Forgot to Buy a Gift? Don’t Panic!

Uh-oh. A special occasion is coming up very soon, and you’ve forgotten to buy someone a gift. It’s been on your to-do list for a while, but it just slipped your mind. Maybe you even know exactly what they want, but you’re not sure you have enough time to get […]

Goodbye Stubborn Belly Fat

I think we all have our concerns with our body. And for a lot of women, it can be that belly fat that just won’t go. Whether it’s occurred after having a baby or down to eating too many high-fat foods, it can make you feel less attractive when it’s […]

Spring To It! The Post-Winter Workout You Need To Know

Winter is finally over and Spring has sprung here in California! That means it’s going to be sunny days and warm temperatures from now on! What’s more, it means that we can now take our workouts out of the gym and we can finally enjoy the fresh air. Ready to […]

Get Fit Faster With A Home Gym

If you are someone who wants to retain a certain physical fitness level, then you are not alone. Fitness is itself a big industry, and it’s easy to see why: a lot of people are keen on keeping a certain shape, and for some it can even become slightly addictive. […]

The Medicine We Don’t Know About

There are so many products out on the market nowadays to do with our health that it can be hard to know where to begin. We rarely know exactly what we want to change when it comes to our lifestyle and bodies; usually it’s a general idea, but so many […]

Spring and Summer Style Trends For Children

As of late you might have been thinking about what to wear or buy for your spring and summer wardrobe. That warmer weather has got to be on the way, right? But while you’re thinking about your style, it is time to get thinking about your little one’s style too. […]

The Wrong Way To Set A Dinner Party On Fire

Nothing beats a good dinner party. By this age, you and your friends have kids, jobs, and other commitments. Finding the time to get together can be tough.  Dinner parties are ideal, because they mean you don’t have to get a babysitter. Plus, they don’t cost as much as going […]

How to Decorate a Large Wall in Your Home

This article is in collaboration with my affiliate partner, Minted.  This post contains affiliate links.  Clicking on them will not cost you anything, but help The Naptime Reviewer earn extra money. If you have a large wall in your home and aren’t sure how to decorate it, Minted has tons […]

Bring Functionality Back Into Your Kitchen

We often hear that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we cook (arguably a very ‘homey’ kind of activity), it’s where we eat and in many cases, it’s where we socialize. This notion of the kitchen being a hub for so many different uses has seen […]