Spring To It! The Post-Winter Workout You Need To Know

Beach Yoga with a Sunset

Winter is finally over and Spring has sprung here in California! That means it’s going to be sunny days and warm temperatures from now on! What’s more, it means that we can now take our workouts out of the gym and we can finally enjoy the fresh air. Ready to make the most of this great season? Here is a fantastic spring workout that will get you ready for the summer!

Get Back Into Jogging

Many people take a break from jogging through the winter. Or, at the very least, they swap running on the open road for pounding their gym’s treadmills. Now that the weather has turned, you’ll find that conditions outside are perfect for jogging outside again. It’ll feel nice and fresh outdoors, and won’t yet be too hot to get you all sweaty! If you haven’t jogged properly for a few months, you should spend some time getting back into the swing of things. Take things too fast too quickly, and you could develop shin splints! Take it nice and easy and don’t push yourself too hard for the first couple of weeks. Once your legs strengthen, you can start to take things up a notch!

Add Some Cycling

If you have trouble with your knees and ankles, you might be a bit wary of all the resistance that comes with jogging. But that’s ok; you can start cycling instead! If you want to go mountain bike, it’s important you get a good quality model. Not sure which to buy? You can always ask in a bike shop or read online reviews of different brands, such as a this Roadmaster bike review. If you find that your cycling workouts get too easy for you, you can always start to go for longer. Once you get more confident on your bike, it’s a good idea to build up speed.

Don’t Forget Core Work

It can be easy to enjoy the good weather a little too much, and just stick to running and jogging. But it is important that you remember to keep up with your core work. You can still visit your gym to do this, but why not make the most of the fine weather, and head outside? You can always do Pilates or Yoga in your garden. Plus, your local park will have plenty of things that you can use in your workouts. For instance, use the monkey bars in the kid’s play area. These are great for pull ups, which work both arm and core muscles.

Don’t Ditch The Gym… Just Yet

Like I said, you might want to stick with the gym, so you have somewhere you can work on your core exercises. But there are some other reasons why you shouldn’t throw your gym membership card just yet! After all, the gym will provide you with a space to work out in when the weather turns bad, and it starts to rain. You certainly won’t want to be outside then!

Spring’s a great time to get fit, and this workout plan should help you on your fitness journey!

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