.

Easy to Use

Having tried both versions of PhotoMania, I can say that both versions are super easy to use.  Both versions contain ads but are easy to navigate around.  Both versions allow you to save your picture to your device or share them on your social media sites.

How to Get PhotoMania’s Free Photo Editing Software

Visit www.photomania.net to start editing photos right away and see why millions of moms have been loving this program for their kids’ photos.  There is no download required and you have dozens of photo filters to choose from.  This is my favorite version for editing blog photos, but I have been enjoying the free photo editing app for more personal photos that I can share with friends and family.

*This article is sponsored by PhotoMania.  Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our sponsors and some of the products we love.
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Chore Check App for Parents and Kids

Managing a household is a tough task.  Many stay-at-home-moms (and their spouses) think that the majority of the at-home duties are their responsibility because their “job” is to, well, stay at home.  Well, I feel that everyone in the house should pitch in, especially the kids.
In our house, my husband pitches in by taking care of his own laundry every day.  Partly because it’s how he can easily contribute and partly because his clothes are full of dirt, sweat and bugs from work and cycling.  My daughter Charlotte has always been a pretty easy-going kid when it comes to helping out around the house, too.  If she’s not consumed with the iPad or her My Little Pony collection, she usually helps out quite a bit.  
When Charlotte was about three, we started a simple chore chart because we were battling with her on brushing her teeth, stay in bed, etc.  The chore chart worked wonders but it eventually fizzled away because I never printed more charts.  We rewarded her with stars.  Once she filled the entire chart with stars, she was able to choose a surprise from the “surprise bucket.”  The surprises were little toys that I found in the Target dollar aisle but she loved them!
For kids a little bit older than three, though, there’s a much cooler way to keep on track with chores.  I was recently introduced to a digital chore app called Chore Check and thought it was so neat that the entire family could connect to one chore chart and provide input such as rewards, allowance, chores and more.  Check it out…

CHORE CHECK IN A NUTSHELL:  Chore Check is a free app that your entire family can be on together, that manages all of your household chores.  As Chore Check is currently an iOS app, parents/kids can access the app through their iPhones or through any mobile device via the web app that they’ve also created (i.e. Chore Check can essentially be used with anything that can use a web browser such as an iPad or computer—this is especially useful for young children that may not have access to a phone).
GETTING STARTED WITH CHORE CHECK:  Once a parent creates an account, they can then add their kids and other family members to their “family tree”, essentially creating profiles for everyone to share this same account.  Parents can assign chores, keep track of chores being done, reward their kids with an allowance or “prizes” as goals, and keep track of everything being earned.  Kids can keep track of the chores that they do as well, their progress on goals or “prizes”, and keep track of their earnings.
Aside from the obvious function of managing your family’s household chores, the real ideology and value behind Chore Check is a few other important things… 
– For one, it’s a small way of connecting families on a day-to-day basis.  
– Secondly, Chore Check can be a useful and motivational tool for kids to get their first kick-start into the world of responsibility, goal-setting, finance and money/time management.
OUR IN-APP EXPERIENCE:  I always feel a little overwhelmed when I download a new app because it’s something new that I have to learn about, but ChoreCheck was pretty easy to use right off the bat.  I downloaded the app and swiped through the four-page tutorial which pretty much covered everything.  It took me about ten minutes of playing with the app to really get the hang of how to add chores and assign points/money to each one.  I love how this app is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate.  A huge pet-peeve of mine is finding a website or app that is super confusing and difficult to stare at for longer than two minutes.
Since Charlotte is only four and can’t read, she can’t use the app on her own, obviously.  If the chores had an image or symbol next to them (i.e. a toothbrush or bed), she might be able to understand what each task was, but this app is definitely geared towards older kids that can read and navigate electronics well.
For us, using the app means that we have to sit with Charlotte and read the chores aloud.  It’s actually a fun activity that we can do together and I’m confident that eventually she’ll start to understand the whole ‘pulling your own weight’ thing.  Plus, when little sissy gets older, they can steal each others chores to earn extra money.

As I mentioned above, Chore Check is free, so I encourage you all to check it out on your phones, iPads or computers.  You can visit www.chorecheck.com to learn more about the app, too.
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Calling all discount-lovers!  I just found the BEST deals on this new shopping app called PatPat.  I was introduced to the app through a blogger network that I’m a part of and ended up connecting with the folks over at PatPat to bring you an some awesome discounts on top of their already low prices.

This post is sponsored by PatPat.  Any opinion expressed in this article is based on my experience with the app and is NEVER influenced by compensation.  Regardless of compensation, I only share products and services that I enjoy and that work for me and my family.

Okay, enough of the legal stuff and on to the good stuff – the discounts.
With PatPat, you automatically get $5 off your first order.  Combine that with the already low prices of their mommy and baby products like kids clothing AND our 35% off promo code, THNA35, and we’re talking nearly free products.  I got a wet bag for 64¢ with free shipping.  Score!

What I love most about the PatPat app is that is combines on-trend products with amazing discounts that I don’t have to search around for.  The app is super easy to use both during the shopping and checkout process.  I used Paypal for my first order which made it even easier.
In case you missed it above, you can Get PatPat for free here.

If you’re all about product sharing like I am, you’ll love the additional savings feature in the PatPat app.  You can rack up additional savings simply by sharing or “patting” your favorite products on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
PatPat deals with the product manufacturers directly, rather than working with a middle man, which benefits us, the shoppers, by allowing them to offer us the lowest prices possible.  If you’re a cloth diaper momma, you’ll definitely want to get this app.  They have super cheap and adorable cloth diapers to go along with the wet bags like I ordered.
I can’t wait for you to try the app.  Leave me a comment below or on our Facebook page sharing some of the awesome deals you find on the app.