Forgot to Buy a Gift? Don’t Panic!

woman holding a gift

Uh-oh. A special occasion is coming up very soon, and you’ve forgotten to buy someone a gift. It’s been on your to-do list for a while, but it just slipped your mind. Maybe you even know exactly what they want, but you’re not sure you have enough time to get it now. If you don’t give them something they’ll love, you’re going to be in big trouble. However, perhaps you only have a day or two to get what them something perfect. What can you do to rescue the situation, and save yourself too? Before you give up in despair and accept your fate, try these last-minute saves.


Hunt Down Sold-out Tickets

Sometimes, the perfect gift is tickets to an event. But if you haven’t been on the ball, it could be too late to get hold of some. Or the ones that are left might not be great. If you need to get sold-out tickets, you can almost always find them online. The problem is, they’re often at extremely inflated prices. Fortunately, there are more affordable options. For example, you can get tickets for Broadway shows at Ticket Liquidator at more reasonable prices. Another option is to look for people who are happy to sell tickets they can no longer use at face value. For example, search the hashtag for the show on Twitter, and you may find someone offering tickets.

Get Express Delivery

You’ve found the perfect gift, but you can only buy it online, and you’re meant to be giving it to someone tomorrow. If you choose the right seller and you order on time, you should be able to get their gift in the morning. Many retailers offer one-day delivery if you order before 12 pm or sometimes later. You can even get same-day delivery with sites like Amazon, as long as the service is offered in your area. Of course, you often have to pay more if you want your order to get to you more quickly.

Use a Placeholder

If there’s no time to get what you want, another option is to use a placeholder. It might not be the real thing, but if the real thing is good enough, it won’t matter. You could tell a little white about the reason you don’t have the gift yet if you don’t want to get in trouble. Or you could come clean and admit that you didn’t buy it in time. Your placeholder could just be a card promising whatever it is you’ve ordered. Or it could be another present to tide your giftee over until their main gift arrives.

Rush Out to the Shops

You’ve still got time for some quick shopping. If you can put some thought into your gift and maybe know a good store or two to visit, you can get them something they’ll love, and they will never know you bought it last minute. Of course, you run the risk of coming home empty-handed. But if you know your giftee well enough, you should be fine.

Before you panic, think about your last-minute gift options. There’s still time to redeem yourself.

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